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Media chief fired -- Romney "happy to throw a party with black people dying"
By Kevin Fobbs
August 30, 2012

When is it ever hilarious that the thought of dozens if not hundreds of black people desperately clinging for life as torrential waters batter their children, mothers or neighbors ever funny? David Chalian, a former political director with ABC News thought it was fair game to use a hate-mongering attack against Mitt Romney and Republicans gathered at the RNC Convention in Tampa, Florida on Wednesday. In his vicious racist attack he said, Romney is, "Happy to throw a party with black people dying."

Chalian, who was recently the Washington Bureau Chief for Yahoo News was fired for his online remarks, which brought no sense of alarm or even admonition from any of his on air colleagues. This has become frighteningly familiar and comfortably abusive behavior by many liberal media persons who repeatedly target Republicans leaders and Tea Party members.

Only last night after Utah mayor and congressional candidate Mia Love gave a stunning speech at the Republican National Convention, her Wikipedia page was hacked. So in an atmosphere of glowing GOP support for a rising star of the GOP who happens to be an African American woman, liberal attackers practiced their deceitful craft. They used morally offensive language on her page and called her a "dirty, worthless wh*re who sold her soul in the name of big business, "and a house ni**er."

This is the repugnant culture that mainstream media reporters and anchors have permitted to fester and grow, that seeds this type of morally bankrupt conduct. This is not new.

You do not have to go back very far to find media targeted bias. Last month, in the wake of the Colorado movie theater shootings, where 12 people were murdered, ABC News went on the air with a libelous claim against a Colorado Tea Party member. During a morning news segment of Good Morning America, Anchor George Stephanopoulos, and Brian Ross, ABC News Chief Investigative Correspondent erroneously and callously linked an innocent Colorado man with the same name to this tragedy without making any attempt at verification of his identity. His only "alleged crime" was having being a member of the Tea Party. Brian Ross was never fired or reprimanded.

Do not be mistaken into believing that this might have been just another non-purposeful action. In fact, on previous occasions, former Clinton White House Political Advisor George Stephanopoulos has attempted to link or malign the Tea Party or Sarah Palin. This was done most notably, just following the attempted assassination of U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords and eighteen other people in Casas Adobes, outside of Tucson, Arizona in January 2011. National media anchors tried desperately to make a connection with the now convicted shooter, Jared Lee Loughner, and the Tea Party, conservatives and Republicans.

The pattern is clear, the target is clear, the purpose is clear, the racism is clear and the result is clear. Liberal media bias is practiced with transparent and concise precision. Their goal is to create and maintain a divided America.

This is an America where David Chalian, the former liberal media political director, felt quite comfortable in attacking and maligning the character of Mitt Romney and Republicans. After all, there was no true outrage when Vice President Biden warned blacks in Danville, Virginia on August 14th, that , ""They're going to put you all back in chains." Biden was attacking Romney and Republicans.

This is always their go to game of "Smear with Fear"

There was no outrage from African American leaders, because they are in on the conspiracy as well. Demonize Republicans, Tea Party members and conservatives. Keep black people in America focused on the comfortable fortified inner city plantations where failing black democrat leadership can offer government handouts not economic futures.

This is the America that liberal media pundits, anchors and reporters not only visualize but work to create. A divided America which is built upon a foundation of lies, deceit and myths perpetrated by these professional character assassinators must end now. These promulgators of hate and mistruth must be fought back against so that decent Americans who have a conscious and humanity will not allow these attitudes to continue to destroy the nation's humanity and conscience.

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