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Project Vote and Fox News's Jehmu Greene missing in the Fox News voter fraud special
By Michael Gaynor
April 24, 2012

Apparently Fox News' idea of "fair and balanced" is not to include either Jehmu Greene or Anita MonCrief on its voter fraud special and to steer clear of the ACORN/Project Vote connections of President Obama and his presidential campaign.

If Fox News did a special on oil in Alaska, would Fox News contributor Sarah Palin be included?

You betcha.

But Fox News just did a voter fraud special — "Fox News Reporting: Stealing Your Vote" (http://www.foxnews.com/on-air/fox-news-reporting/2012/04/20/fox-news-reporting-stealing-your-vote) (including ACORN founder and Chief Organizer for 38 years Wade Rathke) — and Fox News contributor Jehmu Greene was nowhere to be seen.

That's weird.

Accuracy in Media's Cliff Kincaid, in "The Fox News Feminists" (www.aim.org/aim-column/the-fox-news-feminists/), posted on January 23, 2012, explained:

"...Jehmu Greene, who became a Fox News contributor in 2010, is a former president of the Women's Media Center. She is also a Democratic Party operative who was the national director of Project Vote, a group with close ties to the corrupt ACORN organization.

"ACORN whistleblower Anita Moncrief, a former Project Vote/ACORN employee, says Project Vote acquired funds to run voter registration drives through ACORN. But the ACORN connection has been curiously omitted in Jehmu Greene's bios, and she gets extremely upset when it is mentioned, Moncrief told Accuracy in Media.

"Moncrief wrote about Greene's previously unknown relationship to ACORN through Project Vote in a column, 'Former ACORN insider infiltrates Fox News,' which appeared on the website Hot Air and other sites on September 7. 'In 2006 ACORN was running a massive campaign across the country to raise the minimum wage,' she said. 'Their efforts were tied in with Project Vote's voter registration drive and the subsequent takeover of the House of Representatives by Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats.'

"Moncrief goes on, 'As a tax exempt nonprofit, Project Vote acquired funds to run "non-partisan" voter registration drives but "contracted" with partisan ACORN.' She reproduced a 2004 'Joint Effort Agreement' that provided legal cover for the two organizations 'that, during my tenure, operated seamlessly as one.'

"The Jehmu Greene connection to the corrupt entity is upsetting to Moncrief, who is trying to hold the organization and its operatives accountable. It is also upsetting, she said, because of Greene's current employment at Fox News Channel, at a time when some conservative contributors to the channel have been writing and speaking critically about ACORN.

"Moncrief wrote, 'Michelle Malkin, Glenn Beck and other Fox News personalities have been vilified in the mainstream media and threatened in their personal lives for exposing ACORN. It is an insult to them and average Americans to have a former ACORN insider using Fox News to espouse her liberal bias. From attacking Tim Tebow to smugly "representing" blacks during segments called "Has Obama Abandoned the African-American Community?" one has to question the judgment of Fox when folks like Walter Williams, Star Parker, Alfonzo Rachel and a host of others like them exist in the Conservative movement.'"

For more of the inside the belly of the beast perspective that Greene and MonCrief can provide but only MonCrief has dared to provide, see MonCrief's article at http://hotair.com/greenroom/archives/2011/09/07/former-acorn-insider-infiltrates-fox-news/.

As the ACORN whistleblower. MonCrief herself is uniquely positioned to address not only voter fraud, but the ACORN/Project Vote connections of President Obama and his presidential campaign.

Fox News trumpeted:

"In this brand-new Fox News exclusive, [Eric Shawn] uncovers brazen vote fraud schemes across the country and investigates the charges and counter-charges leveled in a number of high-profile elections:

Fraud and the campaign to recall Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker: Crying foul or crying wolf?

Did illegal voting by felons in 2008 give President Obama a filibuster-proof Senate majority?

The ugly battle over voter ID laws: Do they stop illegal ballots or keep minorities from the polls?"

The big story was not mentioned.

Apparently Fox News' idea of "fair and balanced" is not to include either Jehmu Greene or Anita MonCrief on its voter fraud special and to steer clear of the ACORN/Project Vote connections of President Obama and his presidential campaign.

The American people generally and Fox News viewers particularly deserve much better.

They deserve the truth that President Obama doesn't want them to know and Fox News is not telling.

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