Curtis Dahlgren
Moses passes the bar; denied seat on the bench
By Curtis Dahlgren
January 27, 2020

MOSES AND HIS STAFF passed a bar in DC on January 22nd. He turned around and went into the bar. The name of the bar was Cheers. A sign on the bar said "Welcome FRIENDS." He sat down at the square bar but there was no one there but a guy with a glassy look on his big eyes. He had a half empty glass of booze. "Hey," says the guy. "Great costume! Where's the party?" He stuck out his hand and says "My name is Adam. What's yours?" Before he could answer, the tender of the bar came out of the back room of the bar. The bartender says "Hey there. Did anyone ever tell you that you look like Charlton Heston? I'm Seinfeld, by the way." And Moses says:

"Who's Charlton Heston?" Adam finishes his glass of booze and says:

"Oh I get it now. You're in town for that stupid march. We've got to do something about those stupid Christians." And Moses says:

"Why are people marching?" For life, Adam says, and Moses says:

"Isn't everyone for that?"

Seinfeld says "Well whatever. What'll you have to drink?" Moses says:

"Do you have any beer from Beersheba?"

"Never heard of it," says the bartender. "Would you settle for a High Life, Bud?" Moses thinks for a moment and says:

"Sure, I'll drink to that."

Adam says, "Put it on my tab. I like the costume anyway."

Seinfeld pops the tab on a can of High Life," and Moses says:

"Interesting container!"

"Whassup, Bud; you gonna be in town long?" Seinfeld asks. Moses says:

"I doubt it. I got nominated for a Supreme Court vacancy, and the President had me go to the American Bar Association for approval." The first thing they asked me is "How do you feel about Roe v. Wade, so I said 'who's Roe and who's Wade?' They said 'you're out of here.' So I walked down the street and here I am, before the bar."

Adam says "You do know, don't you, that we're impeaching the President?" And Moses says:


"For obstructing Congress," Adam says, and Moses says BUT WHY?

The bartender says, "Well, it's kinda hard to explain. We just gotta get him outa here."

Moses doesn't like the way Adam is staring at him, so he chugs down the beer and walks out of the bar. He walks down the street a ways, and comes to a sign that says "National Council of Churches. "AHA," he says. "Maybe I can get a job with the church." He goes in and asks if he can apply for a job.

"Have you ever been a janitor?" he is asked. Moses says:

"No, but I used to be a sheep herder."

"Get outa here," they say.

So Moses went back to the bar.

P.S. This was written starting about 3 AM on the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. I couldn't sleep after reading an article in Decision magazine entitled "Hijacked Professions." It tells how the ABA, AMA, the psy-psy associations, public education, and even public libraries have been taken over by the radical left-wing.

Wisconsin Christian News has gone even further with an article on the fact that left-wing foundations and activists have given millions to the National Council of Churches (and perhaps Christian colleges) to buy support for their left-wing "inclusive" agenda items, such as transgenderism.

Dumb question: Isn't that something like selling your inheritance for 30 pieces of silver?

PPS: Just a thought, but when Elijah confronted the 400 priests of Baal, was he thinking about "diversity" and


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