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Paul Craft
Paul Craft lives in Kentucky, and is a graduate of the University of Kentucky. He maintains a website that is meant to offer the Good News of Jesus Christ to everyone. The URL is

Gay marriage and secession
Paul Craft
June 26, 2013

You might be wondering what gay marriage and secession have to do with one another. American society has changed to a society where there is no longer a sense . . .

The obsession with sports is a reflection of American society
Paul Craft
March 7, 2013

Sports and entertainment have influenced America culture and moral values. If you reflect back just 50 years, the sports stadiums or arena's were lucky to hold . . .

The devil's greatest weapon
Paul Craft
March 2, 2013

The Bible is very clear about sex before marriage: "Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither . . .

Just say no to alcohol
Paul Craft
August 14, 2012

This opinion article is for everyone to consider, but the targeted audience is believers in Jesus Christ. I have been surprised by the number of people in my . . .

War against secularism
Paul Craft
August 6, 2012

Americans that believe in Judeo-Christian values that have been the cornerstone of American culture since its founding have come to the conclusion that the . . .

Glenn Beck's hidden agenda
Paul Craft
July 14, 2010

I would like state upfront that I have been a big fan of Glenn Beck's until he crossed the line yesterday. As you might know he is a Mormon and is not ashamed . . .

Is America doomed?
Paul Craft
June 11, 2010

America has been blessed where other nations have failed because this country was established on a Christian foundation regardless of what those on the Left say . . .

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