Jordan Debbink
Secondhand presidents
By Jordan Debbink
November 15, 2016

(This is not a political endorsement of President-elect Trump, simply insight on how to view any being coming into the office of the POTUS.)

Xenophobic. Sexist. Nativist. These are all words that have defined the Trump presidential campaign.

Limited government. Tax cuts. Pro-Life. These are all words that were drowned out by the caterwaul the aforementioned words made.

Secondhand. Unworthy. Unforeseeable. These are all words that I've challenged myself to use when I dialogue about our president-elect.

For several months now, I have been toying with this idea of people being secondhand. This concept that even though something may appear to be used and produce a mephitic odor, it still has the opportunity to produce something positive.

As we journey into this new year it is clear America will need to watch its solecisms. We do need to unite behind the man many elected and work to ensure that he not necessarily pays for his past slanders and bigotry. NO, we need to instead recognize that he, like all of us, is secondhand in nature. We all start out striving to put good into the world. Some of us along the way get lost. But what matters the most is when we recognize our pre-loved state and seek the help and guidance we need in order to restore ourselves, our friend's faith in us, and our communities, we can make things good again.

There are many presentiment thoughts that I have about the future, but i also recognize that those have always been there; before and after every presidential election that I have voted in. 2008. 2012. 2016.

Let us abjure the ideal that our presidents are perfect and start coming to terms with the fact that they are secondhand. The pain and the sorrow will be far less if we do so. Anything that is second hand or broken still may have something productive left to give.

© Jordan Debbink


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