Curtis Dahlgren
That was the week that was, ending 4-20: More ingrates!
By Curtis Dahlgren
April 24, 2013

"Wicked men shall wax worse and worse . . unthankful boasters, deceived, always learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the Truth." – Saul of Tarsus (1st century A.D.)

A BOMB ATTACK IN BOSTON: FROM SEX WEEK TO HELL WEEK. From sabotage to triage. No silver lining. No rainbows. No excuses. If this is the Age of Reason, you can have it. In the Age of Reality Shows, we are losing track of reality! Fame is fleeting, but much desired.

Some weeks I almost wish I were a low-information voter (you may be a low-info voter if you can name more rappers than Congressmen, or you can name several NFL refs but don't know your Senators' names). When the low-info voter gets old and gray, someone will ask what that thing was at the Boston Marathon back in '13? Someone will say, "I think that was a car-jacking gone wrong or something.

But how could those All-American pot-smoking normal kids go so wrong? Must have been bullied or something."

Do you suppose that in every metropolis with 360,000 kids with student loans there are a couple who have access to an unlimited number of unregistered pressure cookers? There oughta be a law! In the shadow of Harvard, people wonder if the two bombers were just "disaffected" youngsters? Why? There are some professors who ought to be ashamed of the disaffecting stuff they put in students' heads.

The week they were running in Boston, they were snowboarding in Colorado. Six people died in two avalanches. Snow doesn't kill, but poor judgment can. There oughta be a law.

Up here in the U.P. of Michigan the price of gas went up at least 20 cents a gallon, due to a pipeline shut down by a flood in the Chicago area. The only other thing we have to complain about is the price of heating fuel and the weather. Frigid weather. It's not funny anymore. Farmers aren't going to get the oats in the ground in April this year. May? Who knows? As for corn for ethanol, it's going to be almost impossible to get 120-day corn to mature before the first frost.

Speaking of farmers, a fertilizer plant blew up near Waco on the eve of the Waco and OKC anniversaries. If that was sabotage, they probably won't admit it unless they can blame it on an Elvis impersonator. And I think there was a refinery fire in Texas nearly the same day. Awfully coincidental. And the Boy Scouts of America announced a "compromise" plan to admit homosexuals – on the anniversary of Waco and the OKC fertilizer bombing.

Speaking of blasphemies, I think that Sex Week is timed to mock Christianity's Holy Week and Passover. But can God be mocked? Can anyone say with a "straight face" that we are enjoying, in the words of George Washington, "the propitious smiles of Heaven"?

In the City of Brotherly Love, an abortionist was on trial for murder, almost unnoticed by the mainstream media. And some U.S. Senators were called liars and cowards for a nay vote that took more courage than the yes votes. There was a committee hearing on "Comprehensive Immigration Reform" even while one Boston immigrant was still on the run. How about a moratorium on immigration until further notice (except for asylum for Christians persecuted by the Muslim Brotherhood, or home-schoolers persecuted by Germany)? That would be pretty "comprehensive." Even Bob Bechel is thinking about that one. I suppose he'll be called a coward too now.

By the way, last week was also the anniversary week for Columbine and the Virginia Tech shootings. It's hard to remember them all. Sometimes I wish I were a low-information voter.

"Remember how much better nostalgia used to be?" – MAD magazine

Last Saturday, 4-20, was Hitler's birthday and go-to-pot day in certain circles. No wonder it was such a Hellacious week. There were the token distractions – a ricin scare and a false alarm about a bomb in the White House – spread by an Associated Press tweet. Wall Street was "rocked" for awhile, according to the USA TODAY. The hackers will probably turn out to be Elvis impersonators.

Speaking of reality, some British students think that Winston Churchill was a fictitious character and that Sherlock Holmes was real. That's nothing, Americans still think that Tina Fey was real and Sarah Palin was fictitious. Some people think that the KKKers were Republicans, even though they hung Republicans too. Some things never change, do they?

P.S. If this isn't my best column ever, it's at least my most depressing one. That's not my purpose, and I try not to waste your time with things you already know either. I try to be concise, so the only other thing I want to mention for the record is the passing of George Beverly Shea and Al Neuharth ("Forgotten but not gone"). I liked what Al said in his last column:

"I'll see some of you one of these days, but don't hurry."

PPS: The word that struck me there was "some" of you. Someone once said:


[After the week that was, let's hope so.]

© Curtis Dahlgren


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Curtis Dahlgren

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