Michael Gaynor
For Obama, the lights went out in Massachusetts!
By Michael Gaynor
January 20, 2010

The message was clear: America remains a center-right country, Obama has not delivered the change most Americans want and the Far Left's big-government and will-of-the-people-be-damned attitude will not be tolerated.

American exceptionalism won. Obama's radical agenda is done.

The 1965 Northeast blackout was dramatized in the 1968 film "Where Were You When the Lights Went Out?" and the Bee Gees song "Massachusetts" discussed events of the blackout in these lyrics:

"Feel I'm goin' back to Massachusetts,

"Something's telling me I must go home.

"And the lights all went out in Massachusetts

"The day I left her standing on her own.

"Tried to hitch a ride to San Francisco,

"Gotta do the things I wanna do.

"And the lights all went out in Massachusetts

"They brought me back to see my way with you.

"Talk about the life in Massachusetts,

"Speak about the people I have seen,

"And the lights all went out in Massachusetts

"And Massachusetts is one place I have seen.

"I will remember Massachusetts..."

I will remember January 19, 2010, the day Massachusetts told President Obama and his Far Left band...NO! Cambridge (where Harvard is located) voted overwhelmingly for Obama's candidate, Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley, but the former president of the Harvard Law Review learned that Cambridge does not represent Massachusetts, much less America. Notwithstanding a 3 to 1 Democrat registration advantage, Republican Scott Brown won comfortably.

Wikipedia: "A brownout...is a drop in voltage in an electrical power supply. The term brownout comes from the dimming experienced by lighting when the voltage sags."

The Obama administration experienced a political power brownout as a result of Brown's sensational victory in the race for a United States Senate seat in Massachusetts. The message was clear: America remains a center-right country, Obama has not delivered the change most Americans want and the Far Left's big-government and will-of-the-people-be-damned attitude will not be tolerated.

Last Saturday I posted this message at Facebook: "Race to fill seat vacated by Ted Kennedy was Dems to lose. They did! But will machinations that Dems used to win a Washington governorship and a Minnesota Senate seat be used in Massachusetts? Will Black Panthers from Pennsylvania go to Massachusetts to "police" the polls? What will Andy Stern (SEIU) and Bertha Lewis... (ACORN) tweet as they smell defeat? Will ACORN and SEIU steal the seat? Not unless it's close."

Yesterday it wasn't close. Associated Press called the race early and Coakley conceded.

Laura Ingraham, who foresaw the Brown victory weeks ago and rallied Americans across the nation, summed up the significance of Brown's victory nicely, dismissed efforts to minimize it and looked forward:

"Hope & Change... in the People's Victory

"Don't let anyone convince you that Scott Brown's victory in Mass. isn't anything but monumental. This is a body blow to Obamelosimanuel agenda and a repudiation of the course on which the President has put our nation. At the same time, beware those Republicans who claim this victory as theirs. Until a few weeks ago the RNC wasn't even really dialed into what was happening in Massachusetts. It wasn't so long ago when certain GOP elites were quietly turning their noses up at the raw raucous energy of the tea parties. Make no mistake about it were it not for talk radio and the tea party/townhall events of last summer, healthcare would have passed long ago and you probably would have never heard of Scott Brown. He saw an opportunity, respected the will of the people and ran a great campaign a classic American success story. Now it's time to roll up our sleeves and take back our power from the other political frauds who are destroying what we love about America. Congressmen Barney Frank, John Murtha, Luis Gutierrez, Jim McDermott, Sheila Jackson Lee (just to name a few) should all be forced to find new work in this glorious Obama economy. Congrats to Sen. Scott and to all of you across the country who helped him."

Black conservatives affiliated with the Project 21 leadership spoke out on Brown's stunning victory.

Kevin L. Martin: "Scott Brown's victory in the bluest of traditionally blue states can only be viewed as a complete loss of confidence in the policies of the Obama White House and its allies in Congress. People have tasted the fruits of a government dominated by liberal ideologues and they've not found it to their liking. What remains to be seen is if this repudiation has been heard and understood. Will Obama, Pelosi and Reid see the writing on the wall, or will they continue their heavy-handed attempts to ram through their agenda against the will of the people?"

Horace Cooper: "Yesterday's victory by State Senator Brown is reminiscent of the upset off-year elections of 1994. Then, the Democrats could have seen the results for what they were a repudiation of big government liberalism but they refused. As someone who worked on the Hill while these races were happening, you have to wonder if this time they'll get the message before it's too late."

Bob Parks: "As someone who ran and lost in Massachusetts, it's great to see a conservative win there. While Massachusetts Republicans and independents can enjoy their well-earned opportunity to gloat, they can also revel in the fact they did the impossible in an impossible state. And let's hope leaders in Washington realize that the people responded to a conservative message not one of moderation."

Ellis Washington: "In Massachusetts, the site of the first tea party in 1773 and the renewed tax revolts of 2009, citizen defiance may have saved our republic. The stakes could not have been higher for the Obama Administration and congressional liberals in this special election. This may be the day in which it is guaranteed that Barack Obama will be a one-term president. Scott Brown's election will help America take a giant step toward renewed freedom and liberty. It bodes well for renewing American exceptionalism, market capitalism and the protection of personal property and sacred inalienable rights."

Obama is NOT a champion of "American exceptionalism, market capitalism and the protection of personal property and sacred inalienable rights." He is the candidate of ACORN, SEIU and La Raza. He wants "fundamental change" and Americans don't want a Mao ornament on a White House Christmas tree. Like Jimmy Carter, Obama will be a one-term president.

© Michael Gaynor


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