Jordan Debbink
Tulsi Gabbards: Icon to the Democrats or Right Wing extremist?
By Jordan Debbink
November 22, 2016

It was announced this week that U.S. Representative from Hawaii, Tulsi Gabbard was to meet with president-elect Donald Trump regarding several cabinet positions that have been under scrutiny from the public.

Tulsi, a current member of the Hawaii National Guard, comes as a fresh face to many living in the mainland of America. But to Democrats, she is something of an Icon. Her credentials range from successful tenures on the Hawaii House of Representatives, Honolulu City Council, and the U.S. House. During each of these time frames, she was a champion for causes that were immediate to her serving on U.S. House committees like Foreign Affairs. She also served as the Vice-Chair of the DNC prior to resigning to endorse Bernie Sanders.

But is there more to this young, ambitious woman than meets the eye? One would argue yes.

Gabbard previously was a strong opponent of equal rights for gay men and women. She went so far as to protest a bill that would advocate for civil unions in Hawaii. This fervent stance only shifted when she ran for the U.S. House.

Gabbard additionally is a Hindu. While i don't believe this had any real effect on her ability to govern effectively, she has been a vocal supporter of Narendra Modi the current Prime Minister of India. Modi is well recognized as having ultra-right wing views.

These puzzling stances lead many to question her validity as a democrat. Her stances are varied and seem opportunistic. Even this recent meeting with the president-elect conjures up many a thought on her noticeable political aspirations.

Regardless of what decisions are made, Gabbard will continue to have a vibrant political career. A thought though is that perhaps more time should be spent on reviewing her fundamental beliefs so that they are the constant of any endeavor she tackles. None the less, women everywhere should take note of her candidacy and tenures in public office.

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