Vincent Fiore
October 12, 2004
Of Democrats and voter fraud
By Vincent Fiore

The country is gearing up for the very real possibility of the 2000 election fiasco replaying itself, but even worse. In that election between than-Governor George W. Bush and Vice President Al Gore, what followed was 36 days of numerous court challenges, sensationalized rhetoric, and a weakening of the political process under the over-simplified and misleading mantra of "count every vote" regardless of circumstance.

By circumstance, I mean laws. The outlook of the two major political parties concerning elections and votes falls into two vastly different political ideologies.

Democrats, for the most part, feel that every vote should be counted, as anything less would be a theft of someone's civil rights. The "law" has become an afterthought if not always in application, then certainly in spirit.

Republicans, by and large, want every vote counted as well, but within the law, as voting is considered a privilege as well as a legal right.

Both are compelling arguments that are presented before the public for due consideration.

However, one is built upon the foundations of a representative Republic, while the other has become sophistry built upon the pillars of imagined disenfranchisement and a haughty expectancy.

In this year's presidential election, I see much that leads me to the conclusion that the Democratic Party has given up on trying to win elections within the purview of the law.

The nation is decidedly polarized when it comes to the two main political parties. Some call it partisanship. I call it natural, as rooting for one's candidate is as old as politics itself.

But in regards to the rule of law which we all live under in this case voter registration law vestiges of the Democratic devotee and the party machinery itself seem more than willing to flout these laws nationwide, and brazenly so.

Examples of an impending Election Day train wreck abound some twenty odd days out from November 2, that train being run by the party out of power.

In Reading, Pennsylvania, Director of Elections V. Kurt Bellman told the Board of Elections this week that there have been flagrant attempts at voter registration fraud.

"It's absolutely out of hand," Bellman said. "Not only do we have unintentional duplication of voter registrations but we have blatant duplicate voter registrations."

Groups like the Association Communication Organization for Reform Now (ACORN), and the Citizens for Consumer Justice are both well connected to the Democratic Party and its agenda. ACORN claim's to have registered over 70,000 new voters in Pennsylvania this year. (

Ohio is also investigating possible voter fraud in Hamilton County and Columbus. Again, the party to alleged fraud is ACORN. While the numbers to date of possible voter fraud are so far small, 19 registrations, the possibilities for many more are enormous. ACORN has registered over 1 million new voters nationwide, including some 158,000 in Ohio alone. (

In St. Paul, Minnesota, a man who was pulled over by police was found to have some 300 voter registration cards in the trunk of his car that had been filled out, but never submitted.

Once again, the liberal group ACORN is under suspicion. Since last fall, this group has claimed to have registered more than 36,000 new voters to the rolls of Minnesota. (

In Florida, investigators are now looking into widespread voter fraud in Miami-Dade, Duval, Monroe, Leon, Hillsborough and Pinellas counties. This from the Palm Beach Post: "Third-party groups, including tax-exempt organizations known as 527s that engage in political activity, have been conducting voter mobilization drives in an attempt to persuade new or apathetic voters to turn out in support of their causes mostly Democratic on Nov. 2."

Not surprisingly, ACORN, as well as the 527 group Americans Coming Together, or ACT, is at the center of attention. These two groups alone have signed up an estimated 170,000 new voters in Florida. (

In 2000, the most visible women besides then-Florida secretary of state Katherine Harris was Palm Beach County's one-time elections supervisor and butterfly ballot architect, Theresa LePore. Recently, she decided to accept 550 applications on behalf of a group of Muslims determined to oust President Bush. It made little difference that the deadline for registration had come and gone. (

There are numerous other examples of potential, and real, voter fraud springing up around the country, all, naturally, in key battleground states.

Out of the top ten 527 groups, only the Club For Growth is a Republican oriented group, which to date has generated some seven million dollars towards campaign activities, including voter registration. To date, the Democratic 527's have raised over 148 million dollars, and have become "The" force behind defeating George W. Bush.

From what I have seen during the course of this campaign, I have little faith in the election process these days. It seems that the "anybody but Bush" Democrats will stack the voter rolls with anyone they can, as often as they can. They are not only embittered over Al Gore's defeat in 2000, but manifestly desperate within Washington, as they are unable to control the political compass. They are suffering from a withdrawal of power, plain and simple.

If you thought 2000 was chaotic, strap-in for 2004. Between the George Soroses of the world, 527 groups, an army of literally thousands of lawyers retained by the DNC, and an ever-helpful media that dutifully "transcribes" the Kerry/Edwards message, I fear that there will be no clear-cut election result come November 2.

The Democratic Party and all its surrogates will just not allow it. For if Democrats lose, what may follow is a social upheaval that will threaten to debilitate the way America conducts the business of electing its chosen representatives. The "peaceful transfer of power" that once distinguished this country from all others may well become a thing of the past.

This may seem alarmist to some, and harsh to others. Yet, I have never seen such disregard and utter contempt for the current occupant of the White House. I can only wonder what will happen if he gets four more years.

© Vincent Fiore


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Vincent Fiore

Vincent Fiore is a freelance political writer based in New York. His commentary has been posted over numerous Web sites and publications around the world. Your comments are always welcomed.

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