Kevin Fobbs
So help us God
By Kevin Fobbs
July 21, 2010

A few weeks ago we celebrated the birth of our nation, and wherever we were over the 4th of July weekend, we embraced much of the love, faith, devotion, courage, and guiding principles of our founding fathers that allowed our nation to endure over these 234 years. That freedom we celebrated was also a biblical stewardship given Americans to protect the gift of life.

Yet as time marches on, soon the following weeks turn into months and the thrill and sensation that instilled and fueled our feeling of renewed faith, devotion and courage dissipate because our lives turn to other "more important events" in our life.

Ask yourself this: does God turn his attention away from celebrating our birth in how he protects us in our daily lives? Are there more important things for him to attend to than helping us to understand his words that breathed life and love into our hearts, our spirits, and our souls?

This year is an election year. We have an opportunity on primary voting day and finally on general election day to send a life message by supporting legislators who have and who will stand for life. Now let's take the opportunity to share our thoughts and feelings about freedom, faith, and protecting life in our emails and conversations with our neighbors be it in Michigan, Arkansas, Illinois, Pennsylvania, California, Ohio or any other of our glorious 50 states.

Take a moment each day and ask God to help you muster up enough spiritual guidance to allow yourself or your family to show God how much you cherish his gift of the nation's founding and the biblical principles which helped to birth a new era not only for the nation but for the world as well.

Many of us who stood against the use of public money in the passage of the Obamacare health bill because somewhere buried in the 1,000 plus pages was the permission to use it for the taking of an unborn life are now seeing evidence of this permissive coverage of abortions verbiage slowly coming to light in Pennsylvania and New Mexico in the new mandatory high-risk pool mandated by the law. The July 14th Edition of National Review reports the details of this deliberate act of political deception being played out.

Fox News' Glenn Beck pointed out on his Monday, July 19 show, that New Mexico legislators backed down and eliminated the abortion coverage procedure from its list, "because they were getting too much heat," said Beck. Well, well, well. Whatever happened to the executive order Obama signed which would guarantee no public money would be used for abortion? What do you voters who support life think?

Were the Obamacare enthusiasts lying about the inclusion of abortion procedure usage in the bill, or were they, as psychologist Dorothy Rowe would say, simply being "economical with the truth?"

Was that so difficult for the legislators in New Mexico to turn down the misuse of public dollars in the killing of unborn gifts from God? It should not be. It should be the very first thing on the conscience of Americans who are given the privilege to represent our guiding principles of life. It should not be an afterthought or explained away or be treated as a thrown away vote because of politically correctness or being economical with the truth.

Recently, Vice President Biden said that the Democrats are going to surprise everyone this fall and keep their majorities in the Congress. Maybe we should ask ourselves, is Biden banking on luck or blind faith in those who have no regard in a higher law — a higher love of the gift of life? Biden does not want voters to go to the polls in November to vote out the rascals who opposed life, and those who pretended to support life but abandoned their stand because the Obamacare vote was more important.

We stand here each day on the firmament that God's words spoke into existence and whose hands shaped the majestic Rocky Mountains, carved out the breathtaking Grand Canyon, and with extreme gentleness gave each human being — born and unborn — a heart, a spirit, a soul and yes, yes, yes...a life.

So as we celebrated our nation and its gift of freedom, let it be done not just during the 4th of July weekend, but every day and with a pursuit for protecting the gift that God has given each of us...born and unborn...the gift and freedom of life. On election day give freedom to life. So help us God!

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