Michael Gaynor
That campaign against "SCOTUS conservatives" is NOT "politics, as usual"
By Michael Gaynor
March 25, 2011

The people behind and out front in the "concerted campaign" against "SCOTUS conservatives" are not "liberals." They are radicals — socialists and stealth socialists — and their man is living in the White House (when not traveling).

Matt Lewis asked the right question in "What's Behind The Campaign Against SCOTUS Conservatives?" (http://www.judicialnetwork.com/?q=news/what%E2%80%99s-behind-campaign-against-scotus-conservatives).

Lewis's answered that the "concerted campaign" of "liberals" "to discredit traditionally conservative Supreme Court Justices" "appears to be little more than a desperate attempt by the Left to hold onto the one bastion of government through which they can still ram through their agenda: The courts" and described it as "politics, as usual" and "a preemptive strike — meant to level the playing field in the event Justice Kagan has to recuse herself from ruling on health care reform (because of her work on health care reform as Solicitor General)."

Lewis's analysis:

"One objective is presumably to demonize justices like Scalia, Thomas...and Alito. This, of course, is a worthy endeavor, in and of itself, if you're a liberal.

"But there's likely an added benefit — to subtly lean on Justice Kennedy to swing to the left on ObamaCare, same-sex marriage cases, etc....

"And there's likely another facet to this campaign — the effort to take a player off the field.

"Liberal Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) is playing a lead role in the 'scandal' saga, as he has repeatedly called on Justice Clarence Thomas to recuse himself during the Court's hearing on health care reform.

It's ominous, NOT typical politics.

At the end of the 2008 presidential campaign, now President Obama acknowledged that his aim was to "fundamentally transform" America.

Obamacare is a critical component of Obama's "spread the wealth" fundamental transformation.

Before Obamacare was passed, Obama made Obamacare more important than re-election.

"I'd rather be a really good one-term president than a mediocre two-term president," Obama told Obama-friendly ABC News on January 25, 2010 (www.dailymail.co.uk/news/worldnews/article-1246202/Obama-Id-good-term-president-mediocre-term-president-new-poll-shows-hes-divisive-president-yet.html).

The election of Scott Brown to fill the United States Senate seat previously occupied by the late Ted Kennedy should have been the death knell for Obamacare.

But then SEIU boss Andy Stern immediately insisted that Obama double down and get it passed.

In "Why Obama Really Continues to Push 'Obamacare'" (www.webcommentary.com/php/ShowArticle.php?id=gaynorm&date=100301), I explained what was going on, and why, as follows:

"The reality is the Obama is a radical trying to 'fundamentally transform' America to please socialists while denying that he's a socialist.

"Watch the video of Obama explaining to a friendly audience years ago that he favored a single payer plan (www.breitbart.tv/obama-in-03-id-like-to-see-a-single-payer-health-care-plan/).

"Obama: 'I happen to be a proponent of a single payer universal health care program. I see no reason why the United States of America, the wealthiest country in the history of the world, spending 14 percent of its Gross National Product on health care cannot provide basic health insurance to everybody. And that's what Jim is talking about when he says everybody in, nobody out. A single payer health care plan, a universal health care plan. And that's what I'd like to see. But as all of you know, we may not get there immediately. Because first we have to take back the White House, we have to take back the Senate, and we have to take back the House.'

"If Obama was a pragmatist, as he proclaimed, he would not still be pushing Obamacare.

"But Obama's mission is to deliver what SEIU and ACORN want, and that the Clintons failed to deliver.

"SEIU boss and most frequent White House visitor Andy Stern did not blink upon learning of the Massachusetts Miracle.

"Stern's order: full steam ahead!

"Stern soon after 'the Massachusetts miracle' was apparent:

'Today is no different than yesterday or the day before or the day before that. Pat DeJong will still wake up in Libby, Montana. Pat is still mourning the loss of her husband and the selling of his family's ranch because of his medical bills. And, Pat will still go to the bed side of her patients each day, providing excellent care, still lacking coverage of her own. Pat's reality is the reality millions of working people face every day. One political election does not change the fact that Pat and hardworking families across this country have been asking for and deserve fundamental reforms.'

'The reason Ted Kennedy's seat is no longer controlled by a Democrat is clear: Washington's inability to deliver the change voters demanded in November 2008. Make no mistake, political paralysis resulted in electoral failure.'

'During the past year, Republicans refused to do anything but stand in the way of change and Democratic Senators took too long to do too little. And tonight, the Senate bears the consequences for its failure to act decisively but the American people are the ones left paying the price. If our elected officials don't recognize that every day more working families fall victim to Washington's failure to act, the elections next November will result in the same.

'Today's vote must be a wake-up call that now is the time for bold action. Time to stand up to politics as usual. Time to stand up to Republican scare and stall tactics. And time to speak up for working families.

'The Senate may have squandered the trust the American people gave to Washington in 2008. But now, every member of Congress and the Administration must act with a renewed sense of purpose to show working families whose side they are on and deliver meaningful change to every American. This is not the time for timidity. It is time to show the courage and strength of conviction to move this country forward and bring working families the change they need. It starts by passing health insurance reform and giving Pat and millions of people like her the security and peace of mind they deserve.'

"The Far Left has to effect 'fundamental change' now or never, so Stern, who was backing Obama for President at least as far back as 2006 and holds the record for most visits to the White House during the Age of Obama, still wants Obama to proceed with the radical agenda, starting with Obamacare.

"That's the same Stern who explained his organizing philosophy this way: '[W]e prefer to use the power of persuasion, but if that doesn't work we use the persuasion of power.'

"If it costs the Democrats control of Congress as early as 2011 and the White House in 2013, Stern et al. take a long-term view and still want it.

"So Obama will dutifully continue to try to get it for them."

Obamacare cost the Democrats control of the House of Representatives and a bunch of Senate seats in 2010, but the radicals view that as the price of the "fundamental transformation" they push as hard and fast as possible.

It's been about a year since Obamacare was enacted.

That "concerted campaign" against "SCOTUS conservatives" and the Obama Administration's opposition to the United States Supreme Court deciding on the constitutionality of Obamacare sooner rather than later are both aspects of the radical effort to "fundamentally transform" America. The radicals are hoping to delay the case long enough for Obama to nominate a replacement for one of the "SCOTUS conservatives" and to spend as much money as possible implementing Obamacare in the hope that enough SCOTUS Justices will accept it as a fait accompli.

The people behind and out front in the "concerted campaign" against "SCOTUS conservatives" are not "liberals." They are radicals — socialists and stealth socialists — and their man is living in the White House (when not traveling).

See "The emerging corruption is stealth socialism" (July 31, 2010) (www.renewamerica.com/columns/gaynor/100731):

"When then presidential candidate Obama called for America's 'fundamental transformation' in 2008, his stealth socialist allies knew what he meant. To them, it meant taking power and doing as fast as feasible whatever could be done to transform the United States of America into a socialist state, so that 'progressives' would retain power in perpetuity (with the help of legislators who would vote for 'progressive' legislation against the will of the people and the addition to the federal judiciary of activists who would rubberstamp unconstitutional acts instead of honor sacred oaths to 'support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic;...bear true faith and allegiance to the same...[and] well and faithfully discharge the duties of...office,' and 'administer justice without respect to persons,...do equal right to the poor and to the rich...[and] faithfully and impartially discharge and perform all the duties...under the Constitution and laws of the United States.'"

See also ACORN Whistleblower MonCrief's "Obama, ACORN and Stealth Socialism" (May 29, 2010) (http://hotair.com/archives/2010/05/29/obama-acorn-and-stealth-socialism-dire-domestic-threat/):

"As an ex-ACORN insider and ex-radical who used Democrat donor lists to raise money for ACORN alter-ego Project Vote and designed the ACORN 2005, 2006 and 2007 Political Operations Year End PowerPoint presentations, I know that President Obama (for whom I now regretfully admit I proudly voted) was an ACORN guy for many years and realize that he became the instrument for the implementation of its stealth socialism agenda."

The truth can make people free, but they need to learn it, or else they can be manipulated.

© Michael Gaynor


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