Pete Fisher
April 12, 2006
With liberty and justice for all -- except citizens
By Pete Fisher

It makes no sense to most Americans. Recent polls have shown that only 20% of Americans want amnesty for illegal aliens. This is a great example for Democracy and proper representation in Washington for the American people. Listen to what we want, and completely dismiss our desires.

The argument has gone in so many directions, but it is so blatantly obvious to most Americans that politicians are pandering for votes at the expense of our legal system and the inalienable rights of our citizens. I have no problem with legal immigration, but I have a huge problem with illegal immigration and any illegal activity that comes from it.

There are many of these illegals have criminal records. Some have them before sneaking over the borders, and many more crimes have been committed after having been here. The amnesty being discussed to dismiss these crimes is a slap in the face to our legal system. Amnesty can be given to illegals with criminal pasts if they have been here for several years. For those who have criminal records, they can go back and apply legally. Even with several felonies on the record.

Our prisons are filled with felons who were born and raised here. They have no amnesty whatsoever, and have restricted rights when released. They cannot carry weapons, they cannot vote, their past will follow them their entire lives as far as jobs go, and they will bear that onus due to their actions. If they commit three felonies they go down for life.

Yet illegal aliens who have laughed at our immigration policies, who have been encouraged by their own governments to break our laws with pamphlets telling them how to break these laws can have several felonies and still be allowed into the country depending on the time they spent being illegal here. And for those less fortunate felons, they actually have to go back to their country of origin and apply like anyone else, their felonious pasts forgotten and excused.

This is simply madness on the part of any politician who supports an amnesty program for illegals with criminal records. I have a hard enough time believing they would grant working rights to those who have already broken our laws by sneaking over our borders, but to excuse the criminal pasts of these same people? Whether it is armed robbery, rape, theft, assault, it does not matter. They can be let in and allowed to work with rights exceeding those of our own citizens.

In my way of thinking, why don't we just pardon our own criminals and let them out to do these jobs that no one else will supposedly do? At least the vast majorities of them speak English and can work at a drive through window without having the customer reiterate several times what they came to order. At least we know who they are, where they live, what their real names are, and can more easily keep track of them. And given the choice between a life in prison or a position at a fast food restaurant, many would choose life outside prison, especially if their crimes were dismissed because they provided cheap labor.

I have seen politicians sell their souls for votes, and they can do whatever they desire with their own soul. It is when they begin selling our nations' soul for votes it is time to act and make our voices heard. They have been spending our money with full disregard for decades, now they are allowing our sovereignty to be dictated by foreign governments like Mexico, and forcing the American citizen to live alongside 11 million criminals who think they have a God given right to break our laws, and take back territory they lost in a war. With comments like that of Alberto Tinoco, a reporter on the Televisa broadcast speaking of the LA " megamarcha," he remarked that "With all due respect to Uncle Sam, this shows that Los Angeles has never stopped being ours." (

The issue at hand here is not about cheap labor, nor is it whether or not America is being cold hearted as some groups and politicians claim we are. It is about breaking the law, and why is it we should turn our heads to one particular group of people and punish everyone else. Why should illegal immigrants dictate to us and demand from us rights we do not even afford our own citizens? If amnesty is given to illegals and their criminals acts dismissed, why is it we have so many hard working people in this nation who are sitting in jails and prisons for tax evasion, whether deliberate or not?

Young American mothers are on probation for trying to hold a 5 hour a week job while on welfare, and getting caught as I know one young woman suffered in Texas. All the while, the food stamps given to certain minorities were being sold right outside the grocery store for 50 cents on the dollar to be able to purchase alcohol and tobacco. No one was ever arrested that I know of for selling food stamps, but the young woman I speak of was convicted, placed on probation for 5 years, and forced to pay back every cent she had been issued from the state. For 5 hours a week.

Now we have 11 million illegals, many with criminal pasts being considered by those we elected to be given a fresh clean start. If we are to pardon anyone, we should pardon our own criminals and let them at these jobs in manufacturing and in service industries. We should also take all of our welfare recipients and have them do these jobs as well. With an average of 11-14 million people on welfare at any given time, we should be able to take a majority of those adults, and let them perform these jobs as well. That way, we will accomplish a twofold goal here. We can relieve the American tax payer of at least 50% (due to many welfare recipients being children), and reduce taxes, and we can reduce our prison population by a large margin as well which also reduces taxpayer costs. And we GAIN taxes in the meantime, versus losing revenue to Mexico and other countries.

If any criminals are to be given amnesty, we should begin with American criminals first, and give them the chance at having a fresh start. My guess is they will at least be spending more on local services and goods, and definitely not be sending the bulk of it back to a foreign country. We do not need Mexico to dictate our policy, and we definitely do not need illegal criminals dictating our policy and making absurd demands. Just because they can form protests does not mean they are due justice for their illegal acts.

I am not for giving amnesty to any felons, but if we have to do it, at least do it for our own felons and not the foreign ones. This way we keep the money in our own pockets and reduce the economic impact we currently are burdened with where prisons and welfare are concerned.

And we will also reduce the lure of jobs for these foreign criminals by filling them with American labor. Maybe next time they will sail somewhere else in their illegal pursuit of a life without penalties for criminal acts.

America First.

© Pete Fisher


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