Jamie Freeze Baird
He/she/it goes to college
By Jamie Freeze Baird
November 9, 2010

Imagine the following scenario. Susie graduates from high school and is accepted to a women's college. Susie goes to college, but during her sophomore year, Susie decides that she no longer identifies with the female gender. Perhaps this came after a revelation in Professor Smith's class on Gender Identity, or perhaps it came from exploring "alternative lifestyles" in an effort to "discover" herself. Regardless, Susie decides to abandon her womanhood and become a man. By Susie's junior year, she is now a he and goes by the name David. Now, David is demanding that the women's college accommodate him. This is not a farfetched story; it was the storyline of a recent CNN article.

In one case, a male student at Morehouse College (a men's college) spoke out against the school's dress code that forbade women's clothing. Kevin Webb said, "The school should embrace a wide spectrum of male students instead of imposing a narrow definition of masculinity. We are all humans, students...We should be able to experience things, including cross-dressing. If we take those moments away, we have failed them during the four years. We haven't allowed them to grow."

I went to a liberal co-ed university where challenging gender norms were an integral part of most classes — from anthropology to sociology to history to English classes — so this came as no real shock. But it still irritated me. Why should a same-sex college be forced to defy their mission and scope to accommodate a confused student searching down the wrong road for self-fulfillment? The sad thing is that many of these colleges are bending over backwards in an attempt to support these students.

Sadly, we have created a culture that demands individual rights over common sense. We have a culture that sacrifices what is right at the altar of being comfortable. Enough is enough.

I am firmly persuaded that the best way for a college to support its students is to teach them responsibility (since parents obviously often failed this task). The "Me" generation is so focused on their personal rights that they have stomped on the rights of others. These college students should be forced to take responsibility for mutilating their genitals, injecting themselves with chemicals, acting like the opposite sex, and/or dressing like the opposite sex. They should not be allowed to demand that others cater to their rejection of cultural norms.

If a student has the right to change their gender, then they should accept the responsibility for their actions. If a student at a same-sex school changes their gender, they should quietly transfer to another school that is co-ed. If the student refuses to transfer or withdraw, the school should expel the student. After all, if gender is a choice (and it is if you can change it!), then choices have consequences. The college should not change their identity for a student suffering from identity crisis.

These colleges need to send a strong message to their students: You do NOT have the right to be comfortable. You do NOT have the right to live above criticism. You do NOT have the right to make others conform to or accept your deviant lifestyle. You do NOT have the right to challenge cultural and societal norms without facing resistance.

When people do not learn these things, the results are devastating. We have created a culture that does not recognize absolute truth. Situation ethics and relative morality reign supreme, and our college administrators gladly or unwittingly reinforce this philosophy. America's moral compass is spinning in confusion. College is often referred to as a place of personal exploration, but the "every-lifestyle-is-wonderful-and-equally-acceptable" approach embraced by colleges is leaving behind a generation of broken, confused, morally degenerate adults. My wise father taught me that college was for education — he said I should "discover myself" on my own time and dollar. If our colleges focused more on education and less on self-discovery, we might actually have degrees that are worth more than the paper they are printed on. Instead, we have idiots graduating from college, but at least they discovered themselves — whatever that "self" may be.

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Jamie Freeze Baird

Jamie Baird received battlefield experience in the war of ideology while attending the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. While earning her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and History, she served as Vice President of the College Republicans and was the lone conservative opinion columnist for The Carolinian, UNCG's student newspaper. After surviving college without becoming a liberal, she graduated in 2009. Jamie received her Master of Arts in Government, with certification in Law and Public Policy from Regent University in 2011, where she was also active in the College Republicans. You can contact Jamie at jamiebaird12@gmail.com with questions, comments, rants, and snide remarks.


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