Jordan Debbink
America's border and Americans speech: How the media and generations of Politicians have gotten them confused
By Jordan Debbink
November 16, 2015

Isn't it odd that illegal immigrants have come to have more rights than law-abiding Americans? Oh, sorry that was too harsh. Let me sensor my free speech so as to not offend any special interest groups. As of 2013, we are supposed to use the word "illegal only to refer to an action, not a person..."

So let me start again. Isn't it odd that immigrants, who migrated to America illegally, have come to have more rights than law-abiding Americans?

One of the greatest lies in politics is that America must allow every immigrant to live in America, regardless of how they first came here. Let's thank the immigration act of 1965 for this one. Now before the comments fly that I am race-baiting and xenophobic, let me say this. I find it very hard sometimes to not feel that we can do more for those who come to America seeking to have a better life. As a pundit, it's my job to view all sides of the issue before offering my opinions. I came from a different country though adoption. Mine was done safely and legally. I have relatives and friends who have come from other countries as well. They have done them legally as well. That being said, illegal immigrants are not off to a great start. The fact is that they broke a law to get into America. Yet, we reward their unlawful arrival with free housing, healthcare, and education for their children.

On the flipside, the more people that come into the US illegally, the more lawful Americans free speech is stifled. Christians aren't allowed to display Nativity scenes because it may frustrate Muslims, students are not allowed to wear shirts that display the American flag on Cinco de Mayo because it infringes on Mexican culture and law abiding citizens of some cities are forced to allow illegal immigrants with criminal backgrounds into their neighborhoods, unwatched. Yet immigrants who come to America unlawfully, are coddled and allowed to play the victim card. They are championed because some of them overcame great hardships to arrive here and they are excused of the laws they break. So as censorship of who comes across our borders goes down, censorship of our free speech rights go up.

The media and some politicians have seemingly confused the difference between the American border and American speech. They come down hard on the taxpayer for not wanting to pay for someone else's education and healthcare; especially someone who hasn't arrived here legally. The great irony is that many of the people who have immigrated to America illegally, don't actually agree that America is the greatest nation. And while America is a land of free speech and opinion, it is that specifically for its citizens. But no one is talking about this. Instead, we allow this anti-American propaganda to erode American exceptionalism. Answer me this, would this fly in England? France? Canada? What would happen if we began censoring the American border rather than free speech?

So how do we incentivize and make it easier for people to immigrate to America legally? My wish is that America continue to be a land of opportunities that can be fought for, not handed out.
  1. Stop glorifying illegal immigration. The fact that we offer incentives to those who come here illegal is juvenile at best. Most parents teach their children right from wrong and that they must face the consequences of doing wrong. This is to prepare them for adult hood, where if they choose to do wrong, the consequences are much more severe. American politicians have slowly declined this teaching opportunity over the past 2 decades. Stop glorifying illegal immigration!

  2. Law abiding Americans need to refuse to be stifled by special interest groups and the media. The terms illegal immigrant, Amnesty and alien are not the equivalent of the N-word. They are, in most situations, true. And when used in these situations, they are powerful antidotes to the victim card being played by the people in these situations.

  3. Realize what makes America exceptional and then promote that in immigration reform. There are countless examples of men and women who have come here legally and are now governors of states or CEO's of companies. They fought for their dreams, and they assimilated into the opportunities that America had to offer. Politicians need to proclaim more of these success stories. Not in an effort to shame those who have come here illegally, but to counteract our failure in allowing Amnesty a place at the discussion table. Furthermore, the media needs to cover this without opinion. Uphold your ethical code and report the facts.
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