Justin Darr
June 20, 2005
Liberalism's ultimate goal: the destruction of Christianity through Social Security
By Justin Darr

Would you let you child go fishing alone with a known child molester? Why not? The answer is simple enough: because patterns of behavior are called "patterns of behavior" for a reason, and once someone does something once, they are likely to do it again. Evil people do evil things over and over.

Over the last 50 years, the radical left has established a pattern of winning minor precedents from an activist judiciary system then slowly building on those precedents to warp the interpretation of the law and erode the fundamental foundations of our society.

The original Supreme Court decisions banning prayer and Bible reading from the public schools, for example, while controversial, raised little alarm from Christian churches at the time. In fact, the three chief cases that abolished school prayer; Engle v. Vitale (1962), Murray v. Curlett (1963), and Abington Township School District v. Schempp (1963), did not elicit a response from any Church to the Court during its deliberations. This is because people did not realize the destructive results these decisions would have on the public school system and our culture.

The rulings seemed relatively innocuous. Engle said schools could not have regency prayers, and Murray and Abington only said that teachers and school officials could not lead or require Bible reading in the classroom. Children could still pray whenever they wished and read their Bibles on their own during their free time. The original cases only restricted school officials, not the freedom of religion of the students themselves.

How the times have changed. Today many teachers are forbidden to wear even a small cross as a piece of jewelry, kindergarten children are threatened with expulsion for praying over milk and cookies, the "Declaration of Independence" is banned because it mentions God, and in Knox County, Tennessee, 10 year olds have been banned from reading their Bibles at recess. (The school district claims recess is not "free time" but part of the instructional day.) The goals of the left have been achieved, students must now abandon their Christian beliefs as a prerequisite to receive an education. What started with the Courts controlling what the administers of tax payer dollars could to with the money for its beneficiaries, has evolved into what the beneficiaries of public funds must do in order to receive it. American children today must either be atheists or run the risk of being expelled from school and denied and education.

Liberals have used the same pattern of behavior to achieve the same goals in the public sector. What started as a few precedents regarding prayer at public events has grown into endless court cases ordering depictions of the 10 Commandments to be chipped off the walls of court houses and, as in Denver last year, the expulsion of groups saying "Merry Christmas" from the town's Christmas parade. The results have been the same as well. Where America was founded as a bastion of religious liberty, where all faiths were welcomed to worship without the worry of persecution, it has now evolved into a place where all religions are persecuted unless their adherents run around and act like they do not exist.

There are many other cases, but the pattern has been established. The left is using access to public funding as a lever to expel Christianity from our society. If even one cent of public funds is spent on anything, the left demands the recipients of that penny abandon their Christian faith and embrace their atheistic beliefs.

So what is next for the left? They have succeeded in purging Christianity from the schools and public events, but they are surely not content with just that. How will the left continue their work of the last 50 years into the next? Who is their next innocent victim who may have to abandon their souls as the price of financial support? What is their next target? It is the granddaddy government spending program of them all: Social Security.

In the next 50 years, it is entirely likely that retirees will be prevented from using the government funds provided through Social Security for any religious activity because it will be determined that such usage violates the separation of church and state.

It is unlikely that Social Security checks paid directly to individual retirees will be treated in this way, Social Security legislation clearly states that payments will be used for the personal use and benefit of retirees. That means you can use it however you want. However, there are other areas of the law where the free usages of Social Security funds are not as well defined, and existing legal precedents that are already on the books which could make it possible for the left to require retirees abandon their Christian faith as a requirement to receive nursing home care.

The first of these precedents is the "Olmstead Decision" of Olmstead v. L.C., 527 US 584 (1999), where the Supreme Court ruled that Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act requires states to place qualified retirees in community settings rather than large state institutions. Sounds good so far. Taking the elderly and disabled out of the austere setting of a large hospital and placing them in the small, friendly, and familiar setting of a residential care home.

It gets even better in light of the 1996 Welfare Reform Act which opened the door of faith based charities to receive government support to run their outreach programs. If retirees are being sent to small residential retirement homes, who would be better equipped to aid these people than the faith based groups who already have operations running in those areas? Folks can spend their twilight years in a comfortable setting, free from financial worry, and surrounded by the community of faith in which they spent their lives. But now the trouble begins. It seems like anywhere you have happiness and faith together, some liberal is soon to show up and try to ruin it.

The Supreme Court case Everson v. Ewing Township Board of Education (1947) states, "No tax in any amount, large or small, can be levied to support any religious activities or institution, whatever they may be called, or whatever they may adopt to teach or practice religion." This ruling has already been used by atheists in an attempt to halt the Charitable Choice programs and require many to go through the song and dance (and extra expense) of setting up two separate charities, one for the secular and one for the religious. However, many have been unable to afford this dichotomy and have been forced either out of the Charity Choice program, excluding thousands from the benefits of their charitable work, or abandoning the religious components of their efforts and reducing their effectiveness.

Now stir in a third element and the recipe of disaster is complete. In an effort to eliminate fraud and ensure the quality of care for retirees in nursing homes, the Social Security Protection Act of 2004 places strict penalties on any care facility of 15 people or more if they are determined to have "misused" the Social Security and Medicare money of their patients. And just what does "misused" mean? Who knows, the actual determination of the definition of "misuse" is left to the Commissioner of Social Security to be prescribed by regulation. So now a faceless bureaucrat has control over what can and cannot be done in nursing homes without any controls from our elected officials.

All it will take is one malcontent before one activist judge in one court case to order the Commissioner of Social Security to regulate the "misuse" of Social Security payments to include religious services, visits from clergy to the elderly, even the administration of the Anointing of the Sick, on nursing home property in the same way such activities are banned from the public schools.

No politician from either party would ever dream of such restrictions. But as the patterns of the past have shown, the opinions of our lawmakers and the general public, or the intent of the Framers of the Constitution, have little impact on the actions of the left or their activist cronies on the bench. And, as the patterns of the past show, nothing will stop the left from slowly building one precedent upon another until they pervert even the most well intentioned legislation to meet their ends of destroying traditional values and Christianity.

In the end, the left has removed Christianity from the lives of our children, they are attempting to remove it from the lives of adults in the public square, and soon they will seek to remove it from our retirement years. Christian persecution from cradle to grave is the means to their ultimate end of destroying Christianity in America. How can faith survive when over the course of your entire life you are told it is wrong to talk about it or share it with others? How can a society survive when its citizens must trade their core values for either an education in their youth or healthcare when they are old? It cannot. May God help us all.

© Justin Darr


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Justin Darr

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