Jordan Debbink
RGA ready for two more female governors
By Jordan Debbink
December 16, 2016

In an arena primarily dominated by men, todays governors seem to be stacked with one white male after another. With 31 states leaning conservative, only 4 of them in the last 6 years have been run by women. Now as the nation seeks to enter 2017 with a new presidential administration, several of these governors are being recruited for high level appointments and cabinet positions.

This paves the way for a fresh face to take on the State of Iowa. Terry Brandstad was recently picked by the Trump administration to be the Ambassador to China. With this nomination and inevitable Senate confirmation at hand, this leaves the door open for his Lt. Governor, Kim Reynolds to take on the full gubernatorial authority of the state of Iowa. Having served as Lt. Governor since 2011, she has had the privilege of being led and prepped for the governorship by her successor. Her visibility as the co-chair of many committees proves not only her inevitable transition to executor of the state, but her competency and respect to do so. But this respect is not only regarding in the homeland, but abroad as well. Reynolds has led trade mission to China, Germany, South Korea, Vietnam, the Philippines and Thailand in hopes to encourage foreign investment in Iowa. She will join the ranks of other female governors like Nikki Haley, Mary Fallin and Susanna Martinez, who were the first female governors of their states respectively.

A few states over, another fresh face returns to her home roots and announces an election bid to become the first female governor of South Dakota. Kristi Noem, a 3 term US House Rep, announced that after inspiring change and hope for farmers and ranchers in her home state, in Washington, she would return and fight to lead. Previously serving 4 years as a state rep. and rising to the position of assistant majority leader, she is respected as a tough and conversant legislator. Following this she ran against a female incumbent from the Democratic Party to win a seat in the US House of Reps. During her time in the House, she sponsored farm bill legislation, human trafficking bills, voted against Obamacare and has focused her efforts on energy and the environment. In 2013, she was named in by Newsmax as one of the 25 most influential GOP women.

A lot can be said about the conservative movement when it comes to their stance on social issues and how they are perceived to cripple women. But the status of these two women alone, show that America is made up of more substance than either party gives each other credit for. We are a nation of dreamers. We experiment and we thrive. Iowa and South Dakota are proof of this visionary mentality.

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