Curtis Dahlgren
In Topsy-turveydom, the trip "From Here to Humility" (not 'equality')
By Curtis Dahlgren
May 10, 2015

"A wise son makes a glad father; but a foolish man despises his mother. Folly is a joy to him who is destitute of wisdom." – King Solomon

"Learning, n.; The kind of ignorance distinguishing the studious . . . That which discloses the wise and disguises from the foolish their lack of understanding." – Ambrose Bierce

IF THEY THREW A RIOT AND NO ONE CAME, would the media still revel in it? Some have wondered why Baltimore was "chosen" instead of Charleston, South Carolina. Perhaps this is the answer:

"In Maryland, the fraction of 17-year-olds who have grown up in intact families with their married mother and father is approximately 47.3 percent. Baltimore is one of the five least intact counties of America, along with Cuyahoga, OH; Bronx County, NY; District of Columbia; Shelby County, TN. In Baltimore, only 16 percent of 15- to 17-year-olds have been raised by both their married parents." – Marriage & Religion Research Institute (via FRC)

Rush Limbaugh the other day reported the world's craziest headline: "Is having a loving family an unfair advantage?" Quote:

"[The Left] is asserting that parents reading to their children at bedtime is unfair because not every kid has parents who can read or who will read to their children at bedtime. And since not everybody can, they're thinking about [doing something about that!]."

There must be a program or an app for that, eh? Actually this was a UK story, but the American left coast is probably giving it some thought too (especially with some parents reading Limbaugh's books to their kids). That may almost be "white privilege"! So how about a ban on bedtime stories (along with homework). Kids are getting too much "religion" in that bedtime stuff anyway, and the Left feels that that's a form of child abuse. This is what 'equality' has come to in the 21st century. Lowest common denominator. The bigotry of low expectations, etc.

Speaking of that, I was complaining to someone that if I had a rap-sheet as long as the Baltimore 'victim,' I wouldn't have been out on the street but in jail. The reply was, "In Baltimore, 25 percent can't find jobs" – so it was implied that selling heroin is sort of justified. The real question is, what are the people WITH jobs doing right? Do you realize that with today's standards, how easy it is to graduate from high school? Anyone who really really wants to work in this country WILL be doing something (something legal). Speaking of headlines, this week I saw the world's funniest headline:

"Warmer rooms make voters more likely to accept global warming."

That's a paraphrase of an actual headline from the UK (before the election). The P.R. experts are becoming frustrated with the public's skepticism on climate change, and they are turning to the dastardly desperate tactic of turning up the thermostat when a liberal politician is "explaining" the scientific consensus. That and having one or two dead plants in the corner of the room for subliminal advertising. But the way the UK elections turned out, I guess they couldn't find enough dead plants (CO2 encourages plant growth, and a study years ago said that air pollution makes trees grow faster, like foliar feeding).

Are America's lefty politicians so clueless on "science" that you can't tell them anything? I hope not. I really really hope not (because that's "the kind of ignorance distinguishing the studious").

But in conclusion, happy mother's day to that Baltimore mom who slapped her son around a little for playing in the street. The life you save may be your own kid's!

Our prayers should be serious for Baltimore, Nepal, and mothers in the Middle East and Africa. And the mother who was shot three times in Menasha the other day. She survived but lost her husband and a child. If you don't bother to actually pray consciously, just remember – we're all going from Here (Topsy-turveydom) to Eternity someday.

More to come.

© Curtis Dahlgren


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Curtis Dahlgren

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