Kaye Grogan
May 10, 2005
Give our hospitals to illegal immigrants . . . and be done with it!
By Kaye Grogan

If you're an "undocumented" illegal immigrant, and you need medical attention well, get on the "gravy train" for free healthcare compliments of our government, and struggling taxpayers to the tune of $1 billion smackeroos, set aside for your medical costs in six states. There's only one small hurdle, but I'm sure you've already had a lot of practice in getting past the hurdle before. It is quite simple: just don't admit that you're an illegal immigrant. And to help you beat the system and get by with your illegal activity congress has ordered the "don't ask" policy to hospital staffs throughout the nation. You even have the blessing from our president to continue breaking the law. Now that's what I call eastern, western, northern and southern hospitality!

Only in America can the law-abiding citizens' feet be held to the fire, while foreigners are practically begged to break the laws here in America. We are definitely earning the reputation to be categorized as a bunch of losers and pushovers to other countries.

Just recently, Dr. Mark McClellan, the administrator of Medicaid and Medicare services, gave the command that under no circumstances should hospital staff be required to ask sick people whether or not they are U.S. citizens. My, don't you wish you had someone like that overseeing that you are provided excellent medical care when you go to the hospital, if you don't have health insurance?

Oh now I get it! ...the ones who are eligible for free emergency care treatment will be easily recognizable, otherwise, a United States citizen might get through the "freebie" crack, and not be charged for medical assistance. Goodness . . . we can't have that happening now can we?

Obviously, the command from the Bush Administration to treat illegal immigrants does not go far enough to suit Cecilla Munoz, a representative of the National Council of La Raza, as she fears many illegal immigrants will still fear seeking treatment.

Okay, I have a suggestion: let's just give all of the illegal aliens our hospitals lock, stock, and barrel and be done with it!

In case you're wondering how the billion dollars is going to be allocated in this fiscal year for free illegal immigration medical treatment, here is the breakdown: California will get $70.8 million; Texas, $46 million; Arizona, $45 million; New York, $ 12.3 million; Illinois, $10.3 million; Florida, $8.7 million, with New Mexico rounding out the top six states at $5.1 million. Now you can go and throw up!

Just think how the medical directives and benefits could help our own citizens in desperate need of healthcare benefits. Well, you don't count, you will just have to go crawl up in a ball somewhere and die.

I think most of us can agree that something is dreadfully wrong here in America, and it needs to be fixed. Here's a suggestion to start the ball moving in the right direction: we need to distance ourselves from the United Nations, and quit being Santa Claus to every rogue nation in the universe, and quit stuffing the stockings of illegal aliens every day here in America.

We are told that we must allow foreigners to come to America, if we want our economy to grow. And if you believe that "figment" of somebody's imagination you'll end up in poverty, and another depression no doubt!

I will have to say one positive thing for our American leaders: they have made sure that we're the richest nation in the world if you count the trillions of dollars only on paper.

Most of us already know that our economy is prospering due to "plastic" money. If all charge cards were taken away, there would be an immediate depression.

I have been told that I'm not to worry when my stock goes up or down, because you're only losing or gaining money on paper until the stock is sold. Whew . . . that's nice to know! Okay, what do I lose if the stock bottoms out . . . just more paper? You should see just how stupid this analogy is by now!

No . . . what you should see: is how you're being fed a big dream by opportunists' forcing you to accept foreigners taking over your territory, with the promise the economy will rise through the roof.

Well, there is no roof in place just a big empty space with nothing but hot air rising up from a lot of silver-tongued politicians, hoping to placate and please you, just enough to keep them in office by the skin of their "invisible" Pinocchio noses.

Many illegal immigrants resent being referred to as "illegal" immigrants, but they shouldn't waste time worrying or sweating the small stuff, because soon it will be "politically incorrect" to refer to them as illegals. Heck before you know it . . . all of the legal citizens will reverse roles with you, and you will be the ones who are legal, and we'll be the illegals.

Hey! ...that might not be such a bad idea if we finally get free medical treatment too!

And that's just my opinion!

© Kaye Grogan


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