Kevin Fobbs
November 22, 2005
Grace before meals will bring families together this holiday season
By Kevin Fobbs

Every holiday season families confront the age old problem: How do we restore our old traditions to the dinner table especially when it seems, more and more, that dysfunction rears its formidable head instead. Families will see Uncle Peter or Aunt Rita or even cousin Mike just forego the polite pleasantries and just dig right into the turkey, dressing, or candied yams, without even a blink of moral guilt.

Well this scene is probably all too familiar and it is why Hollywood in the Heartland Report with Cheryl Felicia Rhoads on The Kevin Fobbs Show decided to tackle this holiday phenomena straight on.

We thought that by focusing on some of the un-pleasantries like social faux pas that seem to multiply with each holiday season, the American holiday family goers needed a break. You've seen it too the ignoring of prayer to bless the holiday meal or not showing respect or celebrating family and the American Thanksgiving culture as well as the holiday meal itself seem at times to be treated with scorn.

On Wednesday, November 23rd Hollywood in the Heartland Report with Cheryl Felicia Rhoads and The Kevin Fobbs Show brings the changing images of today's society together with positive images that help those who lack a frame of reference of a time when civility and grace were a respected mode of behavior. We felt we all might benefit in some small way in our own family holiday celebration if we focused on the television pilot, Grace Before Meals, with the help of its producer who is also a noted and celebrated movie producer Tim Watkins.

When Tim Watkins' name is mentioned, film critics and national leaders as well as serious film goers usually focus on his critical film masterpiece "In the Face of Evil: Reagan's War in Word and Deed." His film captures President Reagan's and our nation's values which are sometimes easily overlooked and certainly forgotten by those who celebrate moral defeat. His talent brings out the embedded values that remind us we have much to be thankful for in our nation our culture and faith, freedom and family and all that many of us who care constantly attempt to recapture true moral leadership and moral courage.

Watkins took his talent at reaching our national heart to create and produce television productions like Grace Before Meals, a cooking show with a family-friendly message and Home of the Brave, a look at the heroic efforts of our military in the international War on Terror to bring out a menu of patriotic and family-value emotions richly served up for our viewing enjoyment.

With the holiday season now squarely upon us, it is important to examine how families can celebrate traditional values at their Thanksgiving meal. This is most certainly something we all wrestle with especially with our fast-paced, gotta-have-it-now culture, that can easily let the family holiday dinner fall to the wayside.

That is why Hollywood In The Heartland Report targeted the program, Grace Before Meals as a means to bring the family back to the table with the help of its host, the dynamic and talented Father Leo Patalinghug.

Far too many families in America have lost its family moral settings when it comes to mealtime in our nation's homes. What better way to recapture learn how to share it and even to create new family traditions as well as strengthening family relationships. around the holiday dinner table.

Grace Before Meals uniquely sets forth the premise that food feeds the spirit and that mealtimes can be daily small blessings. Grace Before Meals helps families and individuals come to terms with life's challenges through the meditative process of preparing a meal. Holiday meals certainly need that!

Join Father Leo, acclaimed film producer Tim Watkins and actress and conservative commentator Hollywood In The Heartland Report host Cheryl Felicia Rhoads at 2:00 p.m. EST on The Kevin Fobbs Show. Listen live at and call in toll-free with your comments or suggestions at 1-800-923-9385. And as Fr. Leo says as he signs off: "To Stronger Spirits. Better Food.

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