Bryan Fischer
Gay Gestapo hunts pro-family family counselors in California
By Bryan Fischer
March 11, 2010

The Gay Gestapo is now bullying pro-family members of the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (CAMFT), according to communication I received from a conscience-and values-driven therapist in the Golden State.

First, CAMFT signed an amicus brief in the Prop 8 trial, committing the resources of the organization to the view that same-sex marriage is a right and opposition to it invidious discrimination. This obviously tramples on the rights of the many members of CAMFT who believe in the time-honored view that natural marriage should be protected in law and honored in counseling practice.

If that wasn't enough, the executive director of CAMFT has banned, since May of 2009, all articles published in the organization's magazine that defend traditional marriage, labeling them "homophobic."

Worse, some CAMFT attorneys are telling therapists who are defenders of natural marriage that they no longer have the right even to refer out same-sex couples who are requesting couples therapy. This is despite the fact that referring out due to ethical conflicts has long been standard therapeutic practice.

This, of course, tramples on the religious liberties of therapists who have deeply held religious convictions that preclude them from helping same-sex couples improve their non-normative relationships.

And last but hardly least, the homosexual lobby within CAMFT is now pressing the organization to declare that any therapies that seek to help clients with unwanted same-sex attractions are unethical.

This, of course, will force therapists to offer only gay-affirming therapies (or face professional and possibly career-ending censure) and will strand those who would like to pursue change-oriented therapies without professional help.

Helping folks who want to leave the homosexual lifestyle will have to be done outside of a therapist's license, or therapists will have to go underground, which my source tells me many have already done.

The CAMFT board is expected to vote on this last issue — the proposal to declare change-oriented therapies unethical — within the next couple of months. If the bullying and intimidation continues, another huge step in normalizing deviant sexual behavior will have been taken.

A small group of CAMFT members have started a group in response to this latest version of the Spanish Inquisition, called California Therapists Embracing Religious Freedom. You can find them on Facebook at "Therapists Embracing Religious Freedom."

They're outnumbered and have become the target of the kind of relentless hostility that, according to PC codes, is only supposed to exist on the right.

So, as we have often observed, the intolerant bullies, the ones who want to force their values down our throats, turn out to be the ones who claim to be veritable paragons of tolerance and compassion. it's David versus Goliath in California, and I'm pulling and praying for David.

© Bryan Fischer


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