Curtis Dahlgren
November 15, 2012
Count your blessings, make your blessings count (and know your enemy)
By Curtis Dahlgren

"When the wicked rule, the people mourn." — Proverbs

IT HAS FINALLY COME DOWN TO THIS: G-O-D. PRESIDENTS, GENERALS, AND DIPLOMATS ARE BECOMING IRRELEVANT. And the "bitter clingers" just became a little more "bitter." I'm being facetious, of course. Nevertheless, we could all use some "power of positive thinking" this time of the month.

To top off election week, a hacker tried to buy a $600 TV with a counterfeit of my debit card. Denied, he tried again to buy something for $200 at WalMart. Master Card declined the purchase again because they knew that this was way out of the range of my normal purchases. Isn't it nice to have friends in high places? Friends who know a lot about you?

On the other hand, an enemy of mine knew my card number, my pin number (and who knows what else?)!
They probably knew I had just received a Social Security check, so they kept the purchase under $1,000.

I wonder why it happened during election-week? Was it mathematical time-and-chance, or a message? "We know your GPS location. And everything else!" A little knowledge in the wrong hands is a dangerous thing. Just ask General Petraeus.

Well anyway, sensing that we really really need a dose of positive thoughts right now, I was thinking about a column I wrote five years ago in August. Here's an excerpt:


The Atomic table

Bat navigation ("radar")

The Cud-chewing animals




The Ginkgo tree leaf


Intelligence (human brain + "the spirit in man")

The Jet stream


Light (physics of, plus gravity, etc.)


Northern lights



Queen Anne's lace (the white roadside flower)

Redwood trees

Symbiosis (from aphid-milking ants to meat-eating plants) — and sunsets and seahorses


The whole UNIVERSE!

Vision — the eye and the mind's eye — without which the universe couldn't be seen

The Water cycle

Xylem and phloem

Yourself — a unique being created in the image of God

The rest of the Zoo — with special emphasis on the ability of fish, birds, and butterflies to migrate over great distances without a GPS system. [end of excerpt]

Well, in celebration of the final days of 2012, I have written an updated, revised standard version:

When the bee stings, when the brown recluse bites, here are a few of my favorite things

The Aurora borealis

The sweet spot of a baseball Bat

The COOL side of the pillow

a faithful, loyal Dog

Electrons and Electricity

Fire and Fireflies and Faith

Having a God who makes Himself known to you [how hard have you been looking for Him?]

The word "I" — the word that stands for the Individual, the "god-child"

Having a Job, a real job (see M and W)


Loved ones


News (occasional good news)

Independent fact-based Opinions

Protection (I'm talking guardian angels, not sex, stupid)

Queen Anne's lace (still!)


Snow (hey, I'm a yooper you know)


Unity (but only unity founded and grounded on Truth

Veritas: Truth added to Truth (not bilingual, but Universal Truth)



Yellowstone, and other National Parks

Zonking out on the cool side of the pillow, after a hard day's work!

P.S. I don't know if this is the end; the real question is, "When the Lord comes, will He find faith on the Earth?"

© Curtis Dahlgren


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Curtis Dahlgren

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