Madeline Crabb
October 31, 2006
Foley, homosexuality, and character (Part One)
By Madeline Crabb

For over two weeks we have been hearing a lot of stories about former congressman Mark Foley who got caught sending emails to a congressional page. He at least had the good sense to resign. Yes, the press and the liberal "elitists" have claimed this is a scandal, and keep wanting to blame House leadership for allowing such a person to be in Congress. We are seeing politics as usual, particularly this close to an election. But the truth of the matter is that Florida citizens voted this man into office.

Don't' you imagine that at least a few of these people knew he was a homosexual, and voted for him anyway? It is hard to keep this sort of thing under wraps. And besides, the way our politically-correct society operates these days, he, the ACLU, and the homosexual lobby would have sued if anyone had denied him the right to run for Congress. Furthermore, if congressional leadership had tried to take any kind of serious action upon learning of his normal-for-homosexual "activities," they probably would have been sued as well — or at least castigated by liberal elitists.

So why are we even having this public debate over old Mark? It's not like he's the first homosexual in Congress. The liberal elitists, or we-know-what's-best-for-you crowd, have been pushing homosexuality down our proverbial throats for years. They have even told us that the Boy Scouts are wrong to ban homosexuals from being scout leaders because these pure, wholesome, same-as-you-and-me homosexuals would never harm boys. Uh huh.

The know better folks pretend to be outraged over Foley having normal-for-homosexual fantasies and then acting on them, at least via emails. But their real outrage is that someone in leadership knew about it (they claim), and didn't get rid of the guy. But then, does anyone remember what happened when Congress tried to censure Gerry Studds, a homosexual who actually had sex with congressional pages? He turned his back on the leadership and told them it was none of their business. (They should have ousted him from Congress and canceled his pension instead of just "slapping him on his wrist.") Worse yet, Studds' constituents reelected him another five times.

Studds update: He just died and will not be able to turn his back on God. His final "censure" is for eternity. Then there is Studds' live-in, homosexual lover who is upset because he was denied Studds' congressional pension benefits. After all, he thinks he provided Studds the same valuable service that a wife provides for her husband. I wonder how many children he carried, bore, and raised. And fellow citizens, how do you feel about your tax dollars providing spousal benefits for such people to the tune of over $100,000 annually? It makes me want to revolt just thinking about it. Well, this guy is going to use his "loss" to lobby Congress to stop discriminating against homosexuals by denying them the right to marry. And if Congress doesn't give homosexuals what they want, they will find some activist judge somewhere that will. These days there are many judges that totally ignore the Constitution because they believe the law is what they say it is. Oh where is a good federal marriage amendment when it is really needed?

The Foley scandal isn't really a scandal. We the People simply elected a homosexual to Congress, and he got "caught" for displaying normal-for-homosexual behavior. By their own choice (a favorite term of the know-better crowd), homosexual men simply like other males, lots of them — young, old, and anything in between. They take the act of sex that God ordained to be between man and woman, husband and wife, and use it improperly, misapply, deliberately misconstrue and distort, and debase it — in other words, they pervert it.

Zig Ziglar once said we shouldn't be surprised when people do bad things. For instance, liars lie, thieves steal, and cheaters cheat. And might I add that perverts do perverse things. Do we want any of them "representing" us at the local, state, or national levels? We'll discuss more about the homosexual agenda in part two of this message. To anyone willing to hear....

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