Kari Lee Fournier
Almighty God versus Satan: Trump goes silent, The Art of War
By Kari Lee Fournier
February 19, 2021

Time for an update on all of the crazy goings-on in the world this day. Let’s try to decipher things once again, as we anxiously await having righteousness blessedly restored—and more importantly as we eagerly anticipate the Rapture of all Believers in Jesus Christ, Believers that He was the Son of God who died for our sins and rose again.

Well okay then.

Now, let’s begin with the basics. And since most of the media is in the tank for the New World Order, and thus is not decimating the news as it should—we shall have to go to our varied reliable sources for information. That, and lots of prayer and listening when God speaks to us in His still, small voice—when He places His Holy impressions upon our curious heart.

From these sources, which include Epoch Times and one of President Trump’s Christian attorneys, L Lin Wood, we know that the World Economic Forum and world elites are running things globally. We also are disgustingly aware that they all are trying vigorously to implement their New World Order…The Great Reset.

This Great Reset includes, first and foremost, getting rid of Almighty God of the Holy Bible—and also all of His law and order, except for their hoped-for criminal, state-enforced military program. Hence, we see the lawlessness that abounds, and the ensuing call by this evil Cabal for the defunding of our brave and loyal Police Force…our beloved ‘Men/Women in Blue’—your courageous neighborhood protectors who love and care for you, as a state militia most certainly would not.

In America, this lawlessness includes Antifa and Black Lives Matter—both domestic terror groups run by the nasty Cabal and bent on destroying the USA, along with its small businesses, churches, family units, and all of its history and monuments.

With these mob units instituted in every state, the evil ones have had a lot of help in destroying the underpinnings of this great God-based nation, given the fact that many of the schools at all grade levels also are encouraging socialism and bashing our free market system—in addition to attacking all of our Founding Fathers and anything to do with Christianity.

On the global front, things have taken a similar turn. Credible sources tell us that Myanmar is most definitely the center of human and child trafficking. This government now lies in disarray, as a result of Trump’s global alliance of the ‘Good Guy Countries’ destroying the corruption—this courageous group was put together by Trump back in 2017. Myanmar’s Central Bank has been taken over, as well—and this is just the beginning.

We see this happening in many countries across the world—in the countries that have been taken over by the global and evil Cabal. This Cabal/Deep State has been run by many decades via the United States as the military arm, the Vatican as the religious/economic arm, and the Crown of England as another part of the economic arm—the latter two of which handled the global dollars coming in, including America’s tax dollars.

We may well ask how on earth the USA military could be involved in something like this? The military are true Patriots, but their directors in the Cabal have evil intentions—and this Cabal is infested with those who are on a never-ending quest for power and money and their perverted version of iniquitous fame.

The Central Banks in all of these countries, including that of America, are in trouble. Not to worry, though, as word is that a very large confiscated amount of gold, as well as an allotted quantity of digital currency, will destroy the Central Bank—and that Trump has made provision for a smooth transition for those of us worried on our cash in the bank.

And let’s not forget that we currently are at war with China. It began as a covert effort by this Communist country to gain access to, and subsequently rob, our technology and economy—and recently progressed to a massive attack on our grid system, including our military information. But the bombing in Nashville last December may well have turned this cyber war into a military operation at this point.

Nonetheless, in this country, Trump’s 800 highly-respected generals and military people who are loyal to him, as well as many fearless Patriots, are pushing forward with a Christian and Patriot-based revolution—a revolt that has only just begun. Trump also has in his arsenal all of the highest-ranking intelligence, the National Security Agency, and his treasured prodigy that he calls ‘Space Force.’

Indeed, many people are waking up in America and joining the ‘cause’—a Christian movement that will reinstate the Constitution and all of its associated principles of freedom and Judeo/Christian-based rule of law,’ where ‘We the People’ once again will be in charge—as we were intended to be.

Reports are that the Cabal’s global power structure currently is being dismantled. Do your research. Even the main stream media have been reporting, albeit in a biased way, on all of the unrest in many countries—including the stepping down of the heads of government, such as Angela Merkel in Germany.

We also see this ongoing turmoil in Holland, and then again in Italy—where their government is collapsing. And by the way, do your research via ‘DuckDuckGo,’ instead of Google, when you search for the truth. Enough said on that last bit of advice.

In terms of the massive corporations, we have the resignations, or soon-to-be stepping down scenarios, of Jeff Zucker of CNN, Jeff Bezos of Amazon, Thomas Donohue of Chamber of Commerce, and Katherine Behar of Wikipedia. This also happened with the CEO’s of Nokia, Microsoft, Lockheed Martin, L Brands, LinkedIn, Salesforce, Match, Hulu, Tinder, Credit Suisse, Groupon, Disney, Harley Davidson, MasterCard, Nike, eBay, and IBM—all in all many hundreds of CEO’s.

What on earth is going on?

Well, Trump recently said that in the months ahead, he has something to share. This message could hold the prized key to this question. There also was the mysterious act of the Department of Defense several days ago placing a picture of George Washington crossing the Delaware.

And let’s not forget loyal Trump aide Dan Scavino’s cryptic tweet the other day. We all remember that the lion is a symbol for President Trump and the MAGA movement, and so when Mr. Scavino tweeted out a 13-second video of a pack of lions that were drinking water and staring menacingly into the camera, in a stance that looked like they were ready to pounce—this definitely raised some eyebrows, in terms of something massive about to take place.

Trump also just posted ‘8 more years’ on his ‘Lego Trump’ Facebook page. Eight more years would make sense if a new republic were to be established, one that does away with the criminal Cabal’s putrid principles, and warped/’woke’ manufactured rules and laws. Their mission is exchanging God for government, and they will stop at nothing to achieve this despicable objective.

And how about the fact that our noble military has been flying more planes over America and to Guantanamo for the first time in years? The DNC wanted to close Gitmo—and no doubt still does—but look up on an aerial map just how much Trump has enlarged this already huge facility. Could it be that he has plans in the making for all of the evil ones? Most of us would enjoy seeing one ‘Ms. Hillary Rodham Clinton’ unceremoniously flown over there…but let’s not get ahead of ourselves at the moment….

In any case, the Cabal/Deep State has grossly miscalculated the spirit of ‘We the People’ and what we really want. We want America back. We want our Country back! Now! And they, the evil ones, are panicking—and as a result, they are furiously endeavoring to remove Special Counsel Durham, who now has the power to prosecute in each and every state! But Durham is a bulldog—and will never back down. And this is what makes them all so desperately afraid.

Nevertheless, we Believers in Christ hold no fear whatsoever. Ours, as the Bible tells us, is not a fearful spirit. Truly, 2 Timothy 1:7 comforts us dearly amidst these chilling times on earth: “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” We bask in that verse, which immediately instills such a great measure of peace and tranquility within each of us. Ah, the joy of resting in, and waiting upon, Our Sweet Lord!

Truly, we know that we will be okay…that we will be Raptured up prior to the Great Tribulation period of God’s Mighty Wrath poured out upon the Earth…a period of time coming very soon, and one that ‘hasn’t been since the world’s beginning,’ according to Scripture’s prophecy.

We remember that in Noah’s day, in the story of Sodom and Gomorrah, and also when God lead His people out of Egypt—all of the Believers in Christ were lifted out of the ‘sinful mess’ prior to God’s judgment on the evil ones. And thus a Rapture also will take place soon for the Believers, as we see this current chaotic situation unfold before our very eyes in real-time. And this ‘gathering up into the air with Christ’ cannot happen a moment too soon for many of us who are exhausted from the deception, wickedness, and delusion of the Devil and his minions.

But we also remember that the wicked perpetrators in these judgment scenarios also were warned prior to God destroying all of those debaucherous individuals who participated gleefully in such never-ending depravity. Are we seeing a warning from Him now, as well—with the revealing of this worldwide corruption so very suddenly, and on such an enormous scale?

Well, we know that the word Revelation—and we are referring here to the last book of the Bible—means ‘revealing.’ Could this be the ‘pre-revealing’ that we are seeing unfold in America, indeed in the entire world, this day?

It sure seems like it, what with everything and everyone being shaken to smithereens, this happening in no matter which direction we look. Corruption in every venue is being poured out for all to see—similar to a hefty-sized red wine bottle that has just been furled with great force onto a hard and pearly-white granite floor—as everyone backs away in abject horror from the bloodlike stains that suddenly spread so very far and wide.

Look around you. In all truth, things are very, very different, aren’t they? And they will never go ‘back in the bottle’ again. Bible Prophecy foretold of this coming period of time. We just did not think that it would happen so very rapidly.

Truly, ‘We the People’ are seeing firsthand how corrupt the Cabal/Deep State and main stream media are, and we are seeing this each and every day. And Trump has, predictably, become more powerful and popular now—since he stands for the common, everyday person.

Trump had enough money of his own where he did not have to seek donations from the filthy and corrupt swamp that has run things for so long. And he did say, in retrospect, that he was going to ‘Drain the Swamp’—but it’s doubtful that many of us realized the bottomless depth of that despicable quagmire.

Yet now, the global Cabal’s nefarious ‘surefire’ plan is completely backfiring—and it will all come down around them! Yes, as Attorney Wood so portentously states: “Every lie will be revealed.”

We also saw how General Michael Flynn, another supremely brave and staunch Patriot, recently during an interview with Doug Billings of ‘The Right Side’ was lightheartedly asked by Billings if he should send a bottle of wine to a friend with whom he had bet that Trump would be President. Flynn’s answer? Well, he thought about it for a bit, smiled cautiously, and then flippantly offered, “I would hold onto the bottle of wine. That's all I'm going to say.”

Also, what is very interesting is that Trump has gone virtually silent. Quite unlike his personality. But also very in-line with strategy discussed in one of his favorite books ‘The Art of War’ by Sun Tzu. Let’s similarly take a look around at our country’s strategic wartime readiness. Our military currently has three vast carrier groups on the west coast, and two on the east coast. Each carrier group has 100 ships, by the way.

And what are the 6,000 National Guard troops still doing in Washington D. C.? Republicans and Democrats alike seem perplexed as to the reason that they remain even now at this late date, seemingly guarding the area—including the notorious Capitol building, which stands behind a razor-wired fence, a fence that looks like one designed to hold in the very dregs of society! All that’s left is to connect the dots….

Indeed, my friends in Christ, the Cabal/Deep State and main stream media most definitely are feeling the pulsating pressure now. In fact, Trump loyalist Attorney Sidney Powell says that they are terrified! Because the truth is coming! Trump and the patriots have everything in place, and currently are busy watching the optics closely—so that all of America sees the corruption in both political parties, and also in the main stream media, academia, Hollywood, Wall Street, and large corporations—the latter of which certainly includes Big Tech.

Yes, this brilliant 4D chess move is simply about bringing the country together!

And we must also remember that our brave Military would never allow Communism to gain even a small foothold in the USA on their watch. And make no mistake about it: the Military is in charge by default when the Congress and Senate and Judiciary are corrupted. Let that settle in. Biden has no real power at the moment!

Now, no one but Almighty God knows what He has in store for this impending and enormous spiritual battle between our Lord and Satan, but by all accounts, it sure appears to be ‘thisclose,’ as we wait with breathless anticipation for the next shoe to drop in this ever-unfolding and extremely-gripping Universal Spiritual War.

Indeed, the day of Almighty God’s glorious reckoning is utterly upon us!

© Kari Lee Fournier


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Kari Lee Fournier

Kari Lee Fournier is a Christian conservative freelance writer. Recently retired after 38 years with her City Water Utility, Kari likes to say that she's still in the water business – although her work now involves the 'Living Water,' represented by the Holy Spirit, which is freely given by Jesus Christ to those who believe that He is their Savior who died and rose again for their sins. In her writings, she primarily attempts to relay the message of the Holy Bible in a simple way, so that those who read her work can immediately apply the Bible's teachings to their own personal life's journeys and trials. Kari's columns have appeared in the Faith Perspectives section of Gannett Company newspapers throughout northeastern Wisconsin.

Contact Kari at wolfgang4234@hotmail.com.


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