Michael Gaynor
No wonder Kirsten Gillibrand is having Wendy Long's campaign events videotaped!
By Michael Gaynor
September 7, 2012

Study those videotapes carefully, Senator! You can run, but you can't hide either.

Wendy Long, the Republican/Conservative United States Senate candidate in New York, is Gillibrand's worst nightmare — a smarter, principled woman running for the sake of her children — and exposing Senator Etch-a-Sketch for what she really is: the flip flopping princess of the Albany Democrat machine who slyly posed as a Blue Dog Democrat and NRA champion to win a seat in Congress from upstate New York and instantly became the most liberal United States Senator as ranked by non-partisan National Journal after she was appointed to replace Hillary Clinton.

Gillibrand is not suicidal. She ignored Long's challenge to have five debates, because she wants to be reelected to a full term, and a series of debates with Long would doom her campaign, regardless of her eight figure campaign bank account.

Gillibrand may prefer to have a drone attack Long for her and the media to continue to largely ignore the Senate race, but cable television stations YNN and NY1 are scheduled to host a debate on October 17, so Gillibrand has to try to survive it.

Gillibrand probably is familiar with the remark that heavyweight boxing champion made about rival Billy Conn, "He can run, but he can't hide." Louis knocked out Conn, twice.

Gillibrand wants to do both — run and hide, but at least one debate is unavoidable, so as Long crisscrosses New York introducing herself to voters, Gillibrand is having her videotaped.

The Long campaign isn't videotaping Gillibrand.

Long only needs to reach the voters, not to videotape Gillibrand.

Yesterday Long, tweeted: "The NY Giants vs. #DNC2012...which are YOU watching tonight?"

For me and the rest of the crowd at the event hosted by the Nassau County Federation of Republican Women at the VFW Hall in Albertson, in Nassau County, the answer was, "Neither. I'm watching you!"

Plenty of Dem convention delegates had booed God that day and the Giants lost, 24 to 17, so watching Long had to be the right choice (and when the q and a session began with a question about her shoes, she put one on display so that even the people seated in the back of the hall could see — that's full disclosure!).

Long did not provide an update on the Giants game, but she did report on that day's developments at the DNC Convention.

The day before the DNC had adopted a party platform that dropped any reference to either God or Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Team Obama obviously figured out that was bad political strategy after a firestorm ensued and had the platform amended by pretending that at least two-thirds of the delegates approved.

When the vote was taken, the nos appeared to have a majority on the voice photo, so there was re-voting and finally it was declared that the motion to amend the platform had passed See www.youtube.com/watch?v=cncbOEoQbOg.

Traditional American values candidate Long's view, as explained at the event and posted on her Facebook page:

"Sad is the only way to describe what happened tonight at the Democratic Convention in Charlotte. It took three roll calls for Kirsten Gillibrand and the Democrats to ram through the obvious, first an acknowledgement that 'God' belongs in their party platform and second that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.

"Kirsten Gillibrand and the entire New York Democratic delegation owes New Yorkers an apology for this profoundly disturbing display."

Given the Obama Administration's war on religious liberty, the platform as originally written and approved was to be expected.

So was the flip flop when it became obvious that this was not the kind of change for which the bulk of the American people want.

Will the amendment to the platform fool anyone, or will everyone remember that candidate Obama cleverly identified himself as a supporter of traditional marriage when he was running for President and flip flopped after he was elected?

Alas, the question was not asked at the event.

The main subject was the phony war on women and Gillibrand's sheer hypocrisy and rank opportunism.

Long exposed Senator Etch-a-Sketch for what she really is.

A real champion of women's rights, Gillibrand is not.

A politician as phony as the phony war on women, she is.

Long summed it up nicely in this press release the day of the event.

No Ethics, No Matter — Gillibrand Sticking With Rivera "24-7" Longs calls on Gillibrand to end support for Silver-Rivera culture of corruption in Albany

Is Gillibrand protecting family lobbying interests in Albany?

New York, New York — U.S. Senate candidate Wendy Long called on Senator Gillibrand to immediately end her support for Assemblywoman Naomi Rivera, Speaker Silver and the culture of corruption in Albany.

"Given her record of flip-flops, New Yorkers already know that Senator Gillibrand doesn't believe in anything but her own political advancement. Sadly, the events of the last few days proves that her desire for self means supporting those who violate the public trust — stealing taxpayer dollars and endangering young women," said U.S. Senate Candidate Wendy Long.

It was reported by Capital today that "a campaign spokesperson for Gillibrand [told me] today that the senator still supports Rivera." Rivera is under investigation by numerous law enforcement agencies following reports by the New York Post that she funded a not-for-profit with state funds and subsequently used it for personal expenses.

This revelation comes on the heels of remarks made by Gillibrand earlier today in Charlotte that she continues to supports Speaker Silver despite his collusion in attempting to silence victims of sexual harassment. Gillibrand said, the Speaker is "perfectly poised to be able to offer our votes and he will do so proudly on behalf of our state."

"It's time for Gillibrand to stand up for something other than her own political and personal interests. It's time she ends her support for Rivera-Silver culture of corruption in Albany."

"Despite saying there can be 'zero tolerance' for sexual harassment, Kirsten Gillibrand still supports Silver and his cronies. Her family profits handsomely from its lobbying business with Sheldon Silver, which leads to the question whose interests is she protecting — women and New York taxpayers, or those of the Rutnik family?" concluded Long.

Study those videotapes carefully, Senator! You can run, but you can't hide either.

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