Kevin Fobbs
Obama destroys sovereign states' U.S. constitutional rights
By Kevin Fobbs
June 29, 2012

Within a week, the U.S. Supreme Court has become the handmaiden to President Obama's drive to turn the U.S. Constitution literally upon its head. With the court's decision to deprive states of their sovereign right under the 10th Amendment to exclude illegal aliens who are legally criminals, to upholding Obamacare's odorous taxation without informed consent of the governed, a dark nightmarish pall has descended over the American system of constitutional justice.

President Obama's "It is the right thing to do" has become the new standard by which all things legal in the federal or state government systems can now expect to be measured by.

Just where does that leave the average American citizen in Ohio, who grew up in Medina or Cuyahoga or Wayne County in Ohio and thought that America was the land of laws and not legalistic patronizing socialistic jingles? What can a parent say to their young child now, who is sitting at the kitchen table bewildered and dismissed by new constructs of justice that say an Ohio child born in America has to watch his out of work father seek employment, and be denied, because there are 800,000 illegal aliens with work passes, ahead of him in the employment line.

Is that fair, is that right, is that American justice?

What happens to the Cleveland child who studied hard to successfully obtain stellar grades and did everything to comply with the educational system in order to qualify for a college scholarship, grant or loan. Imagine the student's and parent's surprise that in Ohio, laws may not matter, when he is slammed dunked out of the education grant or scholarship race by an illegal alien. These illegal aliens openly demands in public demonstrations and quite unashamedly, "I have rights, and those are my dollars for my education and by the way, where is my "Dream Act"

So much for the American Dream for Americans right?

Ohio citizens are Americans. And as Americans have undeniable rights which are enumerated in the Declaration of Independence, "they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed,"

Yes, Ohioans and Americans are guaranteed ""Life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Where is that liberty now? Where is our American life and sovereignty headed? Where is our happiness?

State laws of Ohio or any other state will no longer be sovereign as Supreme Court Justice Antonin Gregory Scalia asserts in the Arizona SB 1070 illegal alien 5-3 vote, court decision. "It is an assault on logic to say that identifying a removable alien and holding him for federal determination of whether he should be removed 'violates the principle that the removal process is entrusted to the discretion of the federal Government."

So now, it is the federal government that picks and chooses the laws that shall be enforced, and unwarranted privilege is given to the illegal alien criminal to sidestep the law, but all citizens should be wary of crossing the line and daring to pursue their U.S. Constitutional justice. When the lawless decide the laws and the law abiding citizens become the victims of this presidential imposed lawlessness now unleashed upon the nation, every citizen must stand for regaining justice for the citizen, the family and for each and every American.

Justice Scalia is quite clear where he stands on American Constitutional justice. He states firmly, "Neither the Constitution itself nor even any law passed by Congress supports this result," Scalia firmly stated. "I dissent."

American patriots, we must regain a solid foothold on justice. On July 4th continue your effort to organize, so that the national political conventions act with diligence on your dissent with its delegates as well as with its leaders to oppose the dilution of the U.S. Constitution. Let dissent become action and action transformed into protecting constitutional, sovereignty and justice, in order to rid America of this "It's the right thing to do" Obama standard, that negates our basic freedoms. The American people strongly Dissent!

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