Bryan Fischer
Props to Pastor Warren for praying in the name of Jesus
By Bryan Fischer
January 20, 2009

As the Supreme Court said in 1892, "This is a Christian nation." Props to Pastor Rick Warren for conducting his inaugural invocation in the name of Jesus, as his rabbi instructed him to.

In fact, Warren spoke his name in four different languages Hebrew, Arabic, Spanish and English thus driving the point home.

However, I must admit the inclusion of Jesus' name in Arabic ("Isa," the name of Jesus as it appears in the Koran) seems to be a politically correct concession to Islam since, according to the U.S. Census, just 615,000 Americans speak Arabic.

Warren also prayed, "I humbly ask this in the name of the one who changed my life," which, while certainly accurate, seems to diminish the stature of Christ by identifying him only as someone who has made a difference in his personal life rather than someone who claimed in his incarnation to be the Lord of time and eternity.

As I listened to Pastor Warren's invocation and Rev. Lowery's benediction, I could not help thinking what I often do when I listen to public prayers. Public prayer should be addressed to God, with the hope that men may be listening and adding their "Amen." Too often, however, public prayers seem to be addressed to men, with the hope that God is listening and adding his "Amen."

After all, God hardly needs Pastor Warren to remind him of the name of his own Son, and Rev. Lowery's prayer seemed to be much more of a speech than a prayer, particularly when it veered into support for illegal immigration ("when brown can stick around") and took a racist and insulting tone at the end ("when white will embrace what is right").

Transcript of Rick Warren's Inaugural Invocation

Rev. Lowery Inauguration benediction. Transcript


The presidential oath was botched both by President Obama and Chief Justice Roberts, making it perhaps the clumsiest swearing-in in American history.

Mr. Obama knocked the Chief Justice off-stride when he spoke over him at the very beginning. Mr. Obama repeated his name before Justice Roberts had finished the opening phrase, which was to include "do solemnly swear."

This forced Mr. Obama to repeat his name twice, which knocked the Chief Justice off-balance, as he then botched the next part of the oath, which is prescribed word-for-word in the Constitution.

The Chief Justice forgot the word "faithfully," in the phrase "faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States," tacking it on at the end instead of saying it at the beginning where it belongs, and also said "the President to the United States" instead of "President of the United States."

This naturally confused Mr. Obama, who can hardly be blamed for clutching on the oath when the Chief Justice gets it mixed up. Obama & Chief Justice Flub Oath of Office

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