Kevin Fobbs
Dramatic 2016 Christian movie will stop heaven's angels from weeping
By Kevin Fobbs
January 24, 2016

If Christians were wondering what would make angels in heaven weep, then just examine what ISIS is doing in attempting to eradicate Christians in the Middle East. Never since the dawn of Christianity has the angels of Heaven ever had to bear witness to the wholesale slaughter of Christians around the globe. Even in America with the all-out assault on Christian civil rights, the attacks have to bring a tear to an angel's eye. But Melanie Tipton, Executive Producer and Director of the movie 'When Angels Weep: Rings of Faith & Fire' has the answer for Heaven's angels, America and the world.

Her movie is not only the answer to the faithful Heavenly call found in in Isaiah 6:8 which asks who will go for us to answer the call. Tipton, through her years of devotion to conservative causes, patriotism and her professionalism fully embraces the need for action and for a victory for Christianity in America and around the world.

Melanie, an award winning sportscaster and media expert has embarked upon her faith inspired journey to create the movie 'When Angels Weep: Rings of Faith & Fire' that liberals, haters of Christianity will love to hate. She provides answers and hope in the documentary about the persecution of Christians worldwide and how religious freedom is under attack in America.

Isaiah 6:8 "Also I heard the voice of the Lord, saying:
    "Whom shall I send,

    And who will go for Us?"

    Then I said, "Here am I! Send me."

Tipton, an avowed Christian conservative who heads up the Soar on The Wings of Eagles production company. She emphasized, "Religious freedom in America is blatantly under attack in our schools, churches, military and in the public realm. It's time for Christians in America to take a stand and protect our freedom of religion."

In Hollywood and in the faith and conservative communities, 'When Angels Weep: Rings of Faith and Fire' which expected to make its debut in the fall of 2016 has begun to create a serious buzz. The movie trailer provides a powerful declaration for viewers who are unwilling to witness or permit the undoing of Christianity in America where they live, work, or pray.

Judi Lake, Executive Director of the American Christian Civil Rights Movement after watching the movie trailer gave it an enthusiastic thumbs up. Lake stressed, "This movie promises to be one of the most Christian message movies of this generation. She gladly added, "The movie not only creates heightened awareness but also promises real life solutions for those in America who are attacked, persecuted or prosecuted because of their belief in Jesus Christ."

No one should be shocked that Christians are under attack in America or being eradicated in the Middle East? The headlines have screamed the atrocities this deluge of attacks on Christians for the last several years. Yes, the horrific handwriting is on the wall, and whether it is placed there outside of America by ISIS or other Islamic extremists or inside the nation by the Obama administration, liberal educational leaders, or public officials, the angels in Heaven have to be weeping. But help and deliverance is on the way.

While the angels may be weeping and Christian families and individuals may be feeling frustrated, "When Angels Weep: Rings of Faith & Fire" provides a message of clarity, hope and love that audiences will be clamoring for. It is not just a movie that focuses on Christian loss, but on the strength of those who are diligently and faithfully working for and achieving Christian victory.

Tipton and her crew visit Christians across America's heartland who are speaking out and standing up against Christian persecution in America and around the world.

The movie shares stories of hope of Christians who are encouraging their friends and family to stand firm, in taking a Bible to school, pray on a football field, stand against gang violence or not submit to officials that demand that Christians provide abortion pills to employees against their faith. There is much, much more and they encourage others to do the same. A positive change can be achieved if Christians stand together and fight.

This fall, as America elects a new president of the United States, Tipton believes that for millions her movie 'When Angels Weep – Rings of Faith & Fire' will awaken the miracle of America's Christian founders' faith in the God's guiding principles.

There will be Rings of Faith & Fire in the soul of Christians all across America. Join in as Christians stand in movie theaters across the nation proudly stating "Here am I! Send me."

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