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Paul Craft
Paul Craft lives in Kentucky, and is a graduate of the University of Kentucky. He maintains a website that is meant to offer the Good News of Jesus Christ to everyone. The URL is

Gay marriage and secession
Paul Craft
June 26, 2013

You might be wondering what gay marriage and secession have to do with one another. American society has changed to a society where there is no longer a sense . . .

The obsession with sports is a reflection of American society
Paul Craft
March 7, 2013

Sports and entertainment have influenced America culture and moral values. If you reflect back just 50 years, the sports stadiums or arena's were lucky to hold . . .

The devil's greatest weapon
Paul Craft
March 2, 2013

The Bible is very clear about sex before marriage: "Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither . . .

Just say no to alcohol
Paul Craft
August 14, 2012

This opinion article is for everyone to consider, but the targeted audience is believers in Jesus Christ. I have been surprised by the number of people in my . . .

War against secularism
Paul Craft
August 6, 2012

Americans that believe in Judeo-Christian values that have been the cornerstone of American culture since its founding have come to the conclusion that the . . .

Glenn Beck's hidden agenda
Paul Craft
July 14, 2010

I would like state upfront that I have been a big fan of Glenn Beck's until he crossed the line yesterday. As you might know he is a Mormon and is not ashamed . . .

Is America doomed?
Paul Craft
June 11, 2010

America has been blessed where other nations have failed because this country was established on a Christian foundation regardless of what those on the Left say . . .

The Living Years
Paul Craft
October 6, 2008

There is nothing sadder than when the hour class runs out of sand. The hour class for me is my father. My father passed away this week and the emptiest in my . . .

Missed opportunity for Katie Couric
Paul Craft
September 25, 2008

I get most of my news from the internet and the cable news networks. I know it is a waste of time to watch the network news channels. The anchors do not hide . . .

America on the brink
Paul Craft
September 23, 2008

Ronald Reagan made the following comment, "If we ever forget that we are One Nation Under God, and then we will be a Nation gone under." The drum beat is . . .

Charles Barkley and media bias against Christians
Paul Craft
February 18, 2008

Yesterday the words from Charles Barkley got a pass from the mainstream media. Barkley who likes to talk, but knows little charged that all conservatives are . . .

America's nightmare scenario
Paul Craft
February 12, 2008

Is it possible that America will become a country with three capitals and maybe more? You might have Washington DC, Atlanta and San Francisco. What could . . .

Should Israel fear Barack Obama?
Paul Craft
February 11, 2008

Two words will answer this important question Iraq and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Senator Obama has made it very clear that he would begin withdrawal of American . . .

McCain and Bush in 2008
Paul Craft
February 10, 2008

Talk has already started on who McCain will select as his running mate. Unless McCain has lost his mind, he has to select a proven conservative to help unify . . .

The GOP at the crossroads
Paul Craft
January 22, 2008

I have to admit upfront that I am a one issue GOP supporter. We will not see it reported on the national or local news, but abortion on demand is the main issue . . .

Rush Limbaugh calls Hillary sexy
Paul Craft
January 13, 2008

As a lifelong GOP supporter, I thought it would be a good idea to become a 24/7 Rush Limbaugh subscriber so I could listen to his daily shows at a later date.  . . .

The GOP's only hope
Paul Craft
August 20, 2007

I am afraid the road to the White House will be going through the Democratic Party. I never thought it was possible that Hillary and Bill would occupy the White . . .

Movement to Hell
Paul Craft
August 18, 2007

This week a Roman Catholic priest had this to say, "Allah is a very beautiful word for God. Shouldn't we all say that from now on we will name God Allah? ... . . .

You just never know
Paul Craft
August 12, 2007

A heartbreaking story was revealed to me this week by someone I know. Unless I was a close friend, I would have had a hard time believing what was revealed to . . .

America's greatest enemy?
Paul Craft
July 28, 2007

Except for God's intervention, America is heading for a Civil War. Not too long ago, America stood for the free exchange of ideas. Now if you do not agree with . . .

The GOP ticket will be...
Paul Craft
July 21, 2007

At the beginning of the year I anticipated a Romney-Bush ticket but everything has changed since that time. The emergence of Fred Thompson has changed the . . .

America, its time to take a stand
Paul Craft
June 16, 2007

It was reported today that during its 2005-2006 fiscal year, the Planned Parenthood Federation of America performed a record 264,943 abortions, attained a . . .

The GOP needs you Jeb
Paul Craft
April 23, 2007

Mr. Bush it is time for you to step into the race for the White House in 2008. You will run away with the GOP nomination as soon as you make an announcement to . . .

'Limbo' for babies? Please!
Paul Craft
April 20, 2007

Today it was reported that Pope Benedict XVI has revised traditional Roman Catholic teaching on so-called "limbo," approving a church report released Friday . . .

What I want for Christmas
Paul Craft
December 15, 2006

After reflecting on the top things that annoyed the heck out of me this year, I thought this was the best time as any to list them on my wish list for Christmas . . .

America's tough choice
Paul Craft
December 13, 2006

America faces a tough choice in Iraq. Does it look for a quick exit or does it turn up the heat on the terrorists? America cannot afford to lose this battle. . . .

France ready to fire on Israel
Paul Craft
December 11, 2006

In an effort by Israel to monitor the Syrian-Lebanon border, the Israeli Air Force has sent jets into Lebanon. The Israeli government is concerned about Syria . . .

What about Iran's nuclear program?
Paul Craft
December 10, 2006

Iran's Foriegn Minister said, "if the United States changes its attitude, the Islamic Republic of Iran is ready to help with the withdrawal from Iraq," Mottaki . . .

Bush just say no
Paul Craft
December 7, 2006

The following reports hit the web this morning: "Only a number of days after the UN passed a resolution calling Israel's sovereignty over Jerusalem illegal, . . .

Why not talk to Cuba?
Paul Craft
December 5, 2006

The man expected to replace Fidel Castro is Raul Castro. He offered an olive branch to the United States to have one-on-one talks. The State Department was . . .

Ahmadinejad: Your days are numbered
Paul Craft
December 3, 2006

The nut from Iran is at it again. In his latest outburst he said, "as everybody knows, the Zionist regime was created to establish dominion of arrogant states . . .

Two nuts in the same shell
Paul Craft
November 30, 2006

What do Jimmy Carter and the Iranian leader have in common? They both like to slam President Bush and the state of Israel. Carter in an interview with CNN . . .

Political correctness gone mad
Paul Craft
November 29, 2006

Chicago is the latest city who is eager to have Christmas shoppers visit their city but wants anything to do with Christ left at home. So should we just change . . .

The next president will be?
Paul Craft
November 28, 2006

I have the answer to this important question. I will give you both the Democratic and Republican tickets and the reason why the Republicans will keep the White . . .

Give it up already, Israel
Paul Craft
November 26, 2006

It is time for Israel to give up on the notion that peace is possible with the Palestinian government. There was hope AGAIN when a truce was agreed upon, at . . .

Now they want money
Paul Craft
November 25, 2006

Everyone should know by now that 'Kramer' of Seinfeld yelled racist statements at some hecklers during one of his stage shows. There are no excuses for what he . . .

Grandmother blows self up
Paul Craft
November 24, 2006

The cowards of the terrorists group Hamas sent another innocent person to their premature death. This time a 64-year-old grandmother named Fatma Omar An-Najar.  . . .

Sir Elton John loses way
Paul Craft
November 23, 2006

Sir Elton has Dixie Chicks disease. As everyone knows by now the Dixie Chicks decided to become political and we know what has happened to their career. Why . . .

What if?
Paul Craft
October 21, 2006

I started the day like always, I rushed to get my coffee and catch up on the news before heading off to work. As I drove the same route like every other day, I . . .

The Democrats reveal their true colors, again
Paul Craft
July 11, 2006

Case in point is Senator Joe Lieberman. Senator Lieberman was on the ticket for the Democrats in the presidential campaign of 2000. He could to do no wrong. . . .

Does anybody really believe . . .?
Paul Craft
December 17, 2005

Does anybody really believe that Hillary Clinton and Rudy Giuliani will face one another for President in 2008? The CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll conducted . . .

No end in sight for aborted babies?
Paul Craft
November 3, 2005

The proclaimed conservatives that really do not see abortion as a major issue have won the day. The sad thing is that the committed Pro-Life conservatives fell . . .

All good things must come to an end
Paul Craft
October 29, 2005

The conservatives that were instrumental in electing President Bush turned their backs on the President. Not all conservatives, but the one's like Ann Coulter  . . .

Conservatives doom abortion on demand reversal?
Paul Craft
October 22, 2005

The Washington Times reported, "A conservative political consultant with ties to the White House said the president and his political team once thought . . .

Harriet Miers reveals Bush has lost support?
Paul Craft
October 8, 2005

It has become comical to read the analysis by conservatives on the appointment of Harriet Miers. The truth is that no one but President Bush really knows where . . .

Katrina, Rita, and God
Paul Craft
October 1, 2005

Each morning we can turn on our PC's or laptops and get immediate news from around the world. We can communicate with anybody in the world instantly. We can . . .

Democrats' 365 day campaign cycle
Paul Craft
September 8, 2005

At a time when you would think politicians would come together, the opposite is taking place. Instead of working hand in hand to help the victims of hurricane . . .

Democrats' plan of attack on John Roberts
Paul Craft
September 5, 2005

It appears the Democrats have devised a way to derail the nomination of Judge John Roberts for Chief Justice. It appears their goal is to slow the confirmation . . .

Newsweek's know-it-all: Eleanor Clift
Paul Craft
September 4, 2005

Eleanor looks for every opportunity to slam President Bush. Since she cannot find any real dirt on the President, she has to resort to fabrications of the . . .

It's Bush's fault
Paul Craft
September 3, 2005

Not even the devastation from hurricane Katrine could keep the anti-Bush crowd from throwing their insults his way. Here are some notable quotes from this . . .

Is the U.S prepared for a bird flu outbreak?
Paul Craft
August 28, 2005

Is the U.S prepared for a bird flu outbreak? The alarming news is no one in the world is prepared for the possibility of a bird flu outbreak. The great fear . . .

The world's hero
Paul Craft
August 27, 2005

When each one of us was born, all our parents hope that we will make a positive difference in the world we live. I am sure the parents of Rev. Billy Graham were . . .

Newsweek, how about Jesus?
Paul Craft
August 25, 2005

In the cover issue for Aug. 29 Sept. 5, Newsweek attempts to cover religion in America. It always scares me when the mainstream media addresses the topic of . . .

Say goodbye to aborted babies?
Paul Craft
August 21, 2005

September 6th is the day to circle on your calendar that could be the beginning of the end to the daily slaughter of unborn babies in America. This is the day . . .

End the Israeli-Palestinian charade
Paul Craft
August 18, 2005

I cannot believe the images we are witnessing on TV. I cannot bear to watch them anymore. My heart breaks to watch families who have lived in Gaza for over 30 . . .

Victim of the militant left
Paul Craft
August 14, 2005

INDEPENDENCE The sad state affairs in America have just got worse. Cindy Sheehan has become another victim of the militant left. Ms. Sheehan lost her son . . .

The latest anti-Bush poll
Paul Craft
August 12, 2005

INDEPENDENCE It has become disgusting to watch week after week the liberal news media such as Newsweek come out with another poll. The latest Newsweek poll . . .

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