Neil Brian Goldberg
The Emperor has no gold? or . . . does the Emperor have all the gold?
By Neil Brian Goldberg
March 16, 2011

BIG, BIG STOOORY! The Arizona shooting was recently back in the news, as the shooter grinned at his trial, and as the media focused on the progress of the only perceived victim — the Congresswoman — while giving little press to the "others who were shot."

I can't stand it. Is everyone deaf, dumb, and blind!? Is everyone asleep or in some coma or unknowingly under the influence of Kool Aid!!?? ". . . and others who were shot" . . . ???

A federal judge was murdered! A federal judge, a very good and honorable one, was shot down and killed that same day, at that same spot, by that same Manchurian zombie. Just a day earlier, that same federal judge ruled that the U.S. gold supply accounting should be audited!!!!! Bang! Dead!

This event has been covered up, cloaked in obscene, screaming silence — casually passed over and completely ignored by every single reporter and news service I can find — and no one even notices.

What is going on in the Land of The Free?

Was Giffords the target?

A few weeks ago, I got thinking about this after I received the following e-mail from Kirk McKenzie's "Citizen's Newswire":

" . . . In covering the Tucson shooting January 8, the New York media has focused on Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. But the question arises whether she was the target or collateral damage? Assassinated during the same shooting was Federal Judge John Roll, who had apparently issued a preliminary ruling the day before contrary to Obama's plans to confiscate private citizens' retirement and banking accounts.

"The shooter, Jared Lee Loughner, was educated at a high school that had embraced the Bill Ayers' founded Small Schools Workshop, funded by Obama in the 1990s, headed by Communist radical Michael Klonsky, all emanating from the University of Chicago, a private university founded and funded by the Rockefellers. Is it possible this was a false flag operation that advanced 7 agendas with one shooting: taking out the judge, making an example of him, putting Arizona on the defensive, blaming the Tea Party, moving toward executive military rule, making free speech a crime, and advancing the gun disarmament agenda?"

For sources, McKenzie links to —

Follow the money

The media cover-up of Judge Roll's apparent assassination is as absurd, as ridiculous and even more dangerous than the secrecy hiding most of Obama's past, but at least questions are being raised and attempts being made to get at the truth of who and what this president really is.

The scariest, and indeed the most dangerous, thing about the evident cover-up of the timely murder of this excellent federal judge is the complete cooperation of the media — the smooth, slick, cunning, and oh-so-vicious erasing of the most important event that occurred on that day in Arizona.

Pray hard for America . The ship of state has been boarded by blackguards, and their flag is a "$" sign.

. . . perhaps the Emperor has no gold . . . or perhaps the Emperor has all the gold?

The "arm of flesh" (2 Chron. 32:7-8)

Oh, puny man. What can you do when the earth shakes and the sea rises?

Where are all your knowers and pundits? Where are all your powerful people, your great inventions and weapons?

Oh, puny man, what can you do, when the mountains tumble toward you? Will you call out to God? Will you turn to Him then?

Better to call out now. Better to turn to Him now when it is much easier.

Pray hard for America.

© Neil Brian Goldberg


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