Bryan Fischer
Hey Libs: listen to yourselves: beheadings are your fault
By Bryan Fischer
April 5, 2011

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Who is to blame for the deaths of the innocents in Afghanistan over the weekend, including the beheading of two UN soldiers from Nepal?

Well, if we take the liberals at their word, they are.

First, who are the ones who have been telling us ad nauseum that it's perfectly okay to desecrate symbols that are considered holy by people of faith? Who is that constantly bleats that people who have a problem with a crucifix is dipped in urine, or buffalo dung spattered on a portrait of the mother of Jesus, should just get over it, get a thicker skin, and stop living in the Dark Ages?

Why, that would be liberals of course. Pastor Terry Jones is the veritable poster child of the liberal view of free speech. Why, he showed those poor benighted religious conservatives over there in the Muslim world what's what, didn't he? You betcha! He showed those cretinous Neanderthals that it's time to get over their sensitivity to their holy objects. Why he's our hero, the left ought to say, the paladin of the First Amendment! Liberals ought to be nominating him for the ACLU's freedom of speech award for 2011.

Conservatives, it should be noted, observe that Christians didn't go around beheading people after the crucifix was dipped in urine, while people lost their heads after Muslims lost their minds over the burning of a Koran. What does that tell you? It tells the neutral observer that Christianity is a religion of peace and that Islam is not.

The fact that everybody now is saying that Pastor Jones should have known the reaction his actions would generate is simply proof of our point, that Islam is an evil, wicked religion. And people know it! They betray their knowledge of that awkward truth when they say that the reactions of Muslims in Afghanistan were perfectly predictable. They seem blissfully unaware of the condemnation they have just pronounced on the religion of Islam. It is, even liberals admit, a religion of death, darkness, war and violence.

And while conservatives blame, you know, actual perpetrators for their crimes, meaning we don't blame Pastor Jones, we blame the Muslims who go around cutting heads off people, liberals don't. They blame incendiary rhetoric. They couldn't wait, for example, to start pinning Gabrielle Giffords' shooting on right-wing rhetoric, even though the shooter turned out to be a flaming liberal.

But who are the ones who in other settings elevate incendiary rhetoric to an elevated status under the shield of the First Amendment? Who are the ones who protect flag burning, for example, as the ultimate expression of constitutional freedom? Who are the ones, if their own words are to be believed, are telling Pastor Jones to flame on? Why, that would be liberals!

So in the twisted, distorted and thoroughly nonsensical world view of liberals, Terry Jones is the goat while at the same being the hero.

So taking them at their own words, they have urged Terry Jones to exercise his First Amendment liberty by freely insulting people of faith. And since in their labyrinthine minds, irresponsible rhetoric is to blame for the misdeeds of others, they're to blame for Terry Jones. They egged him on. And so it's their fault that he did this thing, and it's their fault that innocent people have died in Aghanistan as a result.

Liberals: you want to know who's at fault for the beheadings in Afghanistan? Just listen to yourselves. You are.

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