Justin Darr
June 12, 2005
Sorry liberals, being arrogant does not make you right
By Justin Darr

Back during the Presidential Election, Kerry enthusiasts were constantly gushing over the perceived intelligence of John Kerry. If it was not praises toward his "nuanced" approaches of how to creatively surrender to the United Nations and international terrorists then it was how all of his aides had to run around carrying dictionaries just so they could understand his "big words." Well, the truth is out. Eight months after everyone quit caring about John Kerry's records, he has finally released them to "The Boston Globe." Chance of chances, these records show that Senator Kerry was a "C" student with a virtually identical grade average as the stuttering, slack jawed, ignoramus George W. Bush. And, Kerry's aides needed dictionaries to understand him? Suddenly it is much easier to understand why Kerry ran such an inept campaign and how they thought voting for the $87 billion before he voted against it made any sense. Kerry chose to surround himself with die hard liberals who made the congenital mistake of all liberals by assuming that arrogance equaled intelligence and being right.

Arrogance is as much a part of liberalism as feathers are to being birds. In 2004, while under fire for the lack of intellectual diversity in the Philosophy Department at Duke University, department chair Robert Brandon misquoted John Stewart Mill and stated that conservatives were disproportionately stupid, and therefore underrepresented in academia. Being one of the intellectual elite, Professor Brandon must be well aware of the need to have supporting evidence for such and outrageous statement. And, what might that evidence be? Certainly not any quantitative facts.

According to Laubach Literary Action (now Proliteracy Worldwide), 51% of adult illiterates in the United States live in the metropolitan suburb strong holds of liberalism that surround our major cities with an additional 44% living in cities, but only 8% in conservative rural areas. I am not saying that liberals leaders are illiterate, however, I am saying this is the left's target audience. Many rank and file liberals cede their thinking to the liberal elite giving deference to their arrogance. They assume if a person is haughty about their views, mock those who do not hold them, and have some letters behind their name, then by proxy they must have thought it through and be right. It saves them the time of researching the complex issues of the day and thinking for themselves and enables them to share the coveted "mantle of intelligence" of the left. It also frees them up to spend their time on the Internet spewing profanity laced personal insults to all those with whom they disagree, always attacking the person but never refuting their ideas. "How dare you say I'm wrong when I agree with Professor X, AbC XyD, at the University? Your (sic) nothing but a @#%$ing *&@$# with a big nose. And your wife's fat, too!"

The truth of the matter is the liberal elite's arrogance is based on nothing beyond their arrogance. They feel they are right for the simple fact they think it. And, Heaven help you if you disagree. While conservatives rely on history, philosophy, the Bible, and a full understanding of human nature as a basis of their beliefs, the left supplants these with dubious claims of "tolerance" and "sensitivity." When the need for facts arises, they create their own through a series of unscientific and biased studies from some leftist think tank or poles from the "unbiased" media. For example, in the last election, the "LA Times" and a pole showing Kerry well ahead of Bush but neglected to mention that they surveyed disproportionate numbers of Democrats. Junk science is creating a junk society where how something sounds is more important than its substance or impact. Liberals push contradictory programs based on contradictory values based on nothing but the changing currents of their whims, then react with pathological "outrage" whenever you point out that their ideas do not work.

Infused with a sense of self importance, liberals are hacking a paradoxical path of destruction through our society for no other reason than they just feel like it.

If it is the slaughter of the unborn, liberals ignoring all scientific evidence that a fetus is a living human being, because babies cannot vote so why should they care. When confronted with Europe's economy collapsing under the weight of its social welfare system, liberals just ignore it because they do not "feel" that it will happen here. And the impact of allowing gays to marry is ignored because the left just does not feel there will be one.

The arrogance of the left is nothing but a smoke screen designed to stifle the debate of those who do not agree with them. Armed with nothing but their opinions and disinformation (plus a healthy mean streak to vehemently attack any dissenters) the left is trying to replace the foundations of our culture with a house of cards. Modern liberals need a lesson from the true liberals from ages past. People like Socrates, Plato, and Locke who understood that just because you believe something does not make it true, and you should not mess around with things you do not understand.

© Justin Darr


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Justin Darr

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