Curtis Dahlgren
Pagan nature-worshippers vs. Natural Law: at loggerheads
By Curtis Dahlgren
December 20, 2013

"I am no orator, as Brutus is, but as you know me all, a plain, blunt man." – Shakespeare ("Julius Caesar")

"GLOBAL WARMING'S STORY begins with a diabolical bastard named Karl Marx." So says Brian Sussman at the outset of CLIMATEGATE; a veteran meteorologist exposes the global warming scam." To fully understand why he said that, you will have to read the book. If you have the time, he has the words. By the way, it's been so cold up here in the Upper Peninsula that the chickens have quit laying. The roosters have even quit crowing. This week's Monday was a rough one: Fifteen degrees below zero. We've had zero or close to it for two solid weeks – the first half of December! God must have heard the enviro-fanatics bragging about a "hot" November. Hah! The polar bears may have to go south this year to find a place to swim!

Anyway, the weather put me in the mood to finish reading "CLIMATEGATE; (WND books, 2010). Thanks to the Old Media blackout, many people have never heard of the climategate at East Anglia U. about five years ago (even some members of Congress act like they have no clue). Both parties waste money on focus-group polling, but why? The truth is the Truth whether the tide is going out or coming in – and no matter how people "feel" about it. Your neighbors and friends may have a hard time believing that anyone would just make up a scam such as so-called Climate Change. SO – here is a review of a few blunt excerpts from Mr. Sussman's book:

- "Darwin's theory of evolution sealed the communist founders' convictions that . . . occasionally some people are spit out of the womb with a superior brain, making them more worthy than others. Thus, the Law of Transformation confirmed an elite status within the human race; and those born into evolution's aristocracy possess a duty to dictate how the underdeveloped shall live."

- "Office of Science and Technology Policy, John Holdren [wrote] . . 'A massive campaign must be launched to restore a high-quality environment in North America and to de-develop the United States . . . Resources and energy must be diverted from frivolous and wasteful uses in
overdeveloped countries' . . . " [1973 book with Paul Erlich (the Left will get to define frivolous, of course)]

- "In a must-read eco-thriller,
State of Fear, the late author Michael Crichton creates a brilliant visual to assist us in wrapping our minds around the components of Earth's atmosphere . . . he likens the atmosphere to a football field. The goal line to the 78 yard-line contains nothing but nitrogen. Oxygen fills the next 21 yards, stretching to the 99 yard-line. The final yard, except for about two and a half inches, is argon . . . About half of the remaining inches are crammed with a variety of minor, but essential, gases.

"And the last 1.37 inches? Carbon dioxide. . . If you were in the stands looking down on the action, you would need binoculars to see the width of that line. And the most important point – how much of that last inch is contributed by human activities? The equivalent of a line as thin as a dime
standing on edge."

In mathematical terms, carbon dioxide amounts to 38 thousandths of one percent of the planet's atmosphere – .038 percent – and the amount of CO2 due to human activities is about .00114% – or barely one one-thousandth of one percent!

More carbon dioxide actually makes trees and plants grow faster anyway, producing more Gaia-balancing oxygen! So Sussman asks: "how could an element so essential to life be vilified as evil? Reckless comments by blathering fools like [ – ] or [ – ], who in an interview for
Vanity Fair's Green Edition in 2008, likened ending carbon emissions to abolishing slavery . . . so these slick Marxist hucksters can play the people like a cheap accordian."

The powers-that-be have both the opportunity and the motives to pull off such a great crime against the Laws of Nature (including economic laws). 'Opportunity,' because people are horrible at math. In parts-per-million, man-made carbon dioxide is virtually invisible, plus people don't really understand how large the seas are (70% of the surface of the earth). As for motives, money is only part of the story (a $1 trillion carbon "trading" market). Karl Marx only revived an ancient pagan religion (now almost the Estalishment religion of the United States), but to get "the rest of the story" we have to go back many, many centuries.

A religion-in-lieu of religion; a CAUSE without a higher CALLING (people want to "make a difference," as they say, and this is how Deep Ecology revived in these modern secular times).

One thing I do know is that the very same people who want "separation of church and State" are using their OWN religion to cram stupid ideas down your throat. It's the religion once known in ancient times for the worship of the goddess Cybele or Gaia. As the Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th edition (1910), says:

"She was also known under many other names, some of which were derived from famous places of worship: as Mater Idaea from Mt. Ida, [etc.] . . . while others were reflections of her character as a great nature goddess; e.g. Mountain Mother, Great Mother of the Gods, Mother of all Gods and all Men"

Now if you're not accustomed to reading "past-tense history," hang in there one more minute.The Britannica goes on:

"As the great Mother Deity whose worship extended throughout Asia Minor she was known as Ma or Ammas. Cybele is her favourite name in ancient and modern literature . . . The Great Mother known to the Greeks and Romans was merely the Phrygian form of the nature deity of all Asia Minor. From Asia Minor the cult of the Great Mother spread first to Greek territory. It found its way into Thrace at an early date, was known in Boeotia by Pindar in the 6th century, [etc.]."

[Quoted by the Britannica from Bulletin of the University of Wisconsin #43 by Grant Showerman, Madison, 1901]

P.S. Judging by the first few paragraphs of Paul's letter to the Romans, pagan nature-worship was obviously a big deal in Rome in the first century. Here are a couple more pithy excerpts from the Britannica:

During the brief revival of paganism under [Caesar] Eugenius in A.D. 394, occured the last appearance of the cult in history [the last open one at least until Deep Ecology] . . .

"She was known as the All-begetter, the All-nourisher, the Mother of all the Blest. She was the great, fruitful, kindly Earth itself.

"Especial emphasis was placed upon her maternity over wild nature . . . Her universal POWER over the natural world finds beautiful expression in Apollonius Rhodius . . .

Her especial affinity with wild nature [as opposed to humans] was manifested by the orgiastic character of her worship. Her attendants, the Corybantes, were wild, half demonic beings. Her priests, the Galli, were eunuchs attired in female garb, with long hair fragrant with ointment [etc, etc, etc]."

PPS: The story of the Vikings and the great Midieval Warm Period (900-1300) could make a whole column by themselves. It warmed up so much that the Norsemen grew their own barley and made their own beer (some say this led to their wild pillaging and plundering cruises). They also farmed in Greenland and built log cabins on other islands to the north where no trees grow today. During this great Melt, by the way, I have NOT heard of shorelines being inundated.

By the way, the scammers want to "delete" that unexplained Warm Period from the history books, but proof of it is occasionally spit out of glaciers in Iceland – whole birch tree logs. Greenland is pretty big, incidentally, but it looks bigger on 2D flat maps than it does on a globe. And as I said, people don't understand the size of the oceans (they're not so humongous; we're just so tiny).

A visitor to Newfoundland asked a native if they can see Ireland from there.

"It looks so close on the map," she said

[I'll leave you with that thought, but I hope I've planted a germ of doubt about "man-made climate change" in your mind. You might hate me for awhile, but you don't have to thank me anyway. I do this just for fun.]

© Curtis Dahlgren


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Curtis Dahlgren

Curtis Dahlgren is semi-retired in southern Wisconsin, and is the author of "Massey-Harris 101." His career has had some rough similarities to one of his favorite writers, Ferrar Fenton... (more)


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