Kevin Fobbs
As America's heartland readies for war where is Hollywood protest?
By Kevin Fobbs
September 7, 2013

As President Obama prepares the nation to go to war through his apparent 'go it alone' strategy where are the screams of alarm from Hollywood? Remember when the left cost Hollywood elite accused former President Bush of "Cowboy Diplomacy?" Now, with Britain on the sidelines with the rest of Obama's coalition of the unwilling, his charm offensive at the G-20 Summit in Russia is under performing. Hollywood's liberal millionaires are currently deafeningly silent.

This is in strange contrast to the continued poisonous verbal assaults by Hollywood actors lobbed against then President George Bush. Unlike Obama, Bush worked tirelessly to build an international 46 nation "Coalition of the Willing" to join the United States in war against Iraq.

Obama on the other hand cannot seem to muster a 2 nation Coalition of the Unwilling. Barack Obama has not made his case to America nor to the world and it is totally apparent to Americans to many of the former American Iraq and Afghanistan allies. This is Obama's War and its launch has more to do with his embarrassment over a red line in the Syrian soil which even now he has attempted to erase.

As U.S. military forces prepare for war through its Mediterranean battleship presence, Hollywood with its liberal Obama yes men and women, seem to be hiding and strangely and uncharacteristically silent about possible military action and war.

Seann Penn, who like Hanoi Jane Fonda has had a penchant for visiting wartime enemies of America has not flung one typically profane word or otherwise toward Obama. Where is the outrage Penn is famous for when he attacked Bush as a war monger? Are 100,000 dead Syrians and 40 thousand of them innocent civilians in this civil war conflict not enough for Penn and his conscience of convenience?

What about Jaime Foxx who has no problem playing a president on the big screen and also attacking Bush with comments over the Iraq war in 200. He then told MSNBC in an interview, "I think George Bush and the guys that are there, just don't have the charisma to pull off the things that they're trying to do."

Now fast forward to November 2012 when Foxx stood on stage at the Soul Train awards and called President Obama, "Our Lord and Savior." Where is the charisma that this same "Lord and Savior" was supposed to possess to dazzle and impress the world's nations with? Foxx, like his fellow actors are cowards whose principles shift with the box office printouts of their latest movies, and took cover when Obama decided to use military action as a run up to a possible war.

So the answer is truly quite simple. Hollywood and all of its actors who attack war when America's security is challenged are presently used to being grenade throwers. They determine that it is their prerogative to be cowards with no principles or values when their Hollywood superstar president is boxed in and has to pretend to be presidential, even as he erases any trace of a red line in the Syrian sand which he drew himself.

Here is a little refresher for you. As former President Bush was announcing the commencement of the Iraq War in 2003, the overpriced societal malcontents in Hollywood met to fight Bush's United Nation's backed action.

These legendary actors whose star power illuminated American silver screens with the likes of Sally Field, Blythe Danner, Christine Lahti and Susan Sarandon, according to Fox News met and formed "United to Win Without War" in March of 2003.

America, welcome to the new age of Hollywood, which is not made up of actors like those who went to defend the nation's freedom in World War II. Those Hollywood actors were genuine heroes, like Jimmy Stewart, Claude Aikens, Don Adams of "Get Smart," Eddie Albert, James Arness of "Gun Smoke. Even Bea Arthur of "Maude" and Golden Girls" saw action as the first female to become an active duty United States Marine. There were many, many others and they were true American heroes straight from the silver screen.

No to worry, there are current conservative Hollywood Heroes that will not wilt or turn tail when America is under assault. Those growing numbers include, Adam Sandler, Tom Selleck, Gary Sinise, Clint Eastwood, Mell Flynn and directors like Jonathan Flora and many others.

So tonight and every night as America again prepares for the possibility of war, take the time to support those true Hollywood Heartland heroes and their films who stand with America. They will not run for cover like Obama's Hollywood turncoats who can walk the red carpet but turn yellow when it counts.

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