Curtis Dahlgren
After the storm, a small voice still (don't like the news?...we do have a CHOICE y'know!)
By Curtis Dahlgren
October 7, 2015

"I suggest we step back from the headlines and look into our own Book . . As someone said, 'Weak men believe inluck; strong men believe in cause-and-effect.'" – CD (9-26-15)

THE FUTURE must not belong to those who slander our prophets. Most people know that America is not as great as it once was; some know WHY!

Ah God, for those with hearts, hands, heads
Like some of the simple great ones gone forever by
Who knew the therefores, the wherefores, and the WHYs;
Who may have had holes in their shoes but not their heads, for Pete's sake,
And didn't just say, "What difference does it make?"

- Tennyson (paraphrased)

This isn't the column I had started this week, but there are clueless people who believe that Traditionalists are going to "destroy the planet." Save the planet? Only God can save the planet at this point in time – from WAR. I mean, save Western civilization from decline and fall. Save America from our own selves!

Jaoquin was just a shot across the bow, a joker; the "K" storms (both natural and man-made acts) could be called "Killer." I'm just saying:

"Show me what you've got, O sons of prideful Man, where were you when I formed the heart, the head, and the hand? Where were you when I formed the land? Did you honor Me with the fruits of the land?"

I'm paraphrasing God Himself now, of course. What's the point, or what, you ask? The God of Israel is still hanging around, just watching, to see how we react. If you think He's offended by "man and wife," "Redskins," or the Confederate flag, you have no idea how really screwed up we are. This is a whole new Era. This is not the time to bicker over technicalities or trivialities!

Christians are literally having their heads blown off at the same time we're removing the Ten Commandments from the courthouse lawn.

Hotel California and the state of Oregon have led the nation in anti-Christian legislation and litigation (against bakers, photographers, and florists) and look what we got at Roseburg: more dead Christians. Have we learned the lesson yet? NOT! People blame the gun, not the culture or the atmosphere of nihilism. Our Heritage is slowly slip-sliding away.

In the 1950s kids might have sometimes tried to smoke corn silk in a corncob pipe, but they didn't want their parents to know about it; now kids want the whole world to know what they're smoking. And if they can't get on a "reality" TV show, they create their own – for posthumous fame (and the gun gets blamed). That's as silly as blaming the automobile and power plants for all the other problems!

Do you know what George Washington said about "the propitious smiles of Heaven"? He said we have a CHOICE about that, essentially (farewell address). If the "heavens" haven't been exactly smiling at us lately, you go figure it out! There's a reason for the season, and after the storm there's still "a still small voice." All you have to do is listen for it – with open ears and open "minds."

A headline in Tuesday's paper said: "one-in-1,000-year floods have happened six times since 2010." Is that possible? Sounds like a figure NOAA mathematicians would come up with to predict the temperature in 2525 (when they can't even get the track of a storm right). Here are some other headlines-of-the-week:

- "Biblical floods in South Carolina"

- "School cancels 'America Day' in Jackson Hole"

- "Lesbian bishop says crosses should be removed from churches"

- "President of Sierra Club admits he never heard of the 18-year Pause in global warming"

- [And the headline-for-the-ages] "Six Kardashians on the cover of one magazine for first time"

I'm just a simple layman, and some people get upset with me when I 'go theological' over science and current events. So, as an aside by the way, a few words more:

Speaking of "Numbers," my favorite Old Testament laymen are Medad and Eldad. A young man ran and told Moses, "Eldad and Medad are preaching in the camp." Joshua must have figured, "How can these guys, who have never learned, know letters?" He said, "Forbid them!" But Moses simply said:

"Do you envy them for MY sake? O would that ALL the Lord's people were prophets, that He would put His spirit on all of them!"

My favorite New Testament layman was Zacchaeus. He didn't even say or write anything; all he did was climb a sycamore tree, and Moses' Lord said to him:

"Come on down! I have to stay at your house today."

I suppose some people were envious of Zacchaeus, too, or saw him as "competition." But we don't even know if he was a "good" man. Possibly he was simply one of the "sick" who needed a Physician (counsel and encouragement). We could all use some of that, couldn't we? Even the powers-that-be today (who sometimes stick with the stupid stuff).

If you say a foolish thing, it's still an ignorant, stupid thing, even if you have two degrees from the Ivy League. I'M LIKE, WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES THAT MAKE?

[If you got anything out of today's column, please pass it on to others. Just maybe they'll get something out of it TOO.]

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Curtis Dahlgren

Curtis Dahlgren is semi-retired in southern Wisconsin, and is the author of "Massey-Harris 101." His career has had some rough similarities to one of his favorite writers, Ferrar Fenton... (more)


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