Bryan Fischer
February 7, 2007
Society must choose: Homosexuality or Judeo-Christian tradition
By Bryan Fischer

Despite the claims of secularists to be all about tolerance, the sad reality is that once homosexual behavior receives any kind of legal endorsement through public policies, such policies are quickly used to silence, repress, intimidate, and punish those who affirm the Judeo-Christian tradition and what it teaches about human sexuality.

It is simply impossible for a society to embrace both legal approval of homosexuality and the Judeo-Christian tradition. And the more a culture publicly affirms the normality of gay sex, the more it will have to punish those who disagree.

This is why we must oppose discrimination policies that specifically give special protections on the basis of sexual orientation, and why we must oppose "hate crimes" laws.

Here are some recent news flashes from the frontlines of the culture war:

  • A conservative evangelical Christian college in Michigan is being sued by a faculty member the college is trying to fire. The faculty member, married and the father of three children, is now claiming he is a woman, which is why the college has decided to terminate his employment. The faculty member has filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and will file a federal lawsuit if he does not prevail with the EEOC. He has been cross-dressing on campus since 2005. The college believes in the Judeo-Christian tradition's teaching that God has created just two genders, male and female, and has made no mistakes in the gender assignments each of us receives in the womb.

  • Catholic adoption agencies in England have been told that they must adopt children into homosexual households, on the basis of the new "Equality Act" that bars discrimination against gays. A similar law in Massachusetts forced Catholic Charities there to go out of the adoption business altogether, since conscience would not allow them to place children in suboptimal nurturing environments.

  • A Christian pastor in Sweden was convicted under hate speech laws for declaring that homosexuality is a "cancerous tumor on all of society." He was barely spared imprisonment by the country's Supreme Court.

  • The Knights of Columbus in British Columbia were taken before a Human Rights Tribunal for refusing to rent a hall to a lesbian couple for a "wedding" reception. They were forced to pay each woman $1,000 for offending their "dignity, feelings, and self-respect."

  • An evangelical Christian teacher, also in British Columbia, was suspended for three months from his teaching position for writing letters to the local newspaper opposing gay rights.

  • In 2005, a British bank forced an evangelical Christian group to close its account after its leaders publicly criticized homosexuality.

  • In 2005, an insurance agent in America was fired after posting his opposition to the normalization of homosexuality on the internet.

  • Last August, the Minneapolis police department suspended a police psychologist solely because he is affiliated with Focus on the Family, which promotes family values and opposes the normalization of homosexuality.

  • Two Pennsylvania grandmothers are facing 47 years in jail for spreading the gospel because of a state "hate crimes" law that is nearly identical to a federal hate crimes law that was re-introduced in Congress in January.

  • Pastors in Pennsylvania are now seeking liability insurance to protect themselves from prosecution under the "hate speech" law, which includes penalties for "harassment by communication," meaning they could be prosecuted for spoken words alone.

  • A pastor in Canada, who handed out leaflets to protest a school's decision to distribute copies of the Koran and set aside a room for Muslim students to pray during schools hours (a luxury not provided to Christian, Jewish, or Buddhist students), was convicted of having "willfully promoted hatred," placed on two years probation, and ordered to serve 340 hours of "community service" at the Islamic Society of North America, where he was forced to undergo Islamic "re-education." When he entered court for his trial, a large crowd of Muslims chanted "Infidels, you will burn in hell," but evidently that is not considered hate speech under current Canadian law.

Make no mistake, my friends. What is at stake in our battle against political correctness and the homosexual agenda in particular is nothing less than freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of conscience, and freedom of association.

Christians who want the freedom to continue to proclaim the gospel itself cannot afford any longer to remain silent, or to stay out of the battle, hoping that it will not come near them. It is futile for the Christian church in American to avoid public policy matters because they don't think the church should "be involved in politics," or in the vain hope that they will escape because all they want to do is "preach the gospel." That very freedom is increasingly jeopardized with every advance of the homosexual agenda.

© Bryan Fischer


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