Adam Graham
It's our inauguration, too
By Adam Graham
December 19, 2008

Behind the radical left's reaction to Rick Warren speaking at the inauguration is a fundamental misunderstanding of what the inaugural event is about.

Radical homosexual groups think the inauguration is about their issues. It's not.

They think it's about them. It's not.

They think it's about President-elect Obama. It's not.

The inauguration is an event that is for all Americans, even those who did not support the President-elect. It is a fundamental reminder that we're still a free country where we decide our differences at the ballot box rather than a box of bullets. While I'm not thrilled with whose being sworn in, I'm thankful that a transition has come about through a democratic process rather than bodies piled up in the streets, which is the case in countries around the globe.

Since I was 12, I've seen every Presidential inauguration. I've seen two Clinton Inaugurals and two Bush Inaugurals. Each though was ultimately an American moment. At each event, there are people who worked through long cold winter nights in Iowa, or lost their voices campaigning in swing states trying to defeat the President-elect in the Fall. In the end, they put aside disappointment to embrace, not the President, but our system of free government.

This marks the occasion of swearing in a new President, who will be President of our entire country, including those 30 states that have passed Constitution Amendments banning Same Sex Marriage. He will be Commander and Chief of our Armed Forces, which includes many thousands who oppose Same Sex Marriage. He will be President of all Americans, not just a select subset of people who pass the litmus test of modern day gay rights McCarthyists.

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Adam Graham

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