Kari Lee Fournier
Almighty God versus Satan: The tremor begins….
By Kari Lee Fournier
April 16, 2021

Who among us has not noticed all of the worldwide events that point to the fact that evil is in the process of going down big-time, and that President Trump will reign once again? One truly has to keep their head on a swivel these days to simply try to keep up with everything.

But amidst all of these crazy goings-on, one thing we do realize is that the Global Cabal/Deep State is about to crash. And these vile creatures are in a desperate frenzy, as they try so very frantically to hang onto power—power that has finally slipped through the hourglass, through their greasy little fingers, to the point that we are approaching the very last remaining granules squeezing through that small opening.

Let’s dive right into the current state of affairs, shall we? For starters, the Deep State’s Central Bank infrastructure plan is failing before it begins, as folks realize that this $3 trillion debacle is not at all about the infrastructure, but more about Democrat payoffs, climate funding, re-zoning, and taxes—everything that We the People do not want, and everything that will lead to even more massive debt for future generations.

And always lurking in the background is the election fraud. The state legislatures currently are putting into effect laws that will safeguard the election, and voter ID is being implemented in many states—not to mention all of the talk of forensic audits about to take place. Yes, the 2020 election fraud issue remains front and center with regard to exposing the huge corruption.

And we see that General Michael Flynn agrees, as he recently said in an interview that all of the people who are focusing on the 2024 Presidential election and forgetting about last year’s massive voter fraud had better realize that it is ‘now or never,’ in terms of saving this country. As well, Mike Lindell recently stated that he has accumulated even more election fraud evidence, and that he also is starting a social media platform that can handle up to one billion customers!

In terms of the Covid pandemic, we know that the evil Global Cabal needed this situation, which was brought about by a biological attack by China, to usher in the Cabal’s Great Reset—where about 3,000 world elites would rule over the American people, with our freedoms and rights taken away. Essentially, we would be their servants, plain and simple.

And that servitude will only be allowed if we can ‘measure up’ in their eyes to some degree—as many of them would just as soon annihilate humans, and switch completely over to robots and artificial intelligence. As chilling as that may sound, trans-humanism—whereby the elites use technology to enhance humans—is very front and center at this point.

Nonetheless, We the People will have none of these nefarious plans. We are waking up, and realizing that we have to fight for our beloved country—each and every one of us—and that we must do this at the grassroots level. President Trump has told us this.

And Trump continues to fight for us, for this great country that was founded upon Judeo-Christian values, with everything that he’s got. He opened up our economy a mere three weeks after the pandemic scare last year—much to the hatred of the Global Cabal, which obviously wants to wreck America’s economy in an effort to take away our superpower status—a position that the evil ones made very clear does not fit in with their plan to run the world.

The Deep State continues to try to shut down the economy, our very lives, by stating that the vaccination is not a real cure-all. Say what?! Then why on earth should everyone take it? Unless of course their main intent is to keep us hunkered down in fear, behind closed doors indefinitely—and to crash our businesses and economy.

Right now, Biden and the far left are pushing the United States economy into a system that is completely controlled by the Central Bank and China. Their ultimate effort is to tank America’s economy, and their policies are hitting the Country hard, as evidenced by the fact that fuel prices are up, lumber is skyrocketing, and jobs are being lost.

They are taxing everyone at a higher rate, and this means that small business will struggle even more than it has during the Covid situation—and corporations once again will flee this country, just as they did during Obama/Biden’s tenure, in search of better tax rates. At 28 percent, Biden’s corporate rate surpasses other countries, including China—which is at 25 percent. America will have the highest tax rate out there among the nations—but of course this is the Cabal’s plan, to make China the great powerhouse.

Truly, the senseless policies under this administration are everywhere to be seen. New York is ready to hand out billions to illegal immigrants—and no, veterans are not eligible to receive any of these funds. We also see that this big city also could be hit with a 50 percent tax. These taxes will hit the people like a tidal wave—especially after the way that Covid decimated household incomes.

Also on the economic front, we see that the Suez Canal incident, where the Evergreen ship got stuck, just exposed the globalist system. Egypt lost $1 billion from the blockage, and $50 billion was lost in global trade. We also learned from reliable sources vetted by Trump Attorney Lin Wood that this ship’s containers contained children meant for child trafficking—and that, sadly, some of them were found dead.

In addition, U. S. Navy assets captured a ‘weapon of last resort’ hidden on this container ship. BEYAZ and CANLI news outlets out of Turkey have a video on Instagram of a newscast that talks about this weapon, and one of the reporters states that the weapon on the Evergreen ship consisted of technology capable of speeding up climate change—which the Global Cabal wanted to use next in their wartime strategy, because their biological weapon of Covid is dying out. The male reporter in the video states that this was the biggest blow that the Deep State has ever suffered!

These sources also report that our Military, under the direction of Trump, took control of the Evergreen ship and rammed it into the bank at the narrowest point. Evergreen was the code word for Hillary Clinton, which was used by the Secret Service that protected her—and the call sign of that craft was H.R.C., obviously the initials of Hillary Clinton. These sources also said that on the bridge of the ship were the captain and two Egyptian harbor guides, and that these three were very ‘unhelpful’ to the authorities—and thus have been arrested.

The main stream media adopted the ‘official’ narrative that high winds blew the ship off course—but this does not make much sense, as those familiar with large ship navigation will tell you that an experienced captain normally would not allow this to happen. Every day that this Evergreen ship was blocking that canal, the Global Cabal lost between $450 and $500 million per day, because they move so many drugs and high-yielding products every day. That is one of the reasons that the ship was left there as long as it was, an obvious move by the ‘white hats’ to damage the Cabal. Later, it was moved up in the canal, and the Military took control of it and parked it.

On another front, in one of Mike Pompeo’s recent messages, he let us know that our Bill of Rights currently is under attack, and that it is time to fight. Joe Biden recently signed six Executive Orders killing gun rights—and brazenly said that ‘No amendment is absolute.’ He and the Global Cabal do not honor the Constitution—indeed they despise it for the power that it takes from them. And they are terrified of the Americans with their guns! Yes, it is that simple.

Now, in getting back to how Biden’s policies are harming America, another atrocious policy would involve energy. Sadly, America is no longer energy independent because of Biden’s new policies, such as shutting down the Keystone Pipeline. We also see huge developments regarding the Supreme Court. Yes, Trump’s prediction that Biden would pack the courts is coming to fruition—as Biden just called for a 36-person panel to study the issue, so it is only a matter of time before the horrendous and tyrannical ‘court packing’ ensues. So much for our third, Judicial, branch of government.

As well, the Progressive Democrat’s border crisis is as tragic as it gets, with women and children getting raped, and the vicious drug cartels having free reign. Even Biden’s own cohorts in crime cannot take it, as we witnessed by the recent resignation of his Border Czar.

Yet Trump’s draining of the swamp continues in full force. We continue to see worldwide resignations from the moneyed elites. This includes Bill Gates and also the world’s richest man, Jeffrey Bezos, stepping down—the latter of which doubled his net worth in 2020, yet still made this shocking move. One may conclude that it looks like they are aware of criminal indictments coming their way soon!

And Trump will get the last laugh on all of Big Tech sooner or later, these vile creatures who refused to allow him to communicate even one whit with his loyal supporters. Yes, Trump will be launching a new media site before very long, probably within the next week or two—but for now, he simply puts out press releases, which are covered by every newspaper in the world. So much for Big Tech’s efforts to stifle his message. Also of interest was Justice Thomas’ recent questioning of the censoring power of these bullying social media monopolies.

On another good note, we also saw the recent situation where Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley decided that they were going to sell off shares in Chinese Tech companies and U. S. media companies to the tune of $20 billion! This, then, would be just in time for Trump’s announced social platform. Yes, it is only a matter of time—Big Tech is going down!

And on the global front, in terms of geopolitical strains between countries, we see that war tensions are building between Russia and the Ukraine—and that there actually was artillery fire exchanged. Tensions also are increasing between China and Taiwan—and Iran and North Korea have been spouting off again, feeling emboldened by Biden’s extreme weakness. Biden and his Cabal backers, including Obama, would love to see the onset of war, which would enable them to take even more control of the American people than they did with Covid.

Not to worry, though. There is a reason that the United States Military has three aircraft carrier task forces guarding the west coast, and two guarding the east coast. Trump knows that the world is watching all of the chaos in America, and he is sending a message that we can easily handle both our strife and any world threats simultaneously—that there needs to be no confusion in that regard.

And it does not take any sources at all for We the People to see with our own two eyes that no leaders from foreign countries have visited the White House to ‘pay homage’ to Biden, like they did with Trump. But this only confirms the fact that global leaders do not recognize Biden as legitimate.

With regard to what is to be done about getting around the corrupt main stream media, so that the American people know the truth of worldwide events, we learned from reliable sources vetted by Trump Attorney Lin Wood that awhile back, Mike Pompeo tried on two or three occasions to test the Emergency Broadcast System. This was done in order to discern whether the media would carry the Trump team’s messages, since these media outlets are bound by law to do so. Yet they refused three times, which was shocking to some in Trump’s team.

Thus, it was realized that in order to take control of the terrestrial main stream media, our Military would not be able to accomplish this via regular methods—it would have to be done by space. These same sources said that the video clips that many of us saw on YouTube under the title ‘Meteorite’ or ‘Asteroid’ had to do with a recent space exchange/battle in this regard. It makes sense that YouTube did not do its usual censoring and delete these videos, as those who filmed it recorded it as merely a meteorite or asteroid. Yes, the Deep State media are always up to their old tricks of disgusting subterfuge.

These same vetted sources allege that this shooting down scenario by the white hats in space actually targeted more than one satellite operated by Mossad, which is the Israeli Intelligence Community that controls the main stream media—and that these satellites targeted were communication satellites. Apparently, it was quite important that these satellites be taken out of commission, as they were very sophisticated and outside of the control of the normal run of things—and thus could have interfered greatly with communications of the good guys.

Further reports from these same sources stated that as of the last week in March of this year, approximately 60 white hat satellites were launched, bringing the total to around 120 new ‘Starlink’ satellites, which are part of a global network of communications that became active on April 7th. This new communication system of Trump’s will allow the good guys to completely control not just the media in the United States, but throughout the entire world—and this is all a very important part of Trump’s Space Force, as these new satellites will allow us to police space.

As this background story on the satellites illustrates, it is no small feat to switch off one news system and turn on another. So this was one amazing score for good against evil.

Additional information from Attorney Lin Wood’s vetted sources also talked about the weakened/damaged state of the Three Gorges Dam in China, hinting that it could go out if there is another earthquake. Interestingly, this dam has a number of nuclear plants stationed below it. They also stated that the many 10 km-type earthquakes that have been recorded of late are the child/human trafficking tunnels being blown up. Trump’s new Space Force reportedly has the capability of performing these Military operations.

Indeed, news reports have been far and wide on Trump’s vast international human trafficking crackdown on criminal networks that has been ongoing for quite some time now. We read recently where 195 were arrested by police in Africa and Europe, and 500 victims of human trafficking were rescued. This same scene has been playing out all over America and the world. This would make sense, too, as there have been many references to fires—which are a part of tunnel detonations—and also references to the explosions themselves in the news.

Corruption also has been brought to light, these same sources report, as investigators found that there was $34 quintillion of money squirreled away, over who knows how many years, in the Vatican. Here, agents found money, gold, cash, jewelry, paintings, artwork, and artifacts—some dating back to the early times of ancient Alexandria! There were tunnels that measured approximately 60 miles long. These ‘finds’ lined both sides of these tunnels. Much of this went to America, but other assets went to the original locations that had been looted.

Nevertheless, Trump’s new Quantum Financial System, which is about three-fourths of the way into position, will not allow for this type of corruption. Apparently, there were ‘big names’ drawing out of their stocks in an effort to get the money and run—and also crash the market—but they were not successful in their attempts.

There also were hints by these credible sources that the Pentagon recently went to a DEFCON 2 alert level, which refers to further increase in Military force readiness, just below maximum readiness—where combat forces are readied for major operations within just a few hours. The most notable time that DEFCON 2 has ever been issued prior to this alert was during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

These sources also say that the Pentagon is not taking orders from Biden, Harris, or Pelosi—and that Biden is not welcome in the Pentagon. And they posted very recently that water was being pumped into all of the tunnels below the U. S. Capitol building and the national mall.

But it gets better! At the America’s Future event in Nashville Tennessee on April 12, 2021, General Michael Flynn confirmed—and it is available on a YouTube video—that Donald Trump is still the President of the United States! And we all know that General Flynn’s word is as good as gold, so this definitely is the best news yet!

Additionally, Mike Pompeo put out a message on Twitter with a photo of him playing chess and eating pineapple chips that Pompeo writes are from Taiwan. We know that China banned Taiwanese pineapple imports, so this was a definite reference to China. Pompeo also in this picture was playing a game of chess, with a ‘D5’ move showing on the board—which is well-known in chess as a baiting technique for ‘Checkmate.’ Looks like China is going down!

And last, but certainly not least, we dive into some of President Trump’s Twitter messages. Some particularly catch our eye, such as his “They thought we would give up. We didn’t. Forensic Audit coming.” And then, even more amazingly, Trump’s “Soon...the world is going to "flip" like we have never experienced before. Do not be scared…trust in this process,” followed by his “10 days of darkness!”—and then in all capital letters “WE NEED LAW AND ORDER RESTORED.”

Some of Trump’s next messages included: “Trump is coming,” “Joe Biden wasn’t elected, he was selected by China,” “The world must wake up now,” “The storm is upon us, pray and do not give up hope,” and the wonderful notification “I got a standing ovation during Easter weekend and everyone called me still Mr. President, so honored but I have a great surprise for all coming soon, I'm hoping to be back in office by August of this year, not 2024! Keep praying my fellow patriots, the Father hears your cries!”

We also were so very touched by Trump’s post of an old, black and white picture of John F. Kennedy in the Oval Office, and he is clapping good-naturedly as JFK, Jr. and Caroline—both so very young and happy—are dancing impulsively in a moment of pure, unadulterated joy! This is no doubt a reference to how Trump has told us that he will ‘finish’ what JFK started, with regard to cleaning up the Cabal.

Then, we saw on Trump’s twitter “Trump 2021,” “I won the election BIGLY!!! Everyone knows this. Maybe I will be the first President to win 3 elections,” followed by his cryptic “Why is the Bezos yacht in the Red Sea?” Subsequent posts included “CALM BEFORE THE STORM,” “The tremor begins,” and then “We are about to wake up America. Get ready…then the rest of the world will wake up with us. The best is yet to come. Have faith.”

Trump’s further messages included “I am gearing up for something BIG!!” Also, there was a picture of Prince Philip of England, along with the post “Was he vaccinated? Terminated or did he just expire?” Enquiring minds like ours sure would like to have more info on that one.

Trump then posted “Nothing can destroy a man with the heart of a lion. Behind me is the army of patriots who know what is the right choice for a better tomorrow. Patriots, stay united, the STORM is coming!” This was followed by “Feels like the calm before the storm,” “Everything will change soon! FOR THE BETTER!” and “I can’t wait to clean up the disaster of Joe Biden, and Cackling Kamala!”

And we dare not leave out the last of Trump’s more enigmatic tweets, such as “Don't take it personal. When you were fooled, they also were fooled. The truth is, I play very little golf. I'm a little too busy running the world. Stick with me deplorables, you're going to like the ending. I guarantee it.” This followed by “I confirm that the storm is upon us,” and “THE TIME HAS COME TO TAKE BACK WHAT IS OURS”—the latter of which was included with a picture of a powerful eagle with its eyes lit up and a thunderous look on its face.

Additionally, we saw Trump’s “Real President never takes weekends off!!!”—this tweet included a picture of Trump sitting at a conference table with reporters looking on, and the President leaning forward toward We the People with a knowing smile. And then we saw his ever heartening “I can fix Biden’s mess in one week.” Who of us has the nerve to doubt that decisive assertion from this highly energy-driven and purposeful man?

There also was his “Nothing can stop what is coming,” and “The revolution is coming!” This followed by a wonderful video of Biden and Harris sinking into the ground in the White House—and Trump coming out dancing. But then, while we were still immersed in our wonderful moment of shared glee on that message, Trump’s next dispatch that popped up suddenly sent immediate chills down our spine: “It's time to take back EVERYTHING the devil has embezzled from us.”

Yes, my fellow Patriots, Trump and his fellow loyalists, which includes 200 Generals and strong Military, will not go silently into the night as our freedoms and rights are stolen. And one of our favorite ministers, Pastor Charles Swindoll, has words to address this firm stance of ours…words that address Trump’s reference to taking back all that the devil has embezzled from us…indeed, words that calm our restless souls as very little out there can at this trembling juncture in time. He counsels us with this sage advice: “The devil, darkness, and death may swagger and boast, the pangs of life will sting for a while longer, but the forces of evil are breathing their last. So there's no need to worry…He has risen! He has risen, indeed!”

Absolutely, that ol' devil is beneath our feet, thanks to the death and resurrection of Our Sweet Lord Jesus Christ!!! And thus we already have the most coveted prize of all time: the Gift of God’s Holy Spirit. And this is buried deeply within we Believers in Christ at all times. No need for worries, as we can talk to Almighty God at any time, in any place. And we share this Gospel message of Jesus and the Cross whenever/wherever we can at this late hour!

Now, from President Trump’s point of view, he has wisely stepped back to maintain good optics. At this poing, the American people are seeing firsthand, as Trump wanted them to, how bad it can get under the Progressive/Woke Democrats, who are run by the evil Global Cabal. The people are seeing the truth of blackmail, treason, insurrection, crimes against humanity, the border crisis, the economy and the pandemic hoax. Yes, it’s all about to implode on the Deep State!

And on the enemy’s side, the Central Bank and Deep State Democrats are panicking. They have lost control, and they are now trying to control the narrative—and implementing damage control by trying to incorporate some of Trump’s policies, such as his border strategy. Just a bit too little and too late, though.

Trump and his Patriots are in total control. And we have seen that Trump is signaling We the People to start flexing our muscles—to show the Deep State once and for all who really governs this great Country. Make no mistake about it, Trump is a wartime President, and we are at war with both China, the countries that participated in the election fraud and human trafficking, and the Global Deep State.

Nevertheless, as the evil Cabal gasps their last foul blast of air, Trump has already been making his move, clandestinely, in a type of irregular war strategy—based upon his favorite author Sun Tzu’s ‘The Art of War.’ We who cautiously look on most definitely see and feel and taste, with all of our innermost being, that the tremor has begun….

Question: ‘At what stage do you play the Trump card?’ Answer: ‘No one knows until it happens.’ You see, my sweet fellow Believers in Christ, the timing was always left up to him!

© Kari Lee Fournier


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Kari Lee Fournier

Kari Lee Fournier is a Christian conservative freelance writer. Recently retired after 38 years with her City Water Utility, Kari likes to say that she's still in the water business – although her work now involves the 'Living Water,' represented by the Holy Spirit, which is freely given by Jesus Christ to those who believe that He is their Savior who died and rose again for their sins. In her writings, she primarily attempts to relay the message of the Holy Bible in a simple way, so that those who read her work can immediately apply the Bible's teachings to their own personal life's journeys and trials. Kari's columns have appeared in the Faith Perspectives section of Gannett Company newspapers throughout northeastern Wisconsin.

Contact Kari at wolfgang4234@hotmail.com.


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