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Anita Crane is an independent writer and editor with B.A. in Catholic Theology from Christendom College. Catholics are 25 percent of the U.S. population and she writes to encourage America's largest religious bloc to defend human rights. She's also contributor to and editor of Ron Miller's book on racial identity politics "SELLOUT: Musings from Uncle Tom's Porch" (Liberty University Press, 2012). See more at

'Messenger of the Truth' comes to Washington
Anita Crane
September 16, 2014

"Justice and the right to know the truth require us, from the pulpit, to repeatedly demand a limit on the tyranny of censorship." – Father Jerzy . . .

June 1-2: Triumph with 'Messenger of The Truth' on PBS
Anita Crane
May 31, 2014

This Sunday, June 1, and Monday, June 2, a miracle of sorts takes place on mainstream TV as PBS affiliates broadcast a documentary about a heroic Catholic . . .

Calling all Catholics: Defend your brothers and sisters in Syria
Anita Crane
September 7, 2013

Catholics are supposed to be the champions of human rights. We are 25 percent of the U.S. population, yet Barack Obama was twice elected president and he wages . . .

Trayvon Martin, President Obama and the Arab Summer
Anita Crane
July 31, 2013

President Obama tried to divert attention from his abuse of the American people by saying he had been profiled because of his skin color and he could've been . . .

'Hating Breitbart' and loving justice
Anita Crane
May 18, 2013

"The left pits people against one another: divide and conquer. I don't want to live in that world – I'm sick of living in that world. I live in that world . . .

Downfall coming through coalition of Islamists and Marxists?
Anita Crane
May 10, 2013

A noted specialist on Islamic law and ideology from the Center for Security Policy, who has been cited as an expert for the Pentagon, says a coalition of . . .

'October Baby' could be a life saver
Anita Crane
September 18, 2012

Americans are flocking to independent films in this year of 2012. One of these indies, "October Baby" with John Schneider, is now on DVD and very timely as . . .

The Obama saga of wasting money and human lives
Anita Crane
September 14, 2012

Back in 2008, stem cell scientist and medical doctor James Sherley wrote an Independence Day op-ed called True Liberty and Justice for All Ages because he was . . .

Calm down: GOProud doesn't equal all tea party activists
Anita Crane
November 16, 2010

Yesterday, Steve Ertelt of wrote: "The fiscally conservative tea party activists were crucial to electing pro-life candidates in the 2010 mid-term . . .

Author Robert Liparulo helps dreams come true
Anita Crane
September 29, 2010

Many of Robert Liparulo's boyhood dreams have come true. Now, as a successful writer, Liparulo speaks at schools around the United States, where he inspires . . .

Black Cherokees' racism case moved to DC federal court
Anita Crane
July 15, 2010

The lengthy saga of the black Cherokees fighting racism in the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma is slowly but surely moving forward. To understand the crux of the . . .

'Blueprint' Obama exposť is a pre-election must-read
Anita Crane
May 25, 2010

Ken Blackwell's discussion of The Blueprint: Obama's Plan to Subvert the Constitution and Build an Imperial Presidency on "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" didn . . .

Sunday TV special: 'Socialism: A Clear and Present Danger'
Anita Crane
May 14, 2010

You've probably seen people driving around with the Ichthys Christian fish symbol smack next to an Obama campaign sticker on their cars. Maybe both messages are . . .

'Not Evil Just Wrong' exposes Al Gore's threatening agenda
Anita Crane
September 21, 2009

Al Gore received a Nobel Prize and an Oscar for claiming that humans cause global warming and an "accelerated melting of the north polar ice cap." Given such . . .

Who's the racist now?
Anita Crane
August 21, 2009

With his reaction to the arrest of Henry Louis Gates, President Obama diverted attention from his ill-formed healthcare agenda by throwing racism into the mix. . . .

In 'Hurt Locker,' realism is the special effect
Anita Crane
July 10, 2009

Today, The Hurt Locker expands from Los Angeles and New York City to more cities around the United States. From beginning to end, it is an eye-opening, teeth . . .

Obama's immigration 'reform' coming soon....
Anita Crane
July 8, 2009

President Barack Obama invited a group of Senate and House members to the White House for a June 25 meeting on comprehensive immigration reform. Among other . . .

'Take my voice with you'
Anita Crane
June 26, 2009

The beauty of immutable truth commands a certain silence, and this paradox is reason to see The Stoning of Soraya M., which opens today in select movie theaters . . .

Pro-lifers think BIG
Anita Crane
February 6, 2009

Maybe the producers at ABC, CBS and NBC were so tuckered after televising President Barack Obama's inauguration that they didn't notice an estimated 250,000 . . .

Christ, Obama, and America
Anita Crane
December 14, 2008

These days, many Christians in America are downhearted. No wonder! In addition to economic distress and news of terrorism, the presidential election revealed . . .

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