Adam Graham
Rick Santorum for President
By Adam Graham
January 5, 2012

Rick Santorum finished eight votes behind Mitt Romney in Iowa, a virtual tie. If this were a general election or even a primary where votes were binding, there would be a recount, but as the vote is not binding, there will not be a hand recount of the 122,000 + ballots.

The phenomenon of one candidate leading the GOP pack and then leading another has been described as "flavor of the month." This is ultimately disrespectful to both the process and the candidates that have run the race. Each Conservative Candidate for President brings a lifetime of unique and exceptional experiences that has carried them through years and politics and business. You don't get elected three times as Governor of Texas, rally thousands to the Capitol against Obamacare, win two terms in the Senate in a blue state, or lead the Republican Revolution because you are a flavor of the month.

Perhaps, the most apt comparison is to a marathon. While this might be slightly clichéd, it is far more apt. Each candidate has had their chance to surge to the front, but ultimately was unable to go the distance. It is Rick Santorum that ultimately crossed the finish line in the Iowa Marathon, because he ran the best race.

I have respect for many candidates. While they have their flaws, I admired many of the candidates who ran this race and would have been happy had they been our nominee. I decided to avoid committing myself until I saw the race play out. I supported Herman Cain, but when he left the race for November, I returned to neutral position. I waited to see who would emerge as the Conservative champion in the Iowa marathon. I hoped that it would be someone I could be proud to support.

My hopes were realized with Rick Santorum's shocking showing in Iowa. Rick Santorum has been a strong conservative throughout his career. I remember his leadership on the pro-life issue, where he lead the fight against the gruesome practice of partial birth abortion. But I also knew Santorum as a blue collar fighter, a Mr. Smith in Washington, fighting battle after battle for our conservative values. He has lived up to them personally.

I do not say that Rick Santorum is a perfect candidate, he's not, but he's a good man and he is the best candidate we have. Realistically, this race will come down to a choice between Santorum, Romney, and perhaps Newt Gingrich, I choose Santorum. I believe Santorum will bring fresh ideas and revitalize our nation's economy. I trust him to address the nation's most pressing issues.

I've always thought Rick Santorum would be a good President if he could actually win. However, I concluded that he lacked money, organization, and resources. I thought several times, he should quit focusing on the candidates who could win. I wondered whether his campaign was more like one of Alan Keyes' prophetic crusades or Orrin Hatch's legislative summation campaign in 2000.

Tuesday night, Rick Santorum proved he was for real. He proved the critics wrong. He proved me wrong. In a campaign dominated by Super PACs spewing negative attacks, and multi-million dollar personal hit jobs, Rick Santorum ran his campaign in Iowa with shoe leather. He won the hearts of Iowans by connecting with them. He offers America a consistent and passionate and consistent conservative who we can have confidence to take on the big issues.

I'm declaring my support for Rick Santorum and I hope others who dismissed his campaign will take another look and get behind this great conservative warrior. For my part, I've never been happier to be wrong about a candidate.

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