Bryan Fischer
May 17, 2007
What Congress can and should say on immigration
By Bryan Fischer

As the U.S. Senate works feverishly to cobble together a "comprehensive" bill on immigration reform, here are some suggestions for Congressmen regarding what they can and should say on the topic of illegal immigration.

  1. "Our first priority is to secure our borders. There are a lot of things the federal government does that it has no constitutional authority to do, but the Constitution does direct Congress (in Article 1, Sec. 8) 'To provide for the common defense,' 'To regulate Commerce with foreign Nations' and 'To establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization.'"

  2. "There is an urgent need to secure our borders because illegal immigration is taking jobs from American citizens, driving down wages for American workers, represents a threat to national security (terrorists take advantage of lax border control), a threat to our domestic tranquility and safety (e.g., due to crimes committed by illegals, the number of traffic deaths of American citizens caused by illegals driving under the influence, and the rising problem of illegal immigrant gangs), a threat to our national health (illegals are not screened for infectious diseases), a threat to our battle to keep our culture drug free (porous borders are allowing the massive importation of illegal drugs), and places an intolerable tax burden on American families (in medical, welfare, law enforcement, and education costs)."

  3. "When we talk about the need for compassion, we should also include the question of how compassionate it is to our own citizens to allow porous borders to dry up jobs, lower wages, endanger the security, safety, and health of their families, and force them to subsidize the costs of providing social benefits to those who have no legal right to be in this country."

  4. "Also, lax border security shows no compassion toward legal immigrants, who have played by the rules and are in this country legally. Illegals often take jobs from them, and the presence of so many illegals in this country unfortunately but naturally causes American citizens to have questions about the status of every immigrant. That's unfair to legal immigrants, and that's not the fault of American citizens, it is the fault of the federal government for allowing so much illegal immigration in the first place."

  5. "We must secure the border first, before we decide what to do with the 12-15 million illegals already in the country. Too many are deported, only to re-enter across our borders to commit further crimes and further drain taxpayer resources. It's no use deporting them unless we can be assured they won't be able to come right back."

  6. "It's not realistic to think that we can find and deport all 12-15 million illegal aliens, a problem our federal government has created by not controlling our borders for so long. What we can do is deport illegals the very first time they come to the attention of law enforcement for any reason, including applying for taxpayer-funded benefits. If we have secured our borders, we can be reasonably sure they won't be able to re-enter. We will show compassion for them by, for instance, giving them taxpayer-funded emergency medical care, and then by bearing the cost of sending their families back home with them in order to preserve their families intact. In this way, we will remove many illegal immigrants from our midst especially troublemakers -, and at least give the rest an incentive to obey our laws and avoid applying for government assistance."

  7. To the agriculture industry: "What we cannot promise you is more migrant farm labor in fact, the chances are good that you will have to make do with less while we concentrate on securing our borders. This will tax your creativity and ingenuity, but Americans have risen to such challenges in the past, and I believe they can do so again. What I promise to do is to be your champion in Washington to enable you to compete on a level playing field, by working to lower your taxes, remove tariff inequities, and eliminate regulations that raise your cost of doing business. Let me know what you need in the way of tariff and regulatory relief, and I will do everything in my power to create the maximum possibility for your business to succeed in a global market."

  8. "We might be able to find a way in the future to increase legal immigration for seasonal workers, but only after we have secured our borders. Such temporary legal immigration would only be available to those who apply for it in their home countries otherwise, it's just a form of amnesty that rewards those who have broken our immigration laws -, and only after we have found a way to ensure that they are returned home after their work is done. Many of the 9/11 hijackers were in the U.S. on expired visas. We can't risk our national security on temporary workers until we have found a way to monitor them while they are here and make sure that they are returned to their homeland when their visas expire."

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