Tony DiPasquale
June 20, 2005
Why America will become a socialist nation
By Tony DiPasquale

Several years ago, while living in New York, a friend from church told me an interesting story from her childhood in Cuba. As her story goes, a grade school teacher told the class to put their heads down and pray to God for candy. As expected, the children immediately lowered their heads in hopes of the sweet treats that would follow. Of course, when they raised their head they did so in disappointment, seeing no candy lying before them. At this point the teacher told the students to again lower their heads, but this time to ask Fidel Castro for candy. Surprise, surprise, when the kids lifted their heads they found candy in front of each of them.

So what is the purpose of this story, to tell you that Fidel has a "sweet" spot in his heart for children? Certainly not! But is this not similar to the action the Democrats are perpetrating upon the American people? Constantly we are told by Democrats to put our faith in them (by this they mean vote) and in return they will give us the "candy" of socialized medicine, security in retirement, and any other program that will leave us dependent upon government.

Even the late Norman Thomas, who was elated when he saw FDR embrace and even introduce many of the policies he had advocated in his run for President under the Socialist Party banner, was aware of the transformation of the Democrat Party. In fact he has been quoted as saying:

    "The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. But, under the name of 'liberalism,' they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program, until one day America will be a socialist nation, without knowing how it happened." Norman Thomas, former U.S. Socialist Presidential Candidate

Well Norman had it mostly right. The exception is that it no longer requires liberalism to push forth the socialist agenda in this country. Today both parties are embracing this failed form of governance. The biggest difference today is that the Democrat Party is striving for these goals at break-neck speed while the Republicans choose a more incremental approach.

But can we truly put the blame only on the politicians? To do so would insinuate that we are having these ideals forced upon us. This clearly is not the case. For virtually every socialist-style, big government program put forth by Democrats there is a corresponding one made by Republicans. While the Democrats were fighting for universal health care, the Republicans were striving for a means of wealth redistribution cleverly disguised as the "faith-based" initiative. Now do not misunderstand me, I am fully in favor of religious groups helping the community. What I am opposed to is having them become another group that will subsequently lobby to put the government's paws inside our pockets. This says nothing of what the implications upon our churches could be. Remember, those who dish out the funds have control over the recipient.

And who can forget the prescription drug program given to us by the Republicans? Sure, they will defend it by saying that they were either "taking the issue away" from the Democrats or that it was smaller in scope then what the Democrats would have given us. Tell me again which party is in power? Why do Republicans always act as though they are David fighting Goliath when it comes to the Democrats and their policies? It is as if anything short of a complete Democrat victory should be applauded.

The sad truth is that politicians know that these programs buy them votes, both democrat and republican votes. Just look at the American people's unwillingness to accept responsibility for their own retirement. Rather than choosing to be the stewards of their own destiny they will do virtually anything to "save" the ponzi scheme known as Social Security. Until we, the people of the United States, can forego are own personal favorite programs how can we expect other programs to be cut back or eliminated?

Gone are the days when being an American meant individual responsibility. In fact, we have politicians today, such as Ted Kennedy, calling for a "war against individualism" and Hillary Clinton, telling us that "we must stop thinking of the individual." If we forego the individual then we are left with the "collective." Karl Marx would be proud of what we are becoming.

The only hope we have of stopping this juggernaut and returning to the freedom on which this country was founded is by educating others, demanding it from our representatives, and most importantly teaching it to our young. People claim they want freedom, yet are unwilling to accept the responsibility that comes with it.

© Tony DiPasquale


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Tony DiPasquale

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