Edward Daley
May 31, 2005
Pig-face bags of rat guts
By Edward Daley

A couple of weeks ago, Robert Blake was on CNN's 'Larry King Live' talking about his recent murder trial, and the manner in which he's been treated since his wife's death from gunshot wounds in 2001. "There's a whole litter of lunatics out there, pig-face bags of rat guts that are telling all kinds of lies, and the media's soaking it up," the 72-year-old actor said during the interview.

I certainly can't argue with that, however, it has since occurred to me that Mr. Blake's rather colorful characterization better suits certain "civil rights" lawyers I've become aware of over the past few years.

Even before our illustrious Supreme Court decided in June of 2004 that it was a good idea to allow captured terrorist suspects from other countries the right to challenge their detention before American courts, attorneys from the Center For Constitutional Rights (CCR), as well as other left-wing extremist groups, have been hard at work filing legal briefs on behalf of every imprisoned enemy combatant they can find.

Regardless of whether one believes that the high court's ruling in this matter was reasonable, which is fairly ridiculous to begin with, one would have to be a complete idiot to think that an organization like the CCR has taken it upon itself to defend individuals, who are almost certainly committed to destroying America, simply because it is concerned with protecting civil rights.

While I happen to think that even serial killers like Jeffrey Dahmer deserve defense lawyers, because at least these contemptible creatures are American citizens, that doesn't mean I want to rush to their sides and donate millions of dollars to the cause of assuring that they get the best representation possible.

There are only two reasons why lawyers in this country, or anywhere else for that matter, would voluntarily commit their time and resources to defending terror suspects. One is that they want to make a name for themselves in the legal community, which will then lead to lucrative law practices in the future. The other is that they hate America every bit as much as terrorists do, and they will go to any lengths to undermine and embarrass it, even if that means getting mass murderers freed on judicial technicalities.

If the Supreme Court is going to force us to let suspected Al-Qaeda henchmen have attorneys, which, again, is ludicrous on its face, then they can damned well settle for the same overworked, underpaid public defenders that the vast majority of Americans get when they're accused of committing crimes.

Making life easier for terrorists just to make a buck is despicable enough, but doing so because you think America is more objectionable than Al-Qaeda, is so vile that I'm not even sure calling the legal staff of the CCR "pig-face bags of rat guts" is insulting enough.

Frankly, I'd prefer to be infested with intestinal parasites than spend five minutes in the presence of these lowlifes in tailored suits, and as soon as I find a better nickname for them than the one Bob Blake used to describe his detractors, I'll be more than happy to share it with anyone who'll listen.

© Edward Daley


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