Bryan Fischer
4:07 p.m., March 21, 2010: The moment we lost the United States of America
By Bryan Fischer
March 21, 2010

Rep. Bart Stupak will go down in history as a man who will live in infamy. And March 21, 2010 will go down in history likewise as a day that will live in infamy.

It is a rare thing when a nation can point to one specific moment in time in which its tragic destiny was sealed. That moment came today at 4:07 Eastern time.

For at 4:07 p.m. on March 21, 2010, Bart Stupak announced that his pro-life convictions had collapsed like a cheap tent in a slight breeze. As a result, the America we knew and loved is gone, gone, gone.

The government takeover of health care is now complete, and the American people will always have either a hopelessly weak or tragically naive Bart Stupak to thank. He went from being a pro-life hero to whom the unborn owed an un-repayable debt to a permanent, lifelong pro-abortion goat in a nanosecond.

Stupak is placing his hope on the slenderest of reeds, a promise from President Obama. Worse, it is a promise that, even if fulfilled, has no force of law and is a worthless gesture.

The president intends to issue an Executive Order to prevent taxpayer funding for abortions.

But this executive order is an utterly meaningless document, and Rep. Stupak knows this. He is either lying to himself or to the American people when he intimates anything different.

Taxpayer funding for abortions is in the Senate bill, and it will become the law of the land the moment the president signs it. An executive order cannot overturn a federal law. Otherwise, what would you need a Congress for?

Confirmation that this is a completely meaningless gesture on the president's part is the deafening silence you are hearing from pro-abortion activists and organizations. They howled and moaned when Rep. Stupak huddled with Speaker Pelosi on Friday, for fear that some meaningful changes to the legislation were being cooked up.

But today's announcement was greeted with a collective yawn from NARAL, Planned Parenthood and the like. They know that it doesn't change anything. And if Bart Stupak doesn't know it too, he does not belong in any position of leadership in the United States.

Millions of additional unborn babies will now be hacked to pieces in coming years, and the blood of those babies will be on the hands of every taxpayer in America, who will now be forced to pay for this genocide out of their own pockets. And for that we will have Bart Stupak to thank.

As Shakespeare observed, the tides of fortune bring men to crises of momentous importance. Those who seize the moment and act with courage and conviction leave a heroic imprint on history and merit lasting honor. Those who fail in that moment earn the lasting scorn of all men of character and justice. Rep. Bart Stupak has earned and deserves the lasting scorn of all men of good will for all time.

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