Kari Lee Fournier
Almighty God versus Satan: Be patient. It will happen
By Kari Lee Fournier
April 4, 2021

When, oh when, will Trump and his loyal generals and military lower the boom? Why won’t it happen right now? Why hasn’t it happened already?

Yes, we all can identify with these fervent pleas, these heartfelt requests. We who have watched the filth get worse and worse over the past several years. All of the evil ones seem to be just within our grasp, and then ‘Poof!,’ all of the allegations magically disappear—like so many incriminating e-mails—into the wind.

And yet, when we get our wits back about us, we realize that things are happening, many/many things—if we but do the research. Yes, we would like things to move faster, but when we are honest with ourselves, we realize that we would have pulled the plug as soon as the election was stolen back in November—and then we would have lost out on all of the other massive corruption that is now being exposed in real-time.

In focusing in on our investigation at this point in time, we note several very recent developments. Let’s begin with the current economic situation. Yes, economics can be a big snooze, but we need to remember that it’s tied in greatly with what exactly is happening in this suddenly-turned-crazy globe of ours.

For starters, the Central Bank, on behalf of the Deep State, are continuing with their plan on the Great Reset, while Biden and his followers furiously try to get $4 trillion more approved for what they are telling us is infrastructure—but which actually represents the ‘Green New Deal’ and a massive welfare escalation. Only 5 percent is for traditional road and bridge repair!

This farce will require $3.5 trillion in tax increases. With Trump stepping into the background, We the People can see just how bad the Democrat’s plans for the economy are when put in place.

And this foolish economic plan of Biden’s also includes a corporate tax rate hike up to 28 percent from 21 percent—with the Chinese rate still at 25 percent. Say goodbye once again, as in the days of Obama/Biden, to our companies in America, who will feather their nest elsewhere.

As Biden’s, or shall we way Obama’s—as we all know that he is the puppet master behind this idiot plan—policies currently are hitting the economy, we see that fuel prices are up, lumber is skyrocketing, and jobs are being lost.

Inflation is in full swing, as we know that devaluation is what happens when trillions of dollars is inserted into an economy over and over again—which is what is happening on steroids with the ongoing strategy of this clueless administration. The good thing, however, is that the world is seeing that globalism does not work, which Trump pointed out in May, 2020.

Meanwhile, behind the scenes, Trump’s Quantum Financial System—according to credible sources vetted by Trump’s Attorney L. Lin Wood—was approved and signed off on by The International Court of Justice in Hague—which is in the Netherlands. There was an attempted attack by the ‘black hats,’ but that, thankfully, came to nothing. Trump’s financial system involves Bitcoin and cryptocurrency of a type that cannot be manipulated by the evil ones.

Now, we remember that private economic systems in countries around the world all are controlled by the same organization. Thus, with Trump’s new system, the governments throughout the globe would not have to borrow currency—and we in America would not be taxed on the currency. Also of interest, we do see that Bitcoin, gold, and precious metals are moving up in value, which is ideal for Trump’s new system—but we also realize that the black hats will try to move it lower whenever possible.

In any case, the Central Bank, our Federal Reserve System, is now panicking over cryptocurrency—they will do anything it takes to bring it down. They want to maintain a Central Banking System that they can control, and this—along with the theft of the election in November—is at the heart of their diabolical worldwide agenda.

Thus, the Deep State is sabotaging the economy. To accomplish this, it figures that it must create a crisis. Covid served this purpose for a time, but it’s now on the wane. So, in order to introduce their new economic system, their Great Reset, the Deep State Cabal is offering that old deceptive pretext of ‘guaranteed income’ for their wealth distribution scheme. They hope that this will, as it usually does, attract unwitting folks who actually still believe that they can get something for nothing—not realizing that they then would sacrifice their entire list of freedoms in exchange for this ever-elusive fantasy of free money.

Thankfully, Trump recently got the Supreme Court to strip the bankers and their employees of diplomatic immunity—because he’s going after the Cabal’s Private West and Central Bank, which then opens up the door for lawsuits. Inch by inch, Trump and his Patriots are making headway in this continuing saga of Almighty God versus Satan.

Now in terms of the country to our immediate north, Canada’s response to the evil Cabal’s Great Reset is very apparent. Indeed, Justin Trudeau most definitely is in on this nefarious global plot. He has come right out and said so, and now we see Canada edging more and more toward their Socialist/Communist authoritarianism, as evidenced in their recent announcement of immediate internment in ‘designated government facilities’ for those who test positive for Covid.

According to a report in The Post Millennial, the doors in many of the internment facilities have no locks—which has led to cases of sexual assault, as the detainees have no way of protecting themselves while they sleep. Reports also state that the detainees do not have access to medical care.

Will our new, hapless administration follow Canada’s lead on this new practice—one that reminds us eerily of WWII’s concentration camps? We saw where former Clinton Advisor Naomi Wolf confirmed that the vaccine passports would be the end of human liberty in the west if the plan unfolds. She explained that we need to understand that this passport would release all of our data, and that this happened in Israel—where they now target the activists. Wolf added that Communist China has it in place, and that they call it the ‘social credit score,’ which enables these dictators to find any dissidents within minutes.

Now, in getting back to our analysis of the Deep State’s latest moves, we also see that Nancy Pelosi has stated that she has the authority to seat and unseat any member of Congress. Will she indeed try to unseat Republican-elected Congresswoman Greene, who has already been seated for three months? If so, this could well be one of the trigger points for Trump and his Military, not to mention the Durham report, which could drop at any time.

And on another interesting front, Trump Aide Dan Scavino put out a picture of Trump in front of a boatload of reporters…it looks like Scavino is saying that Trump is ready to come back into the spotlight. Scavino also posted a photo of President Trump and First Lady Melania dancing on a carpet representing the Presidential Seal. This was taken from Trump’s new webpage ‘45office.com’—not to be confused with his new social media platform that will be revealed within the next few weeks. This webpage also includes a picture of Trump in Military attire—looks like the Military truly is the only way forward at this point!

Scavino also sent out a message about another powerful fighter jet that is doing a lot of twists and turns, along with the caption “Another day concludes in the White House. Stay strong and stay safe.” He no doubt is telling us to stay strong in our faith and hope.

Additionally, we saw several messages from Trump indicating that he was involved in getting the recent Evergreen ship unstuck—and that this also included negotiations behind closed doors with the Progressive Democrats on border and trade concessions. Trump’s attention to this ship situation also could be that he is showing the world what happens when you have a globalist supply chain system and everything is centralized—thus indicating that everything comes to a screeching halt, as it did in the Suez Canal incident, in terms of global supply chain problems when everything is worldwide in scope.

And there also was Trump’s cryptic tweet “I am sure in the boat there are children. Evergreen.” This looks like he is linking this ship with child/human trafficking, as we know that credible sources have hinted that this is the case—and Trump also appears to be involving the Clinton’s with the child trafficking—as we also are aware that ‘Evergreen’ was Hillary’s code name with the Secret Service.

Sadly, there have been so many trafficking busts of late—a result of Trump and his Patriots remaining busy at the task. Of course, no one ever hears of these raids on the corrupt main stream media. One may see a covert mention on the tickertape at the bottom of the screen, but in the live news reports, it’s as if this vast, sick practice does not exist.

But the Global Deep State cannot hide this insidious filth any longer—a deep, dark world is being exposed in its entirety by Trump and his team. Right now, Epstein’s former girlfriend and trafficking associate Ghislaine Maxwell is being held in prison, with additional charges headed her way.

This recent indictment adds a new charge of sex trafficking conspiracy, where the federal government says that she took part in trafficking of a minor, specifically grooming a 14-year-old minor to engage in sex with Epstein. Sooner or later, all of the lies will be revealed—and it definitely appears that many powerful and famous people will be in the midst of these demonic activities.

Now in getting back to the election scam, we notice that Georgia, Wisconsin, and Michigan all are having election investigations. Other states are doing this type of thing, too—changing their laws. So now, there are election laws in place in the swing states. Looks like the states are finally starting to push back on maintaining election integrity—and of course this probably would not have happened had Trump not stepped aside.

Also out there for all to see is how the Deep State is allowing minors who cross the border to be cared for by individuals with no background check. Reliable sources, those vetted by Trump Attorney L. Lin Wood, are saying that the children coming across the border are bought and sold as commodities. They also are confirming that the Mom and Dad often are murdered, or bribed, and told that if they do not give their kids up, they will be killed anyway—leaving these kids as orphans.

Nonetheless, there is, most thankfully, a light at the end of the tunnel for this illegal immigration crisis—as well as for all of Biden’s agenda. Trump’s former White House Advisor Stephen Miller is preparing to launch a new legal organization to fight against the Deep State’s illicit schemes, and thus is taking a page from the ACLU and other left-wing advocacy groups that coordinated with Progressive Democrats to try to block Trump’s platform when he was in office.

Other worthy developments that we see occurring are Trump’s endorsement of very specific candidates, and the fact that certain folks who have been in office curiously are not seeking reelection. Trump most definitely is firming up his base of political officials that he can trust.

And in keeping with this positive slant, it’s quite possible that Big Tech and the U. S. media are going to take a hit very soon. Consider that on March 27th, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley decided that they were going to sell off shares in Chinese Tech companies and U. S. media companies to the tune of $20 billion! This, then, would be just in time for Trump’s announced social platform—which he has tweeted will be up within the next three weeks!

It also was refreshing to see the recent video of Trump surprising everybody at a wedding in Mar-a-Lago. The President came in and started to talk about Biden, such as how he is destroying the country—and Trump mentioned that there are “a lot of things happening right now.” Then, Trump asked the delighted onlookers, “Do you miss me yet?” We all know the response he received on that well-timed question.

Now on the world stage, we all have seen how none of the world leaders have flown over to meet with faux-President Biden. Even they realize his illegitimacy. Putin has made his distaste for Biden known, and Sleepy Joe also is not off to a good start with North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Israel, or Great Britain.

To be sure, Biden has no qualms in starting chaos, even with nuclear-armed nations. His Progressive Democratic party is run by the far left, which is owned by the Cabal. And this evil Cabal will decimate anyone who gets in its way, as we saw with the assassination of Republican Kelly Loeffler’s campaign aide Harrison Deal, who also was her daughter’s boyfriend. Attorney Sidney Powell, in a recent interview with Doug Billings of ‘The Right Side,’ recently confirmed that Deal was vaporized in that explosion—and that the chemicals used in that detonation could only be obtained in a Military operation!

Now in the Progressive Democratic run inner cities right now, they have dismantled police gang units, and are letting the gangs run things—such as in Los Angeles, Detroit, and Chicago. These Deep State politicians want to destroy America from the inside/out, and they no longer are hiding their heinous scheme.

They want a State Militia run by the government, not your local police force—as they know that your local cops would never confiscate what are now legal guns from our home, or participate in any of the Deep State tactics. And we see that Biden appears to be moving forward with some type of gun control Executive Order—of course, his son Hunter Biden lied on a gun registration form, but ‘nothin’ to see there, folks,’ according to the corrupt media, as always.

Again, however, Almighty God is backing Trump and his loyalists against these criminal players. And these loyalists include plenty of ex-Military, such as Robert David Steele. Steele used to be a C. I. A. operative, but he left the field when the corruption became too deep. He now devotes his efforts toward taking down the evil Global Cabal, and is currently producing three movies to that end, with a focus on child/human trafficking. In a recent interview on Access Reality Truth, Steele—who no doubt still maintains inside Military connections—offered this in regard to the Deep State: “Pedophilia on video tape is the next Wikileaks…we are beyond e-mails now.”

Also, does anyone remember Patrick Byrne, ex-CEO of Overstock, who is a friend of Trump and also has been leading a cyber-investigative team, along with other well-known patriots, to combat the coup that was perpetrated on America during last year’s general election? Byrne recently revealed that within a few weeks, two months at the outset, America—and the world for that matter—will know the truth of what happened during the massive election fraud on November 3rd, 2020.

Byrne further stated that this information is so earth-shattering that it’s possible Trump could be back in the White House by this fall—and he added, “We will reveal the truth. The remedy is up to the American people.”

Now, all of that said, we all would be remiss if we did not finalize our latest research with an enquiring look at President Trump’s latest tweets. Let’s start with a very good, all-encompassing one the he recently offered: “Dear Americans, Just Trust The Plan I Will Come Back Again....” After which, he tweeted “A storm is coming: the political landscape is going to change.” And it gets better, with his: “Guess what? I will be President again.”

Trump went on to message “I am going to Fire Sleepy Joe soon.” Then, an even more cryptic “GITMO IS MISSING SLEEP JOE AND KAMALA HAIRY.” We can only hope. Then, there was “Everything is in place.” We also read his “I Have Changed My Twitter Username To John_barron_46 to @John_barron_19 Because I Am Now Officially 19th Pre$ident Of U.S.A.”

This last tweet of course refers to a dissolving of the Corporation of the United States, which involves the year 1871, when a seditious act was performed by the U. S. government. At that time, a coup was made to rewrite the Constitution and put ‘We the People’ under a new corporate contract transferring the United States of America into the new ‘Corporation of the United States of America.’ Now if Trump has indeed rendered this corporation null and void, he then would be the 19th President of the U. S. A., as we would be going back to the last legitimate President to begin counting—which would be the 18th President, Ulysses S. Grant.

Now, one of Trump’s next tweets gave us a bit of a timeline on his approaching day of reckoning with the evil ones: “You have all been very patient. But you won’t have to wait much longer!!”

And then his messages that followed were remarkable, as well. They referred once again to the huge ship Evergreen. Trump tweeted: “I am sure in the boat there are children. Evergreen.” “It is the time.” “Let the world see what’s in the crates.” And then “We have to search the cargo of the ship.” Definitely further references to child/human trafficking, and to Trump’s doing something about it.

It also looks like Trump somehow was involved in this situation, as he also tweeted “Trump Construction crew, best in the world, has successfully moved the boat from the Suez Canal. Almost had to resort to plan B? Could have been much easier, but needed big concessions from Dems on wall and trade. They wanted to play dirty…next boat will be much bigger. WE WILL WIN!” The mind runs wild on those messages. But it all would make sense if Trump is, as we anticipate, still in charge of the Military.

We also saw some more wonderful messages that gave us hope: “I Am The Boss,” which was next to a picture of Trump and Obama in the White House, with Trump’s chair higher and bigger and much more forward in the manipulated photo. Then, Trump wrote: “Biden is not running the show,” and “The big reseat is in place.”

And March 29th also saw a very mysterious communication from our President. He posted a video of Barack Obama from 1988, where Obama was quite young, along with the caption “1988 when Barack Obama visited his grandmother mama Sarah Obama. Rest in Power. Now He Is Crying Like Crocodile.” This video shows Obama giving this gal a sweater—and this ‘Crying’ reference to Obama would imply that Obama is perhaps in prison right now? Again, we can only hope.

As well, Trump always makes an extreme effort to show us that God ultimately is in charge, and responsible for the outcome of this war on good versus evil. His April 1st tweet said “GOD LOVES YOU. He answers your prayers. Your job is to believe. Reply with AMEN if you trust God's timing & plans.” Trump also messaged “We are about to wake up America. Get ready. Then the rest of the world will wake up with us. The best is yet to come. Have faith.”

His tweets that followed included “I’m working very hard, building a great comeback plan for our country. I can assure you I’m charged and ready to go! Remember the nonstop campaigning in the last few days before the fraudulent election? You haven’t seen anything yet. That I can tell ya!!!” This was followed by “Turn on alerts for my tweets. And always be ready.” Also, we read “I won the 2020 election. This isn’t going away.” This last message was followed by an icon depicting a face full of thunderous anger.

And finally, we saw his latest tweets, posted on April 2nd: “Federal investigation into Hollywood child sex abuse.” “Trump 2021.” “I will send out an army to find you, In the middle of the darkest night It's true, I will rescue you, I will never stop marching to reach you.” “You are ready to see the truth?” And finally “Open your eyes and your ears...LISTEN CAREFULLY! In the end We Win! God Wins!” This last tweet is followed by a video of Trump saying, “America’s enemies must never know our plans, or believe they can wait us out. I will not say when we are going to attack, but attack we will!”

In summary, we see that although we really wish justice were restored yesterday, we are realizing that things are happening, many behind the scenes. We know that all Trump has to do is to show the evidence of treason, sedition, and crimes against humanity—and we also have come to realize that it probably will be a grassroots reveal.

In studying Trump, we see that he likes to do things in a way where folks do not see what is coming—and that he really pays attention to optics. We also are aware that Trump wants the Patriots to look to God for the ultimate answers, to speak up for our Country, and to remain steadfast in our faith and inner peace—and to also remember that the best is yet to come.

Moreover, in Trump’s interview with Lara Trump very recently, he said that the people also should have hope, because he is coming back. As a great strategist and warrior, Trump will never tell us the exact time that the plug will be pulled. Remember that. Also, whenever the white hats make a great move, the well-organized and devious black hats make countermoves—many times moves that include dirty tactics, maneuvers that Trump and his noble Military will not employ, as loss of life is not an option within their moral code.

We the People all must be involved in taking our Country back. It is 1776 all over again. When you see the people begin to stand up and reject the control, this is when the precipice will be hit. Trump wants all of us to stand up and say, ‘No more!’—just like our Founding Fathers did.

People will get there, and then we will see change happen. Trump’s and the Military’s plan is fully underway. It has been for some time. This is not going to be a sequel to Lethal Weapon. This is real life.

Nonetheless, if we analyze the situation, we can clearly see that there is a three-phase plan in the works. First, Trump wanted to ‘Make America Great Again,’ which he did—and now all of the people know how wonderful this country can be with the right policies in place. The second phase involves revealing the filth of the Deep State to the people until the Cabal’s control tactics make the people reach critical mass in terms of ‘having had enough,’ and this phase also involves getting the election laws changed. And the third phase is saving America, with the Patriots and the Military also in on this significant battle.

Good things sometimes take time, especially when it entails cleaning up worldwide corruption and trafficking and Satanism. But Trump is not a quitter. That is one thing that we can always fall back upon. He is going after the House and the Senate—and wants to expose everything, every last bit of the sleaze and corruption.

In the wise words of Trump’s Attorney L. Lin Wood: “The wave is building; the tide is rising. Steady as she goes. Stand tall. Strengthen your faith. We are on the victory side. Patience. Wait on the Lord.”

And so we shall. You see, my fellow Brothers and Sisters in Christ, Trump is planning on taking it all! And this demonic image that we are witnessing when we look at the Deep State Global Cabal at this very moment in time most definitely brings such sweet music to our ears, does it not? This fascinating image that we eagerly gaze upon with such utter captivation…a tortured image that we Believers in Christ so-very-aptly refer to as ‘The Dying Scream’….

© Kari Lee Fournier


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Kari Lee Fournier

Kari Lee Fournier is a Christian conservative freelance writer. Recently retired after 38 years with her City Water Utility, Kari likes to say that she's still in the water business – although her work now involves the 'Living Water,' represented by the Holy Spirit, which is freely given by Jesus Christ to those who believe that He is their Savior who died and rose again for their sins. In her writings, she primarily attempts to relay the message of the Holy Bible in a simple way, so that those who read her work can immediately apply the Bible's teachings to their own personal life's journeys and trials. Kari's columns have appeared in the Faith Perspectives section of Gannett Company newspapers throughout northeastern Wisconsin.

Contact Kari at wolfgang4234@hotmail.com.


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