Michael Gaynor
Of course NYT isn't reporting on Obama administration harassment of True the Vote founder Catherine Engelbrecht
By Michael Gaynor
May 31, 2013

God bless Engelbrecht and True the Vote and God save the United States of America.

True the Vote founder Catherine Engelbrecht exemplifies the courageous citizen who chooses to stand up instead of back down and the target of those who believe that no good deed should go unpunished.

Engelbrecht: "Absolute power corrupts absolutely. We have come too close to giving our government absolute power. Not just in elections, but in everything. We've got to re-engage and help pitch in in any way we can to help correct this course. Involvement, observation, holding people accountable – that changes things. And that's what True the Vote is here to do. Corruption, when not stopped at the polls, rises essentially unchecked to the highest offices in our nation. And it has to stop. If our elections aren't truly fair, we aren't truly free." (www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2012/04/15/engelbrecht-if-elections-arent-fair-we-arent-free)

For those who (foolishly) get their news only from The New York Times, there's been no news about Engelbrecht this year and last year she was a principal subject of a snide pre-election hit piece by Stephanie Saul entitled "Looking, Very Closely, for Voter Fraud" (www.nytimes.com/2012/09/17/us/politics/groups-like-true-the-vote-are-looking-very-closely-for-voter-fraud.html?pagewanted=all&_r=0).

Why?In Saul's words in her article, True the Vote planned "to scrutinize the validity of voter registration rolls and voters who appear at the polls" and was "mobilizing a small army of volunteers to combat what it sees as a force out to subvert elections"; Engelbrecht was describing voter fraud as a "plot to undermine American Democracy"; and "[a]mong those in [True the Vote's] cross hairs" were "noncitizens who are registered to vote, those without proper identification, others who may be registered twice, and dead people."


After all, in the Age of Obama discriminating against noncitizens who register to vote, people without proper identification who want to vote, people who register to vote more than once and dead people is grounds for IRS, FBI and BATF harassment and Engelbrecht had to be punished.

Saul portrayed Engelbrecht this way:

"Ms. Engelbrecht, who at 42 is younger than most of the Tea Party members she addresses around the country, said that until four years ago she was apolitical, a churchgoing mother of two who ran a successful oil field machinery business with her husband in Fort Bend County, Tex.

"'Then in 2008, I don't know, something clicked,' she said. 'I saw our country headed in a direction that, for whatever reason – it didn't hit me until 2008 – this really threatens the future of our children.'

"The epiphany prompted Ms. Engelbrecht to work as a poll watcher in the 2009 local elections along with others in the King Street Patriots, the Tea Party group she founded. It was supposed to be a one-day assignment, but it crystallized the concerns of Ms. Engelbrecht and her fellow volunteers, who said they saw shenanigans including outright fraud. The group felt duty bound to continue its activities."

Saul proceeded to depict Engelbrecht's efforts to promote voting integrity as racist, hostile to lower income families, or both.


"In Houston, the group targeted the Congressional district represented by Sheila Jackson Lee, a Democrat who is black. Ms. Engelbrecht said the group settled on Ms. Lee's district because thousands of addresses there housed six or more registered voters, which it took as an indication of inaccurate registrations. The methodology, which the group still uses, could disproportionately affect lower income families.

"Volunteers spent five months analyzing 3,800 registrations in Ms. Lee's district, discovering more than 500 voters that the group said were problematic. More than 200 voters were registered at vacant lots, prompting Ms. Engelbrecht to later remark that those voters had a 'Lord of the Rings Middle Earth sort of thing going on.'

Reporting on a True the Vote workshop in Columbus, Ohio in August 2012, Saul acknowledged that ACORN whistleblower Anita MonCrief is both black and a True the Vote senior adviser while claiming that MonCrief "unleashed her vitriol at what she said was a coalition of voter registration groups, accusing them of 'doing voter fraud since at least the early '90s'...."

Saul quoted MonCrief as follows: "...these groups target minority areas. Why? Because it's so much easier to go work in those areas where they say people have been forgotten or they don't have a voice. Then, when anybody pays a little bit of attention to the fact that there's a high level of fraud coming out of the African-American communities, they say: 'Oh, you're a racist. You don't want black people to vote...'"

That's the same MonCrief that New York Times national correspondent Stephanie Strom had called "a gold mine" when MonCrief served as a confidential source in 2008 and then left a voicemail for announcing that she had been told to "stand down" by "higher up," lest an Obama/ACORN pre-election expose prove to be "a game changer." See http://anitamoncrief.blogspot.com/2009_10_01_archive.html.

In 2008 the strategy of The New York Times was to ignore MonCrief's information of then presidential candidate Barack Obama's lies about his relationship with ACORN and the illicit relationship between the Obama presidential campaign and ACORN family member Project Vote.

Thus it's no surprise that The New York Times has not reported on the harassment of Engelbrecht. For the news that The New York Times does not deem fit (or helpful) to print, see www.nationalreview.com/article/348756/true-scandal-jillian-kay-melchior, http://capitalresearch.org/2013/05/good-government-group-true-the-vote-sues-irs/, and http://watchdogwire.com/blog/2013/05/28/qa-with-catherine-engelbrecht-of-true-the-vote-on-irs-political-bullying/ and www.youtube.com/user/TrueTheVote.

True the Vote has sued the IRS. The complaint is available at www.scribd.com/doc/142784144/Filed-Complaint-True-the-Vote-v-IRS. As stated in True the Vote's press release:

"True the Vote (TTV), the nation's leading voters' rights organization, filed suit in federal court in Washington today against the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), asking the Court to grant its long-awaited tax exempt status and seeking damages for the unlawful actions by the IRS in the processing of its application for exempt status....

"'We've been waiting for three years to receive a decision from the IRS about our tax exempt status,' True the Vote President Catherine Engelbrecht said. 'After answering hundreds of questions and producing thousands of documents, we're done waiting. The IRS does not have the power to pocket veto our application. Federal law empowers groups like True the Vote to force a decision in court – which is precisely what we aim to do.'

"'True the Vote is dedicated solely to promoting election integrity in our Republic,' Engelbrecht said. 'Our mission is to educate Americans on all of the rights they enjoy as voters. We do not pick winners and losers, but instead fortify the voting process so that it is fair and free. If this goal is deserving of such scrutiny, then we have serious questions that we, as a nation, must face,' she added."

God bless Engelbrecht and True the Vote and God save the United States of America.

© Michael Gaynor


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