Jordan Debbink
A case for a President Fiorina
By Jordan Debbink
December 23, 2015

In less than one month, America will host its first caucus for the 2016 presidential election. In a field that is littered with Senators and Governors, we the general public have been privy to the aspirations of a brain surgeon and 2 business CEO's as well. Over the span of several months, each candidate has had the ability to present their case to become leader of the free world. But none has risen as gracefully or intentionally as Carly Fiorina.

Former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina has proved an immovable force in this race. As the only female in a field of men, she has more to offer than any other candidate on stage. She stands apart as a leader because she has led.

In an interview with Katie Couric she made the following comment in regards to her takeaway from her 2010 Senate run, "I learned that a Republican can reach Democrats and Independents...and the ground game matters."

Carly Fiorina has overcome real life tragedy. As a former cancer survivor, she understands what it is like to face the unknown. She has taken it on and educated herself for when crisis arises again. Her ability to do this has prepared her for leading in a world of constant crisis. If that was not enough, Carly has had to bury a child. Something no one should have to do.... Yet out of it she refused to feel tragic beyond the reality of what had happened. Searching for the greater meaning and the opportunity to learn something from the tragedy, she vowed to be a part of the answer for a better tomorrow. This rings true in the nonprofit boards she sits on. (Good360, James Madison University, Opportunity International) Her faith in God's plan for everything and her conscience proves her a respectable candidate to lead the free world.

Mrs. Fiorina has fought for and achieved the status she holds due to her character. Starting as a management trainee at AT&T she worked her way up to the senior vice-president. Her successful management style offered her the opportunity to take on Lucent Tech. and Hewlett-Packard as the first female CEO of the later. Her tenacity for results and people skills helped her oversee large technology joint ventures and mergers. While many disparage her tenure at Hewlett Packard, Fiorina was responsible for doubling revenues and paten filings. Was she the best CEO in the world? No, but the merger of Compaq struggled almost entirely due to the economy. If anything, Fiorina's sound executive experience sets her far apart from the various doctors, career politicians and CEO's in this race. She owned the hard questions and the tough decisions she made.

Mrs. Fiorina has a desire to change the status quo and fight evil. Cliché as that sounds, we live in a world where the enemy of America has given themselves up to evil. She stated many times that our nation was in a crisis of security and character. With more foreign relations than any other candidate running, barring Hillary Clinton, she has a plan to make America secure again. She will stand with Israel, she will bolster our military (missile defense, exercises in the Baltic States, Sixth fleet) and she will strengthen our borders and reform our immigration system. She will enlist the private sector to enhance our healthcare systems and update government's technology knowledge. She will bring us back to zero based budgeting and a simplified tax code. She will be an advocate for mothers and the unborn. And she will advocate for Veteran affairs and foster care systems.

This is a woman who defies the elitist class in politics. She is not beholden to a voting record being an outsider, but has not varied on view points. She will continue fight for the restoration of the prosperity of America.

If you take anything away from this article do take this. Many people believe that because Mrs. Fiorina is down in the polls that we must adhere to wants of the majority. But there must never come a day when our conscience is pushed aside and we "bow down to the tyranny of a majority!"

A President Fiorina is a possibility and a reality we need. Don't be left out of history in the making!

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