Bryan Fischer
I welcome the Democrats to the "Support Capital Punishment" Club
By Bryan Fischer
May 3, 2011

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Well, a mass murderer has been executed by getting half of his face blown off, and 21 civilians were killed in the same raid, including one of the man's wives he was using as a shield.

And the Democrats are giddy with excitement.

They cannot stop congratulating themselves and President Obama for directing the double-tap-to-the-head operation that left Osama bin Laden's compound covered in blood. The Democrats love it!

The president said, of this execution style slaying, "Justice has been done." And Democrats gleefully cheer in wholehearted agreement.

They seem oblivious to what they have done here. They have, by the words that have come from their own mouths, applauded the use of the death penalty — by firing squad, no less — as an instrument of justice.

Welcome, welcome, I say to the world of conservative principle. What took you so long?

The Democrats cannot say enough wonderful things about the leadership and resolve of our commander in chief, who also could not say enough wonderful things about our commander in chief in his address to the nation on Sunday night.

Running through the entire thesaurus of first person pronouns — I, me, my, mine — he spoke as if he himself had pulled the trigger. He couldn't stop talking about how he had made the decision, he had organized the team, he had reviewed the intelligence, he had issued the directive. This operation, he made clear to the Muslim world, was his doing.

What Obama has failed to realize is that he has proudly proclaimed that he is the infidel and Muslim apostate who took out the lion of Islam. Apparently heedless of what he was doing, he has just invited all the vitriol, hatred and animosity of the entire Muslim world down upon his own head.

He had no interest in sharing with President Bush any of the responsibility for Osama getting his head blown off and his body dumped unceremoniously in the deep blue sea. Nope, he was intent on taking 100% of the credit.

Well, Muslim world, there you have it. The president of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama, by the words he himself has spoken, has now made himself your enemy number one. President Obama, in the eyes of the Muslim world, is now no longer commander in chief. He is now the crusader in chief.

President Obama thought Gitmo was the chief recruiting tool for al-Qaida. He ain't seen nothing yet. He himself is now the chief recruiting tool for al-Qaida.

Headlines this morning are indicating that the bloom is already coming off the rose. The bounce from Osama's execution has barely lasted 24 hours. The headline on Drudge: "bin Laden euphoria fades."

I expect that soon I will be in the bizarre and unforeseen place of vigorously defending the crusader in chief for his actions of this past weekend. I support what he did 100%. I support the use of elite Delta Force, Navy SEALs type teams to go in and get the Muslims that are killing Americans and do exactly what the president ordered them to do here — execute the bad guys to put them out of our misery and then come on back home.

But my prediction is that it won't be long before we will hear a chorus of angst-ridden criticism coming from the far left. After all, this is not how the war on terror is supposed to be fought. We're supposed to think of terrorists as poverty-plagued, misunderstood criminals rather than enemy combatants. The president and Eric Holder told us much. Terrorists are supposed to be taken into custody, read their rights, and given a fair trial before a civilian judge and jury.

But bin Laden was not Mirandized, he was not given a lawyer or his day in court. He was given a bullet in the brain, along with a whole batch of civilians who made the mistake of hanging around a man with a $27 million bounty on his head. How long before the so-called "human" rights groups start loudly objecting to what has been done here in the name of America?

If the euphoria is fading as quickly as Drudge indicates, it will not be long.

Mr. Obama, stand tall, stand strong, and don't let the nattering nabobs on the left bully you for acting like that cowboy Bush. You did what was right in a time of war, even if you had to compromise every principle you said you stood for when you entered office. I will defend you against your own self on this one.

Rest assured, Mr. President, I will be here to defend your decisions on Sunday long after your friends on the left have turned on you. I've got your back on this one, Mr. President.

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© Bryan Fischer


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