Pete Fisher
October 25, 2006
Is there now a Muslim Caliphate?
By Pete Fisher

Searching around the net I came across this site, and found some interesting information. Sal Smario has written several books on this subject and his site is filled with the details of which this article is based on. It has certainly piqued my interest in the times we live in. Over 25 years of watching the Middle East, I find this quite intriguing.

Many times over the years I have heard from all fronts that Islam is scattered due to not having a shepherd. The Catholics have their Pope, and other denominations have their leadership to explain their practiced dogmas.

Since Mohammed died, Islam has been dealing with a scattered sense of right and wrong, specifically in the conflict between Sunni and Shiite factions. There have been other factions in Islam that have fought against Muslims, and even the void today between the terrorist element and Muslims who do not practice Islam this way exists globally.

What I have seen in the recent years is the battle to define mainstream Islam and to try and eliminate the Jihadist mentality in order to put forth a more moderate view of Islam, and to accomplish the peace process in the Middle East that has been hindered by extremists bent on the eradication of Israel.

For years I have been wondering who on this Earth could handle a task that large, as well as gain the trust of Israel and the West. Who could make a claim to be able to accomplish this, but also begin this with the consent of the entire globe?

Enter King Abdullah II of Jordan, son of Hussein, 43rd direct descendent of Mohammed in a long line of Hashemites. The Hashemite Kingdom, once controlled the Middle East as well as having had the task of maintaining all Muslim scared places and shrines, Mecca, Medina, and of course the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

Chased out by Wahabbi extremists in Saudi Arabia, and double crossed by the Sykes-Picot agreement, the Hashemite Kingdom once great was reduced to the nation of Jordan as it sits today. A tiny area insignificant in size, much like Israel, but significant in it's purpose.

I do believe Abdullah II has aspired to greatness in a few areas here. He was most instrumental in drafting the peace treaty between the Arabs and Jews that was agreed upon in Rome and once again in Egypt a couple of months ago.

He has taken away the Temple Mount authority from the Palestinians, and was given sole authority to that same place. He has pulled together an Arab Muslim alliance of 10 nations that have been trying to push his peace plan into action, while Libya, Iraq, and Syria were the Arab elements that disagreed with him. Two of those three nations are now powerless so to speak, and Syria is about to change drastically with Assad heading out the door here very soon.

He has been called The Great peacemaker by the Jews, he ahs been praised by the E.U., U.N., and the Unites States. He has visited about every single nation on Earth pushing his agenda, and seems to find wide acceptance in his plans for peace.

Now he has outlawed terrorism in Islam. Flying the Hashemite flag over countries in his coalition, as well as his plans to build a 400 some foot tower on the Temple Mount emblazoned with Hashemite symbols. He has shown that he will not tolerate terror, he has basically redefined Islam to the West, and he has gained the trust of the world.

By flying the Hashemite flag, he has already basically claimed to be ruler of the Hashemite Kingdom, i.e.- Islam. Restoration of the once glorious Kingdom to bring back the honor of Islam as it was in it's heyday. Being a direct descendant of Mohammed, he is untouchable by Muslims who would want him dead. Being a King, and living in the area that used to be part of the old Hashemite Kingdom, he ahs basically begun to take on what I see as the Grand Caliph, and as he publicly stands to redefine Islam, as well as rebuilding the parapet of Saladin, and a parapet on the Temple Mount with Hashemite symbols, it seems obvious to me. This King has set himself up as the leader of Islam, the great unifying force behind Islam, a mediator of peace between Israel and her neighbors, and the wealth and worldwide acceptance to back him up.

This one man with such a giant purpose, flying under the radar so softly, seemingly goes unnoticed by the world media and populace. He offers the globe a peace plan, he unites Islam, he has gained the trust of the Jews and has a 10 nation coalition with 3 uprooted dissenting nations in his neighborhood. He offers the world peace and safety. And we hear about Jon Benet ramsey and Tom Cruises' latest marriage.

The scary part of this is in the biblical book of Daniel when speaking of the Anti i-Christ, it shows a man who would come from the Seleucid portion of the old Roman Empire. Jordan is there. He will lead 10 nations; he will uproot 3 of those who dissent. He will offer Israel a truce, as well as allow them to build their temple across from the Dome in Jerusalem. Last weeks news actually, but it did happen. And eventually as he instills his Kingdom on Earth, the Bible tells us that anyone refusing to follow will literally lose their heads. Hmmm, where have we seen this before?

And those who know Islam understand it will deceive with a false sense of peace and security in order to eventually gain enough footholds to take over. This guy is walking the same line Mohammed walked in Mecca. He will deceive many with peace, says Daniel, not terror or power. Muslim Caliphate and Maker of Peace, or Anti-Chris, is there really a difference? A leader of Islam would in time most certainly attempt to globalize Islam, even under the false peace. A Caliph who is descended of Mohammed himself has this right as well to decree it.

In my opinion, nothing would make a better Anti-Christ than one who serves a religion that denies His purpose and Jihads for the death of His followers as commanded in the Koran. Just wouldn't be right for any other religion to pull this off, would it?

Though I leave this entire idea to the independent reader, to date I have not seen anyone in my life who has taken on the role Daniel said would be taken on, and actually accomplish about 99.9% of it all before my eyes. And with such subtlety at that. I am now waiting for Syria to fall into line with Abdullahs' definition of moderation and peace to make it 100%. Then, the rest will remain to be seen.

Scary, isn't it?

© Pete Fisher


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