Curtis Dahlgren
TRUE COLORS, part I: "Watermelon" is for environmentalism
By Curtis Dahlgren
September 26, 2009

"The bulk of the intellectual community almost automatically favors any expansion of government power so long as it is advertised as a way to protect individuals from big bad corporations, relieve poverty, protect the environment, or promote 'equality.'" Milton Friedman (intro to "The Road to Serfdom" by Hayek, 1994)

HAS IT EVER OCCURRED TO YOU THAT SOME POLITICIANS LIE? George Orwell once said that some ideas are so wrong that "only a very intelligent person could believe in them." Some of them believe their own lies!

I didn't just fall off the turtle truck y'know. I wasn't just born manana. My momma didn't produce no dumb clucks. Her stork wasn't hi-jacked to Havana. You can slime us Dahlgrens, but you can't FOOL us! So don't lecture us, young man, about global warming or any other crack-pipe theories.

"Well, excuse me, I'm not dressed for church." — Economist Julian Simon (to an audience of ecologists who refused to hear any evidence contradicting their dogma)

That quotation was from "The Politically Incorrect Guide [TM] to Global Warming and Environmentalism," and here are some examples of "green" dogma over the decades:

"Certain signs, some of them visible to the layman as well as the scientist, indicate that we have been watching an ice age approach for some time without realizing what we are seeing." — Betty Friedan ("The Coming Ice Age," Harper's, Sept. 1958)

"The white race is the cancer of human history. It is the white race and it alone — its ideologies and inventions — which eradicates autonomous civilizations wherever it spreads, which has upset the ecological balance of the planet, which now threatens the very existence of life itself." — Susan Sontag (Partisan Review, Winter 1967)

"The only real good technology is no technology at all." — John Shuttleworth (Friends of the Earth)

Christopher Horner, the "Politically Incorrect" author, says: "Naturalism wasn't supposed to mean statism. Naturalism's modern successor, today's environmentalism bordering on eco-theism, asserts that the only way to preserve nature is through state control of resources and liberties. By this thinking, the falling Iron Curtain should have revealed a green Eden, but we know that to be far from the case . . .

"The greens and their anti-globalization comrades have never actually opposed globalization but have been rabid promoters; for years their ideological brethren vowed to export their philosophy to every corner of the world. Having lost that fight, the 'anti-globalists' simply oppose globalization of capitalism."

Here's the first paragraph of the Preface to the book:

"Al Gore and his friends — social, corporate, and media elites, Europeans, and UN aficionados — declare 'global warming' an unprecedented global crisis. Hyped as an environmental nightmare, [it is] truly the environmentalist's dream come true. It is the perfect storm of demons and perils, and the ideal scare campaign for those who would establish 'global governance . . ' "

The assorted "green peace-niks" protesting in Pittsburgh may or may not know what they are doing: hastening the day of the New World Order's iron fist (supposedly in the name of "saving the planet"). I HOPE THE IRONY DOESN'T ESCAPE YOUR NOTICE.

I just saw a film documentary the other night, on the dark side of environmentalism. It was entitled "Mine Your Own Business," and it was presented by a local mine exploration company and its partner, the prospective operators of a mine (just two miles from my house). The film covered such prospective mines in Romania, Madagascar, and Chile — and the predictable opposition by well-off "environmentalists" living far, far away.

The greenies say, "Who are we to define 'rich' or 'poor'? Maybe the natives will be better off with subsistence farming or subsistence fishing than if they had actual JOBS."

Some of our locals here think it would be smarter to build another casino than to actually dig new copper, zinc, silver, and gold out of the ground. Proponents of the mine are out-numbering the opponents, even though the opponents are not averse to lying about the facts, or demonizing some of the good people involved with the project.

The opponents try to portray themselves as all locals, but they are fed "talking points" and misinformation by outsiders. Their rhetoric echoes that of people such as Susan Sontag and Friends of the Earth.


I joined F.O.E. back around 1970, as my trade involved horticulture and arboriculture. I cancelled my membership after reading just one issue of their publication. I complained that all the articles had a distinctly socialist slant to them, and the editor admitted in a letter to me that [to quote him precisely]:

"Most ecologists are socialists" [Comment: they are "red" on the inside, no matter what shade of green, I must add]!

Chris Horner writes, "In contrasting old-school naturalists and conservationists to today's environmentalist, the twenty-first-century green begins to look not only anti-American or anti-capitalist, but nearly anti-human.

"An October 2006 article in New Scientist dreamed about a world in which all humans disappeared tomorrow." In their theosophy, human beings themselves are a form of "pollution" on the earth (the "sacred" mother earth-goddess).

The green movement's TRUE color, in Biblical terminology, is the Greek word "chloros." In Revelation's "4 horses of the Apocalypse," the so-called "pale horse" is actually a sickly green color in the original language. As usual, something got lost in the translation:

Revelation the 6th chapter includes a prediction that "someday" a movement would arise, and "behold a sickly green horse, and his name who sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over one-fourth of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth."

IN ORWELL'S "ANIMAL FARM" TERMINOLOGY, "4 LEGS GOOD; 2 LEGS BAD" (man is the problem and "Nature" is the solution).

In 1983, a leader of the Green Party in Germany wrote:

"We, in the Green movement, aspire to a cultural model in which the killing of a forest will be considered more contemptible and more criminal than the sale of six-year-old children to Asian brothels."

ACORN seems to have the same philosophy. Do you see the seriousness of the times yet?

More to come.

© Curtis Dahlgren


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Curtis Dahlgren

Curtis Dahlgren is semi-retired in southern Wisconsin, and is the author of "Massey-Harris 101." His career has had some rough similarities to one of his favorite writers, Ferrar Fenton... (more)


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