Curtis Dahlgren
For millennials only: JUNE PRIDE ("ME GREAT; AMERICA STINKS")
By Curtis Dahlgren
June 12, 2019

"Every family has two lives – the life the public knows and the life of plot and counter-plot beneath the surface. . there is a seething struggle between forces of life and the forces of disintegration – and eventually nothing succeeds but failure . . Do not aspire to be king of the Belliakers – there's too much competition for that spot." – Elbert Hubbard

RIDING THE COAT TAILS OF THE ILLITERATE AND THE "UNDERPRIVILEGED." That's what the left-wing of the political Left Wing is all about now – pandering to those youths who lack self-control but feel so good about themselves. Some have white guilt and some feel almost too good for this deplorable country. Talk about ingrates! Some of them don't even know the meaning of the word. I've met three graduates of the high school I attended who didn't know what the fourth of July commemorates. They didn't even know what "commemorates" means either. But they have lots of self-esteem, despite teen sex. Drug abuse. Being easily offended. Plus the always "I''M OKAY; YOU'RE SCREWED UP" mentality.

A social psychologist named Roy Baumeister says it all started in clinical psychology and got into the schools and families: "It's easy to 'feel good' and it's certainly easier than doing your math homework." Then, depending on your heritage, simply blame the corporations or The Man or "whitey" for your failures, and turn up the volume of your tunes. President Reagan, in his farewell to the United Nations, said:

"[T]he deliberations of great leaders and great bodies are but overture, . . the truly majestic music, the music of freedom, of justice, and peace is the music made in forgetting self and seeking in silence the will of Him who made us."

Public schools are 180 degrees "off." Any mention of "Him who made us" is strictly prohibited, and your SELF is exalted – without any need of effort or rigor, by the way. You can't even say "NO" to a kid in a firm voice, or demand that an assignment be turned in. Even if the kid turns it in, you certainly can't correct it with red ink. Just pass the loser on to the poor teachers in the next grade up!

And they've not only kicked God out of the schools but, in some cities, the security personnel or police that had to be brought in on account of no discipline (the sight of them might make some kids melt like snowflakes).

I don't know how many millennials will read this far, but I pity the teachers and the poor kids who actually want to study and learn something! The political Left not only rides the coat tails of the "under privileged" but also of the violent (job security for lawyers, social workers, and parole officers, etc). Over one weekend, fifty people shot, almost a dozen fatally, in a city with the strictest of gun control laws, Chicago (count on it when the weather warms up so people go out of doors). City Hall doesn't seem to care.

"It's time to get back to the basics of life," someone sang. It's time to figure out how to make the powers-that-be listen to us. "Can you hear us NOW?" A quote from the Princeton University Library Chronicle, Spring 1961 ("Madison and Witherspoon: Theological Roots of American Political Thought"):

"Man's innate depravity . . must be checked by counter-acting forces . . 'Impulse or passion or interest adverse to the rights of other citizens or to the aggregate interest of the community,' as Madison described it, separates men into groups; faction is inevitable, not removable by education or social engineering . . and a workable government must recognize this. Then the government must be shaped so that one set of interests will keep other sets of interests from dominating. Checks and balances are required."

Regarding those family conflicts "beneath the surface," Elbert Hubbard said: "It is the same with the human body: how bright the eye, how smooth and soft the skin, this rose of flesh! But beneath the surface there is a seething struggle between the forces or life and the forces of disintegration, and [without checks] eventually nothing succeeds but failure . . .

"If you have ceased to be moved by religion, no longer dwell on poetry [or prose], are not swayed by music, the love instinct has withered to the ashes of a rose."

The Word now banned from public schools predicted a time "without natural affection," people only lovers of self, and simultaneously, a time of great hatred. Sound familiar? Roy Baumeister wrote:

"It was fine to give people, including children, a feeling of self-worth, but if you think you are better than you are, then you are more likely to get negative feedback, and if you are emotionally invested in this, then you could become violent."

He bucks current politically correct thinking, arguing that educators and parents should "forget about self-esteem and concentrate on self-control." You might google some of his writings if you still don't have a clue as to the reasons we have had mass shootings. You can also check out my "Kwitcherwhinin" column

Kids, you may find this hard to believe, but homicides used to be fairly rare! THE GUNS HAVEN'T CHANGED. THE PEOPLE HAVE CHANGED. President Reagan said:

"If future generations say peace came closer, that we brought about new seasons of justice, it will be cause for pride. But it will be a cause of greater pride, still, if it is also said that we were wise . . . "

Elbert Hubbard said, "Babies are the dice of destiny . . We can never have a noble race of men until we have a noble race of mothers . . The modest woman is the one who cries her wares in an artistic and effective manner."

The word "prude" originally meant "a fine thing of a woman." It came from "prudefemme," which essentially meant "a Ten." That would probably go right over the heads of today's 'tweeners and teeners and their in-your-face mentality. But finally some good news:

Oberlin College has to pay $11 million in damages after a bakery won a lawsuit alleging the school defamed or otherwise libeled the family-owned shop. The lawsuit, filed by the Gibson's Bakery shop in November 2017, was settled this week when an Ohio jury ordered Oberlin College to pay $11 million to the bakery after being accused of libelous behavior. Following an attempt to shoplift from the local bakery, the lawsuit alleged that Oberlin employees – and the institution itself – spread defamatory information against the bakery for allegedly racist behavior.

WELL, Ronnie, what do you think? Is the Big Box education bubble beginning to burst?

PPS: June Dairy Month has been long time forgotten and replaced with June Pride Month. There is good pride and bad pride, and bad pride still goes before a fall. The winter is coming. The winter of God's discontent.

© Curtis Dahlgren


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Curtis Dahlgren

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