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Think locally, act locally!
Fifth in our Training Webinar series
By Tom DeWeese
October 13, 2020

Here is the fifth addition in APC’s Local Activist Training Webinars. This week features two very successful local activists, Kat Stansell of Virginia and Judy Spady of Colorado.

In the early webinar sessions we’ve been giving you basic building blocks on how to get started. The goal is to help you become an activist and build an effective local organization to help you take a stand right there in your own neighborhood.

Now, with this fifth installment, I’m bringing you two activists who have been on the front lines experiencing it all, and they openly share what they’ve learned. So, I invite you to take the next two hours to listen and learn from veterans who know how to deal with everything you are about to face once you have taken those first tentative steps into the activist arena.

We will discuss:

  • How to focus on what you are fighting FOR – rather than against.

  • How to get your issue on the agenda of your local city council meeting.

  • Why you must show up.

  • Tips on how to research.

  • How to deal with facilitated meetings.

And much more…

This will be the last training webinar until after the election. Then we will begin again when we know exactly who wins and what we will then be facing. There’s much more to come! But now is the time to begin to lay the groundwork, network, and find some allies who may join you. Judy and Kat will give you some valuable pointers to get started!

Later in the series we will begin to answer your questions. If there are some questions that we haven’t answered in this series of webinars or in our new Activist Handbook, please send them to us.

I hope you are finding this training series useful. The goal is to build a powerful force for taking America back!


Tom DeWeese


Webinar #5

Think Locally, Act Locally!

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There is a determined force in the world dedicated to an agenda designed to “reorganize human society.” To achieve that agenda they are on a drive to change our American economic system, abolish private property, and change our system of representative government.

Most importantly, they have focused on making those changes primarily through control of government on the local and state levels. They have trained a cadre of activists to present and promote legislative programs that are backed by various funding programs to entice local representatives to enact their agenda. That’s why it’s at the local and state levels where we must make our stand to stop them.

The goal is to take a stand to promote and defend the three main principles of freedom including free enterprise, private property, and limited government intrusion in our lives. Specifically taking direct action in your own community, thereby establishing it as a pocket of freedom or a “Freedom Pod.” This becomes a shining example to then pass to the next community, and the next, creating a freedom movement. This manual is designed to provide the tools and training necessary to accomplish that goal.


In the Activist's Handbook:

  • How to take the offensive and control the action.

  • How to research and expose the Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs) and planners that influence city policy.

  • Documents that provide comprehensive background information on the origins, supporters, and details of the policies we face.

  • How to organize on the local level.

  • How to network with other activists and build your movement.

  • How to get media attention, using social media, and writing effective letters to the editor.

  • Legal Action/ Making Representatives personally responsible for their actions.

  • Legislative Action/ the Five Bill Package and how to use it.

In the Activist Tool Kit:

In addition to the Activists Workbook, APC has created the Tool Kit, located on the APC website. Here you will find

  • Many more documents to aid your research on dangerous planning policies

  • Important forms and background materials on how to file the Civil Rights Act, Section 1983 claims

  • Videos of major movement leaders that can be used for group programs

  • Recordings from the APC local activist training webinar series. These can be used to create your own training program.

In addition, the Tool Kit will be updated anytime we receive new documents or tactics for fighting back. That way it will always be fresh and up to date – a constant, reliable tool for on-going training!


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